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Happy Friday from the front porch sweet friends and thanks so much for making us a part of your day.

This week has been a bittersweet one as our blogging community grieves the loss of two amazing and talented ladies. Paula from Sweet Pea with Paula Skulina and Michelle from The Painted Hinge passed away.

I had the pleasure of being in blog groups and seasonal hops with both of them. They were kind and supportive, encouraging, always helpful, and immensely creative.

Paula constantly inspired me with the way she showed up even as she bravely battled cancer for 5 years. She truly lived her best life alongside her husband, Dave, and dog, Sherman. She loved heirloom pieces of furniture, treasure hunting with her mom, and spending time at the lake.

These pink floral Easter eggs were just one of many projects I’ve pinned from Paula’s blog.

Michelle was also very creative.

She lived on an almond farm with goats which made me love her immediately. I’ll miss the videos she posted during the harvest season and how she put vignettes together.

Michelle was a talented photographer and I could get totally lost studying the way she layered colors, textures and farmhouse finds. There was just something about the way she put ordinary things together that made it feel extraordinary.

One of my favorite posts was from last year’s spring blog hop, Entryway Ideas to Spring Into Summer.

Please keep these families in your prayers as they begin to navigate their grief journey. Paula and Michelle will both be deeply missed!

In between lifting these families up and donating to the families in Ukraine, we quietly celebrated our sweet rescue Piper’s adoption day.

After losing all three of our dogs in as many years, I was not even remotely interested in getting another dog. It was just too painful to even think about.

But someone had other plans for us and the minute my baby sister sent me a picture of this little wild child, I knew she was meant to be ours.

Piper is incredibly smart, fiercely loyal, and has truly turned our world upside down.

It’s taken a while for her to learn to trust. She still bites us at times because she hasn’t figured out how to play without being rough yet. We have to tell her to get off the coffee table and to get out of the blinds almost every day. I don’t think I’ve ever vacuumed or steam mopped our floors so much either 😂

She is but she’s also worth every minute.

We are truly blessed to have her.

A Few of Our Favorite Things From Around the Web This Week…

The fabulous portfolio of Kara Miller.

A Traditional Home in New England.

How pretty is this Nantucket Summer Home?

This Oyster Pond Estate Tour is gorgeous.

And if the modern coastal style is more your jam, you’ll love Lindsey Brooke Design.

A beautiful way to welcome Spring to your dining room.

Make Elegant Eggs with This Inexpensive Hack

This trash to treasure picnic basket is something you have to see to believe. The transformation is amazing, and Cindy is so talented!

Speaking of baskets, I just started looking for Easter basket ideas and fell in love with Rachel’s friendship baskets.

If you need a simple but elegant spring centerpiece, look no further (love this so much, Cindy!)

A Clean and Tidy Home Can Boost Your Mental Health – Here’s Where to Start

Capsule Wardrobe Basics: High-Quality Items to Build On

10 Easy Hacks to Be a Little Happier

If you’re doing the 5-Minute Journal each morning these 50 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love will help on the days you feel stuck (or at least they helped me)

Ways to Help Ukraine…

Words to Live By…

Books of the Month and Devotion to Read This Quarter…

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On the Menu this Week…

Week of March 6th – March 13th

Sweet Treat to Try This Week…

All of Christine’s recipes are so good! I can’t wait to try these lemon scones for tea time!

Preppy Spring Inspired Finds We Spotted Online at Amazon and Target This Week…

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Spring to Summer Blue and White Finds at Amazon and Target-The Crowned Goat

Dress Shirt * Bag * Monogrammed Notecards * Tulip Bundle

Bracelet Stack * Skirt * Tissue Box Cover * Bowls

Hand Towel * Belt Set * Puff Sleeve Shirt * Mirror

Jasmine Wreath * Rug * Flatware * Navy Dress

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Last Week’s From the Front Porch Post, In Case You Missed It…

March Bucket List…

  • Celebrate Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Piper’s Adoption Day
  • Decorate the House for Spring
  • Finish the Jack and Jill Bathroom
  • Replant Container Gardens on the Front Porch
  • Shop for Easter Basket Gifts
  • Buy New Bra and Panty Sets
  • Get a Fresh Haircut
  • Yoga Before Bed
  • Continue Quarter Challenge
  • Read the book of the month
  • Keep Sundays sacred

March Simplified and Organized Home Challenge…

Focus of the Month: Master Bedroom and Bathroom 

  • 03/05 – Master Bedroom
  • 03/12 – Master Bedroom Drawers
  • 03/19 – Master Bedroom Closet & Accessories
  • 03/26 – Master Bathroom Cabinets and Countertops

TCG Housekeeping Notes, Dates to Remember and Upcoming Posts…

  • 03/04 – National Day of Unplugging
  • 03/08 – International Women’s Day
  • 03/13 – Daylight Savings Time Begins, US
  • 03/14 – National Pi Day 
  • 03/17 – St. Patrick’s Day
  • 03/20 – First Day of Spring

Sliding Into Your Inbox on Fridays…

If you missed the announcement last week, we’ll be sliding into your inbox primarily on Fridays. There will be a few exceptions like the occasional Monday for the Encouragement of the Month posts, sponsored posts, and seasonal blog hops.

