From the Front Porch

Happy Friday from the front porch, sweet friends. It’s great to have you here today!

Several weeks ago, I was having lunch with my bestie S.

From the window, we could see the pest control guy carefully cleaning the front porch, checking the termite traps, and treating the yard.

We’ve known him for a while now and when we showed him the baby birds born in one of the flowerpots on the porch, he was immediately enamored and asked if it was ok to take a few pictures to show his kids.

“I’m going to miss the birds when they’re gone,” S quietly said between bites of salad. “I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten in such a short time.”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll be around for a bit. They’re too tiny to fly!” I reassured her.

“They’re growing quicker than you think,” she said, “I have a feeling it won’t be long now.”

I freely admit, I completely dismissed the notion those birds were going anywhere anytime soon.

They just didn’t look ready to me.

But sometime over the weekend, in between the coronation brunch and our trip to the soccer fields, the baby birds left the nest.

It seemed so sudden I checked the security cameras certain a predator had been on the porch.  

I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary though.

And I guess that’s what makes their story bittersweet.

They were ready before I was ready.

If there’s one thing these babies taught me this spring, it’s to look for the good things.  

The abundant blessings, the silver linings, and the glimmers of hope that surround us each and every day.

While we may never know the reason things have been placed on our paths, we can appreciate their impact.

And one day, we can pass that gift on to the next person who needs it.

Even if we haven’t been given a proper goodbye.

Wishing you a Mother’s Day weekend filled with everything you need most.

May you feel loved, appreciated, and treasured all day no matter if you’ve been blessed with human babies, fur babies, or have nurtured the hearts divinely placed on your path.

If you’re grieving angel babies, grown babies, fur babies who have crossed over the rainbow bridge or are currently living a life without babies you didn’t choose or expect, I’ll be lifting you up.

And to my own Mom, who loves lavishly and without condition, you will always be worth more to us than all the rubies and riches in the world.  

Happy Mother’s Day.

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Words to Live By…

On My Nightstand…

(Amazon and Target affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. As an Amazon and Impact Media Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Any sales made through such links will support us with a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

These books are definitely changing the way I use my quiet time in the morning. If you’re trying to decide which book to read, The Miracle Morning lays out a simple step-by-step plan that is easy to follow and implement.

Hal Elrod also has a movie out about how The Miracle Morning movement began and has impacted people around the world.

The 5 AM Club is like the OG of morning routines. I didn’t find it quite as helpful as The Miracle Morning but it is still a good book with thousands of positive reviews.

You can find a complete list of the self-discovery books we’ve read here and check out our list of our favorite podcasts here.

Self Discovery Books to Read This Year-The Crowned Goat

Menu Ideas…

May Menu Ideas

May Menu Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Spring to Summer Inspired Finds We Spotted Online at Amazon This Week…

(Amazon and Target affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. As an Amazon and Impact Media Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Any sales made through such links will support us with a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

Dress * Clutch * Placemat * Travel Bottles

Readers * Reversible Swimsuit * Makeup Bags * Napkins

Patio Set * Snack Board Styling Cards * Top * Coin Purse

Rug * Body Cream * Plate Set * Striped Tee

If You’ve Missed Anything from the Blog Recently or the Archives, Here’s a Peek At What We’ve Been Up To…

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(You totally blew me away with your kind comments and words of support for this post. A million times over thank you so much.)

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May Bucket List…

  • Celebrate May Day, Cinco de May, Debry Day, Coronation Day, Mother’s Day, & Memorial Day
  • Attend Recital and Graduation Festivities
  • Make Ice Cream
  • Sunset Picnic at the Beach
  • Buy Piper a Swimming Pool
  • Map Out a Solid Plan for Loblolly Refresh
  • Work on Back Patio Refresh
  • Continue Quarter Challenge in Q2
  • Continue Trampolining Workout
  • Morning Pages & Journaling
  • Finish Photography Class
  • Read the Book of the Month
  • Continue Q2 Devotion
  • Continue Skincare Routine
  • Keep Sundays Sacred

May Word of the Month: Nourish

Activities to Enjoy:

  • Prioritize Self Care
  • Create a Simple 5-15 Minute Makeup Routine
  • Buy New Bras
  • Book a Relaxing Trip to the Spa or Treat Yourself to a Mani/Pedi
  • Sign Up for a Local 5K, 10K, 15K, Half or Full Marathon
  • Take a Power Nap in a Dark Room
  • Buy Flowers for Yourself and a Friend Who Least Expects It
  • Put Together 7-10 Outfits You Feel Amazing In

You can find our complete list of Word of the Month Ideas here.

Word of the Month Activities and Ideas-The Crowned Goat

52 Weeks to a Simplified and Organized Home Challenge…

Focus of the Month: Shared and Common Areas

  • 05/07 – Organize Household Books & Magazines
  • 05/14 – Home Office or Guest Room
  • 05/21 – Home Office or Guest Room Closet & Drawers
  • 05/28 – Create a Summer Bucket List

TCG Housekeeping Notes, Dates to Remember, and Upcoming Posts…

  • 05/13 – National Dog Mom’s Day
  • 05/14 – Mother’s Day
  • 05/20 – National Rescue Dog Day
  • 05/29 – Memorial Day
  • 05/30 – National Creativity Day  

As always, we appreciate you more than you could ever know, and we hope your weekend is peace-filled and relaxing.  We can’t wait to share even more with you next week!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Happy Mothers Day!
    Love your inspirational thoughts, experiences and styles.

    1. I really appreciate it, Caryn, thank you so much. I hope your Mother’s Day weekend is a blessed one as well, CoCo

  2. It’s crazy how fast birds grow and leave the nest! They were adorable, and so is that picture of Piper – so cute!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I know, Susan! They had already gotten the white on their chest and you could see their little wings starting to stretch by the time they left. But gosh, it seemed way more sudden than I had imagined it would be. Our sweet Piper has had a week and she’s going to need a big Mother’s Day gift and lots of extra kisses to make up for it too. All I can say is it’s a good thing she’s so cute 😆

  3. What an absolutely lovely blog! I’ll be spending a bit of time browsing all the wonderful items and quotes and everything in this post. A wealth of information. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Eileen. These Friday posts are always a favorite to put together each week. I’m constantly amazed at all the creativity that surrounds us. It’s so much fun to share! Hope your weekend is a blessed one, CoCo

  4. I loveeee that floral bathing suit on Amazon so classy and very coastal grandmother!

    1. It is, Nicolle! I can’t believe it’s reversible too. It makes you feel like you’re getting 2 bathing suits for one! Hope your Mother’s Day weekend is a fun one, CoCo

  5. Great post and I wish you the best Mother’s day!

    Love the picture of sweet Piper and I love and follow that blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend as well. Reeses and Peanut definitely hit the love lotto with you, CoCo

  6. Such lovely words today, CoCo!! I always look forward to your Friday morning post. May those little birdies be safe wherever they are! Happy weekend to you!

    1. Such and kind words, Rachel, thank you so much! I hope they’re safe and happy too. Hope your weekend is filled with tiny treasures, CoCo

  7. Another great week CoCo! so much inspiration and I’m honored to be included again this week.

  8. Hi CoCo – Thank you for putting this post together. I am particularly fond of the budget tips for spring decor. I also loved some of the European homes you shared.

    Although bitter sweet, I am so happy your little birds flew the nest. They make the world a better place. Wishing your Mom a very happy Mother’s Day too.

    I also appreciate that you noted 5/20 is National Rescue Dog day. (As a mother of two rescue pups)

    Have a fabulous week!

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