A Simple & Efficient Drink Zone in 3 Easy Steps

Today, we’re sharing how we created a simple and efficient drink zone in three easy steps in order to streamline our morning and morning routines.

Over the years our coffee and tea bar area, like our breakfast nook, has undergone quite a few transitions. It started out small taking up a bit of countertop space near the glasses and the refrigerator mostly for convenience. Until one day we noticed the cabinet was starting to warp underneath due to the steam from the coffee maker – yikes!

So, we moved the coffee bar to a vintage plant stand and it worked out fairly well. But when I found my sweet little pups trying to wiggle underneath the metal legs it just made it too scary to keep using the vintage plant stand as an efficient drink zone.  Here’s a look at its debut…(On a side, aren’t these pictures bananas, you guys? Oh, my word, I totally thought I had it together back in the day ha ha)

Shortly after that we figured out the best way to organize our kitchen into zones and honestly, it changed everything. To this very day, our kitchen is still organized this way and we’ve helped others successfully organize their kitchens into zones as well.

Here’s a look at how you can create a simple and efficient drink zone in three easy steps too…

Step #1: Keep Your Glasses and Mugs Together – One of the biggest ways we’ve been able to keep our coffee bar area organized is by creating a simple and efficient drink zone around the coffee bar. This means keeping it located next to the cabinet that holds the glasses and mugs as well as by the refrigerator which not only makes it convenient for us but also for our guests. The top cabinet holds mugs for hot drinks and glasses for cold drinks like iced coffee.

Step #2: Organize Your Coffee and Tea Bar Supplies by Sorting & Containing – We have two drawers under the drink cabinet that hold coffee and tea essentials like:

  • coffee
  • coffee filters
  • coffee scoop
  • tea
  • tea accessories
  • spoons
  • spoon rest
  • straws
  • drink stencils
  • bar accessories
  • biscottis

Recently, we set out to make the drink zone and coffee bar area even more efficient with additional organization. Here is a look at one of the drawers before…

…they weren’t too bad,

but we knew they could be even better.

It takes a bit of extra time but make sure you go through to declutter and line the drawers before organizing and containing the contents.

Beginning with a clean and decluttered state makes for a fresh start which is definitely worth the effort.

Step #3: Organize To-Go Tumblers, Canned Drinks & Smoothie Supplies in Baskets – The bottom cabinet of our kitchen drink zone holds to-go tumblers which makes grabbing a coffee for the car ride to work super simple.

It also holds a basket of canned drinks saving us time while packing lunches.

Finally – and this is something new – we designated a basket strictly for smoothie supplies after we were having to go to the pantry for the chia seeds, flax and protein powder, then the freezer for the fruit, the small appliance zone for the blender, the refrigerator for the almond milk and back to the drink zone for the drinking glasses.

I’m super excited about this new addition because I have a smoothie almost every day!

Next to this set of kitchen cabinets is our coffee bar cabinet which we also keep stocked with our favorite coffee bar essentials like:

  • Coffee pot with Stainless Steel Carafe (keeps the coffee hot for hours)
  • Flavored Syrups (bring on the chai)
  • Spice Shakers (cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, Dutch chocolate, powdered sugar)
  • Mug rack and cups (for extra visitors)

I can’t even tell you guys how much easier our days, especially our mornings, function by having a simple and efficient drink zone. It’s so nice not to have to waste time going from one place to the next just to make a smoothie, or morning coffee or to grab a cold chai tea latte on the go.

I hope these three steps to a simple and efficient drink zone have helped! Let us know if you have any kitchen organization techniques we should try or if you’ve created a drink zone in your home. We’d love to know your tips and tricks.

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with an easy way you can meal prep your morning smoothies for the entire week! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Super smart…as always CoCo! Your organizational tips are perfectly spot-on. You have thought about things that we would never have dreamt of. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable ideas!

    1. You guys are the best, thank you! I could have an entire business based solely on organization because I’m always thinking, “How can this be better?” and “How can I streamline this process?” even when I’m supposed to be sleeping ha ha. Sending you hugs, CoCo

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