We’ll continue to publish content on the blog 3-4 times each week, but this is a decision I’ve been thinking about and praying about for a few months now.

I have an idea I want to run by you next week, if you have any thoughts on the new email schedule though please feel free to weigh in.

As always, we appreciate you more than you could ever know, and we hope your weekend is peace-filled and relaxing.  We can’t wait to share even more with you next week!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I am sorry to read about the loss of your blogging friends, so sad.
    I always look forward to your posts Coco and I really hope they continue, always so full of lovely ideas plus places to ‘visit’. Love to your sweet Piper, so cute. Have a blessed weekend.xx

    1. It is sad, Janette! They were both fabulously creative ladies and will be deeply missed by many. I really appreciate your sweet and kind words. These Friday posts are always fun to put together so I’m tickled pink to hear how much you enjoy them. Ahh, Piper, she is a terrier so you already know how mischievous she is 😂 Thankfully, she’s worth every minute of trouble, patience, TLC, and love we’re blessed to give her ❤

  2. CoCo,
    What a sweet tribute to Paula and Michelle. It’s been such a sad week. Your sweet Piper is adorable and he’s one lucky fellow. Thanks for reaching back into my blog to find the Friendship Easter Basket tutorial. I need to go look at it to see what should be updated. That was a very early post of mine.
    You are so kind and I really appreciate you.

    1. It has been a sad week, Rachel. I will miss their creativity, kindness, and talent and I know so many other people will too. They were both great ladies! I had no idea that was an old post. It’s one of my favorites! I was looking for Spring inspiration and was so excited to find it. It’s such a unique and creative idea. I can’t wait to make some this year too! Hope your weekend is all that you need it to be. I’m so thankful for you as well. You inspire me all the time! Big hugs, CoCo

  3. Mary Smart says:

    I was so sad to learn about Michelle at The Painted Hinge. I really enjoyed her blog and I hope her family finds the comfort and peace they will so much need during this time.

    1. I know, Mary, I was shocked to learn of her passing myself this week. She was such a talented lady and will be missed by so many. I’ll definitely be adding my prayers to yours for her family. They need it ❤ Wishing you a weekend filled with all your favorite things, CoCo

  4. Thank you sweet friend for sharing my daffodil centerpiece.

    You gave such a beautiful tribute to Paula and Michelle. So very sad.

    Precious Piper, gotta love her adorable face.

    1. You are so welcome, Cindy! Your centerpiece is really beautiful. You definitely did a great job putting it together! I’m going to miss seeing Paula and Michelle’s creativity and talent. They were both such great ladies. Piper certainly keeps us on our toes. She’s a handful but totally worth it! Sending you hugs and hoping you’re on the mend soon. I that you’re not feeling well, CoCo

  5. Coco – when you put items on your buy-me list are they things that you have actually purchased and know the quality of?

    1. Thanks so much for your question, Sheila! The affiliate links we feature are a mix – meaning sometimes I’ve purchased or gifted the items I share (like the monogrammed notecards and the tulips from today’s post), sometimes I include things recommended by fellow bloggers, friends, or family members. Sometimes I share things I have in my cart but haven’t received yet and sometimes I share things I have my eye on or I think are pretty. Our sponsored posts are created with items I’ve received, used, honestly reviewed, and have been compensated by brands or companies. Both affiliate links and sponsored content posts are clearly marked. Almost all of the items we share on our From the Front Porch posts are affiliate links. We’re currently working on a quarterly post of things we bought and liked so you can see how we wore them or used them in our home. Moving forward, I’m happy to add an additional note to the items we share that we currently own and love to help make things easier. We do a lot of online shopping too so I know every bit of feedback counts. Hope this helps, CoCo

  6. Omg, I heard about Paula but did not know about Michelle
    I read both of them, I was so sad to hear about both, unreal that they are gone, I am so sad , poor Sherman he will for sure be grieving his mom. This us a sad week you are so right!!! Ukraine is heartbreaking. I am so glad you showed Piper, so cute and uplifting at a bad time, give her HUGS from me, shes adorable
    We had Golden Retrievers
    3 in all, cant get another one it was so painful but I am so glad you did. She has a great home
    God bless

