The Best Toilet Cleaning Product Ever

I can honestly say, talking about toilets or how to clean toilets is something I never imagined I would be sharing with you. But since we’re all friends and this product saved us from having to buy a new toilet, I had to share it. I’m thinking some of you have either had this problem or will have this problem in the future and I want you to be have a quick solution. So here’s how it all went down and how we discovered the best way to clean those unsightly hard water and mineral rings from our toilets and how you can too…

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At the end of last year, I called my bestie S at work and said, “I need a new toilet.”


“Is this an emergency… because I’m at work,” S said.

“Of course it is! I need a new toilet TODAY that ring is SO EMBARRASSING and it’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiistmas and people are coming OVER!” I countered in a very sing-song-y voice.

“Right, ok, well, I’m about to go in a meeting so we’ll have to schedule a time to shop for a new toilet a little bit later. Ok?”

Moments later, I was in my car headed to town. The thing I couldn’t figure out was how we even had a toilet ring in the first place. I clean the toilets at least once a week and even more if people are coming over so how in the world did we even have a ring in the toilet!

As it turns out toilet rings from hard water and mineral deposits are very common in this area. In fact, we had already exhausted all of our options with commercial cleaners, natural cleaners and various bleach concoctions. We’ve tried every different kind of toilet wand imaginable. Each time we used these products, we had so much hope they would rid our toilets of the dreaded water ring but they never did. That’s when I finally came to the conclusion I was going to have to buy a new toilet and called S.

Thankfully, I was in town buying groceries that day and on the aisle near the rest of the cleaning supplies I found the best toilet cleaning product ever – The Pumie Scouring Stick! It was in a last ditch effort I brough this product home and I am so glad I did! Here’s a look at how this little stone saved our toilets, our sanity and our wallets too…

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-2

Just for the sake of being able to demonstrated this product, which is not sponsored in any way, I haven’t cleaned the water rings from this toilet in a week because I wanted to have a good before and after for you guys. I just cleaned it like I normally would (hence the bubbles) to show you how even with using commercial cleaning products we just couldn’t get the out hard water ring out.

This is what the stone looks like out of the box and once the plastic wrap has been removed. You need to rinse the Pumie stone with water prior to cleaning with it or it will cause scratching.

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-4

Wearing gloves, gently scrub the water ring with the edge of the pumie stone until the ring has disappeared. The back and forth strokes will help create a paste which helps to clean and polish.

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-5

You may have a bit of residue from the pumie stone which is completely natural. After you’re finished wash the surface area with clean water to remove the residue.

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-6

Just as a reminder this was the hard water ring before…

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-7G

And after….

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-8

Can you believe it! This stick works because it’s made from a heavy duty pumice stone. The stone is not toxic and doesn’t contain detergents, acids or added chemicals. After you’re finished using the pumie you’ll need to rinse it off under running water to clean it. Make sure you store dry in the carton.

How to Get Hard Water Rings Out of the Toilet-9

I’m super excited I didn’t have to buy a new toilet especially at Christmas. Anyway, I know a lot of you are gearing up for Spring Cleaning so I thought I would share this quick little tip. On a side note, I hear they make toilet scouring sticks like this one made from a pumice stone with a handle so be on the lookout for those. You’ll still need to wear gloves when cleaning your toilet or using this stone but a handle would definitely make it a little easier to manage.

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Check out this post to see more of what we keep stocked in our budget friendly cleaning caddy. See you guys back here tomorrow. It’s so ironic we’re talking about the toilet today because it’s been a rough week. I’ll share everything that’s been happening and all of our favorite things from around the web. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Oh my goodness, you’re too funny – that ring is barely noticeable 🙂 I definitely need to get one of those stones because the ring on our toilet can be seen for miles!

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