A $30 Window Upgrade

I hope you guys had a happy holiday weekend. We had a great time celebrating Easter and my bestie’s birthday. It was so nice to take a bit of a break from the long list of projects going on behind the scenes to eat fun foods, load up at the cookie and sundae bar, hunt for eggs, have a visit from the Easter Bunny and end the day with a crazy awesome silly string fight. I swear it’s been so long since I’ve laughed that hard.   Before we started all of the festivities we did manage to accomplish a few things on our project list for the One Room Challenge including a $30 window upgrade. Here’s a peek at how this simple upgrade changed the look of the windows…

Budget Friendly Window Trim-1

This is the window before the easy upgrade. The sides are normally covered with curtains so framing them wasn’t really a priority but once the board and batten went up the windows seemed a little bare.

Budget Friendly Window Trim-2

So we found the same white trim that frames all of our windows at the local hardware store for the sides of each window. Each piece was around $7.

Budget Friendly Window Trim-3

We used a chop saw to cut the trim to the size we needed. Next we used Liquid Nails and a caulk gun to initially secure to the trim to the side of the window,

Budget Friendly Window Trim-4

making sure everything was completely level,

Budget Friendly Window Trim-5

before finally securing in place with a nails (full disclosure we’ve owned a pneumatic nail gun for years but hammer and nails will also work.)

Budget Friendly Window Trim-6

We framed both of the sides of the window with the same trim however,

Budget Friendly Window Trim-7

given the board and batten, we decided there should be something a bit chunkier on top. This piece was a little under $20 and we found it at our local home improvement store as well. We used the same process to attach the top as we did to the attach the trim to the sides. This one piece wound up being enough for both of the windows keeping this project very affordable. You can leave about an inch overhang

Budget Friendly Window Trim-8

or square it off and make everything even.

Budget Friendly Window Trim-9

Just as a reminder this is how the window looked before…

Budget Friendly Window Trim-2

and after…

Budget Friendly Window Trim-9

It’s just another small change that makes a big impact and a budget friendly one at that too! See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ve been working to give a dresser an easy makeover and it all starts with changing out the hardware.

Many blessings,


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    1. I appreciate it ladies, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  1. It does indeed make a huge difference! Well worth the time and effort. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate you, Melva, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

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