Christmas Inspired Living Room

Today, we’re sharing our Christmas inspired living room!

Almost every morning between 330 and 430 am you can find me snuggled up right here with two of the sweetest senior dogs on the planet.

We didn’t put up a tree last year because our travel schedule was too bananas and while they had a pretty tree decorated and waiting for us at the cabin, I really missed having a tree at home. There’s nothing better than grabbing a big cup of coffee in the morning, turning on those twinkling lights and curling up to enjoy a bit of quiet time before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.


Every year, we try to use as much of our existing decorations as we can and then supplement with a few new accessories, ornaments or ribbon to make everything feel fresh. This year our entire Christmas theme hinged on one purchase way back in the summer…

I saw this dusty mauve colored satin ribbon and totally fell in love.

It’s so 1990s, right?

Just to keep things on the up and up, the name on the ribbon spool says Toffee.

You guys see pink too, though, right?

Pairing this shade of pink with grays, blushes, champagnes and whites seemed like a good way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas given everything that has happen lately.

Speaking of which, while I was busy taking pictures of the living room and mantel, my TCG sidekick, S, was right in the middle of everything with her, “moon boots,” as she has officially graduated from matching casts to wound care and matching boots.

We’re hoping she’ll only have 6 more weeks in the wheelchair and then she’ll be able to transition to crutches and start physical therapy.

Until then, she’s been pretty content sitting by the fire on chilly nights dreaming of being able to snowboard and ski again this time next year.

While I’ve been helping S get back on her feet, my sweet Mom has been helping me decorate the house for Christmas. The house has an open floor plan which means you can see multiple rooms at once when you’re standing in the common areas like the living room or the kitchen.

Each year we pick a specific color scheme and carry it throughout the entire house. It makes decorate so much easier that way.

You can see how we used dusty mauve on our vintage dresser gift-wrapping station here.

and our breakfast nook table here.

The front porch, entry, dining room and kitchen also have touches of pink which I’ll share with you next week along with some of my favorite blogging friends.

Another easy holiday decorating tip is to keep your coffee table and end table vignettes on trays or platters, so they can be easily moved. You never know when you’re going to want to curl up with a good book or need a place to put your popcorn for movie night. You might even decide to indulge your sweet tooth.

Some of you have asked how we like not having a tv in the living room and I’ll tell ya, we love it! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy the space without a lot of extra distractions.

That being said, it is tough sometimes when the littles are visiting and want to watch a movie on the big screen like we use for movie night outsides.

We’re hoping my Dad will be able to build us some bookcases for the living room this year and he has all sorts of ideas cooked up about getting a mechanical screen to come down out of the top of a hidden box in the bookcase.

We know there will be plenty of time for projects in the New Year.

Right now, we’re just enjoying the season and all that it has to offer, and we hope you guys are too.

On a side note, let us know if you have any tips on how to keep the dogs away from the bottom of the tree. While they’re not mischievous at all, they seem to think we’ve created a magical wonderland just for them to nap during the day.

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,




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  1. Great job Coco.
    All is beautiful !

  2. Sabrena Reed says:

    Beautiful – Sending you Christmas joy with hugs!

  3. It all looks so lovely, CoCo! I love the reindeer – the white one and the brown – both are beautiful! Of course, the sweet babies under the tree are what makes it all seem like home! So thankful that S is healing and the time will pass pretty quickly – she will be back to normal in no time!:) I hope you two will enjoy the down time in your beautifully decorated home!

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