    1. It’s definitely been a hard week, Debbie, they were both such kind and talented ladies. Sherman was one of the first things I thought about when I heard Paula had passed. He was such a faithful and loving companion for years and I know he misses her dearly. I too was shocked to hear of Michelle’s passing. My heart hurts just thinking about all their families are going through right now. We’ve also been lifting the people of Ukraine up and keeping a close watch on the news. I never imagined we could see anything like this happen in my lifetime. Grieving the loss of loved ones is never an easy thing. Especially, when you lose treasured pets. They really are family and I’m thankful we were able to give Piper a loving home. She’s worth every ounce of extra trouble ❤ May your weekend be filled with joy and grace, CoCo

  7. I am literally stunned to hear of the passing of Paula and Michelle. My heart was heavy with all that is going on in Ukraine, and now learning this. It’s simply heart-wrenching to know what both of their families must be going through. I didn’t know either of them well, but I followed them both as they were so talented and opened their hearts and story to all. Sending hugs to you my friend. P.S. Thank you for your kinds words and for sharing my scone recipe! And please give that sweet Piper a kiss and wish her a VERY happy adoption day! She truly was blessed to have found her loving parents.

    1. I know what you mean, Christine. It’s so hard to believe, isn’t it? They were both creative and talented ladies who will be deeply missed by so many. There are times when blogging feels like a HUGE community and other times it feels incredibly small. I’m so thankful they shared their gifts while they were here and were placed on our paths. We’ve also been following everything that is happening in Ukraine. The fear and uncertainty they must be feeling right now would be hard to even articulate. Every day my prayer is still the same though, that they have peace, safety, food, shelter, comfort, and love to show up when they need it most. Sending you hugs for a weekend filled with everything you need it to be. I’ll pass along your sweet hugs and kisses to Piper who will greatly appreciate them all, CoCo

  8. I can tell from Pipers sweet little face that is one happy dog. I’ve never seen one that liked to lay on a coffee table. That’s so funny to me. Great way to honor our friends. I already miss them and have caught myself wanting to ask Paula a question.
    I remember Rachel’s friendship baskets. Love that idea and hope to get around to doing that this year. And wowza, if I had a dining room like Kelley Naan I’m not sure I’d let any one sit there for fear of messing it up. So beautiful. Thanks for the smiles.

    1. She is a hot mess! I think she thinks she “hides” on the coffee table but we can clearly see her between all those decorating books so she is not foolin us 😂 I know you guys were so close. The grief journey is not an easy one so be extra gentle with yourself. Rachels gift baskets are so cute and would be perfect for Easter or any time really. They would make such a fun gift to leave on a doorstep and to mail and surprise someone you love. Kelley Naan is so talented! She always amazes me with the things she comes up with! Sending you lots of love and hugs today. I loved your post honoring Michelle and Paula, it was really special and I know they would have appreciated it. Hugs, CoCo

  9. Karen Serpa says:

    That’s such sad news, I followed both. They were each remarkable in their own way. Hugs and prayers to their friends and family.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Karen. I’ve gone from shock to teary to heartsick for their families and for all of us who followed their blogs and social media accounts too. It totally blows my mind they’re gone. In so many ways it makes you realize how connected we all are and what a blessing it was to be placed on their paths to be inspired by their talent and grace. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  10. Thank you so much for celebrating Paula on your post, CoCo. I think many were surprised by both of these ladies passing within a day of each other. So sad. I’ll be sure to pass on the link to Dave. 🙂

    1. That’s so sweet of you, Julie, thank you. It’s been truly moving to see how everyone is honoring Paula and the way she lived her life. She was definitely an inspiration to me and to many others and will be deeply missed. Sending you hugs and adding my prayers to all the others who are lifting you and her family up in prayer during this difficult time, CoCo

  11. It’s been a really sad week CoCo. So much heartache. This blogging community will miss Paula and Michelle so much. I always get so much out of your Friday post. It really is so thoughtful and inspiring. Wishing you a week full of hope, peace, and love my friend.

    1. It has been a sad week on so many fronts, Kim, and I know a shock for so many too. Michelle and Paula will both be deeply missed. It’s been heartwarming to see all the different ways people are celebrating their lives and many talents. Thanks so much for your sweet words regarding our Friday posts. They’re always fun to put together and I’m tickled pink you enjoy them. Sending you tons of hugs for a week filled with only good things and everything you need it to be, CoCo

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