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Fall Wreaths & Autumn Inspired Door Décor

Have you guys started looking for fall wreaths or autumn-inspired door décor yet? My Mom and I were out shopping a few weeks ago and they have some great options out already.

I usually start with a specific color palette in mind then shop for fresh accessories and flowers. It’s so easy to go overboard and buy all the things when you’re excited about decorating for the seasons, right?

One of our favorite spaces to decorate each year is our front porch. I may have shared this with you before but when I was in graduate school I lived in an apartment that had a stoop for a porch.  No playing, it was basically a concrete slab and a step.

Every season I would hang a wreath on the door and add a few potted plants to either side of the stoop. When I was finished decorating, I would read as many magazines as I could find and dream about having a big front porch with gobs of mums one day. 

While I’m excited to say those big porch dreams have come true, I’ve never forgotten how good it felt to walk up to a front door that had been decorated with intention even when I had that small apartment.

Here are a few fall wreath and door décor ideas to consider no matter if you have a tiny stoop, a big porch, or something in between…

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Use Corn and Other Natural Elements

One of our favorite front door décor ideas from a few years ago was also one of the easiest.

We bought several ears of corn from Fresh Market and put a coat of polyurethane on the ears to protect them from the elements.

Then we nestled the corn inside a hanging wicker flower basket.  

The different colors in the ears of corn made an immediate impact without a lot of fuss. 

You could just as easily put pumpkins in the basket for a creative take on a fall wreath too! 

You can find similar decorative corn here.

Embrace Unexpected Containers or Wreath Alternatives

Another unexpected front door idea is to use a grain sack, feed sack, bank bag, or mailbag for a container.

I found this vintage bank bag a few years ago while out thrifting one day.   We filled it with goldenrod and magnolia branches from around our property.

Then we hung it on the front door with jute string.

If you plan to use a lot of mums or different potted plants around the door, consider doing something really simple for a Fall wreath.  That way, the mums or goldenrod can be the star of the show. 

Keep in mind, you’ll have to change out the flowers in the sack or bag pretty regularly to keep them fresh unless you’re using faux stems.

You may want to also use a product like Scotch Guard to protect any fabric like the bank bag from outdoor elements.

Create a Fall Leaf Wreath

If you live in an area where pretty leaves are falling or have a magnolia tree in your yard, make your own fall leaf wreath.

The pop of saturated fall colors or the subtle blend of brown and green can bring instant drama to your front door.

We bought this one at our local craft supply store but you can also find one here.

Try a Two Wreaths at Once 

If you find a Fall wreath you love but it’s a little on the small side, buy two and double the impact. These Fall-inspired grapevine wreaths would be too small to use alone but together they make a statement with the mix of gourds, pumpkins, and berry picks.

You can find a similar wreath here.

Neutral & Transitional Wreaths 

We’ve used this neutral inspired fall wreath both outside and inside for several years now and we still love it.

Even though the colors aren’t what you would consider typical fall colors the front door still felt festive because of the pine cones and the pumpkins.

Shop for a similar wreath here.

Last year, was probably the most colorful year we’ve had in a long time.  There were fun pops of orange everywhere! 

While I try to have a color palette in mind, the colors we choose for our front porch are almost always determined by what color mums are in stock at our local garden center. 

Sometimes the mums are white, other times they’re yellow or orange.  

We’ve even used pink in the past. 

Finally, if Fall wreaths aren’t your thing or if you’re on a limited budget consider buying a Fall-inspired doormat or a few fall flowers.

You don’t necessarily have to hang something on the door to make your entrance feel seasonal or welcoming. 

A super cute door mat can be found here.

What kind of Fall wreaths and Autumn inspired decor do you plan to use this year? 

If you have any Fall wreaths or Autumn décor tips you love, let us know, we’d love to share them. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Great Post. I think I really love the white look, so striking with your classic elements of your architecture. We have Chicago brick, with an orange-red-black cast–so I’m compelled to do traditional Fall colors, but I love the white look for your home!

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