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Happy Friday from the front porch, sweet friends! We’re excited to have you here and appreciate you making us a part of your day.

I’ve taken most of the week to start implementing the strategies I learned at the Global Leadership Summit this week, and it’s been so helpful!

The theme of the summit was Voice Your Vision for a Better Future and nearly every speaker had a message surrounding what it means to be an effective leader and how to give life to your vision.

How to Host a Retreat at Home-Simple Breakfast Ideas-The Crowned Goat

We took a ton of notes so I wanted to share a few of our favorite takeaways in case you didn’t have a chance to attend…

  • “The essence of great leadership is choosing what not to do.” ~Craig Groeschel
  • “You can’t connect on autopilot.” ~ Vanessa Van Edwards
  • “There is a place for each of us and our purpose in life is to figure that place out.” ~Sahar Hashemi
  • “It’s time to take the random out of random acts of kindness.” ~Johnny C. Taylor, Jr
  • “Forgiveness is freedom. When you hold onto a grudge you are the one carrying the weight.” ~Deb Lui
  • “You lead to the level you live, not the level you look.” Judah Smith
  • “Notice then shift. ‘I’m not good at this.’ (notice) ‘I’m not good at this yet.’ (shift)” ~Dr. Heidi Grant
  • “Reflect to see what rises to the top.” ~ Ron Howard
  • “Great thoughts lead to great actions and great actions lead to great results.” ~Jon Acuff
  • “Who will you be for those you serve, love and lead?” ~Stephanie Chung
  • “Status quo is not a winning strategy.” ~ Bob Iger
  • “Actions speak louder than words but your reaction speaks louder than either.” ~ Andy Stanley

Even though the summit ended last week, I’m still thinking about the common threads of leadership we all possess.

One is just how important it is to ask better questions of ourselves and the people we interact with each day which we learned from Vanessa Van Edwards.

Her presentation was one of my favorites!

She shared how better communication begins at home and how asking deeper questions can allow us to truly see ourselves and each other.

One of my new go-to questions is asking “What was the highlight of your day?”

The other theme nearly every speaker conveyed is how we’re all leaders, even if we’re not CEOs, entrepreneurs, or business owners.

And how leadership doesn’t just happen in the workplace.

It happens at the park with our littles, in the car with our teenagers, during mealtime, at the coffee shop, at the grocery store, at the airport, in small groups, at church, in jail cells, during book club, in the school pick-up line, at the senior living home, in the hospital, at the pharmacy, the gas station, your favorite store, a local boutique and more.

So, the next time you think your words and actions don’t matter as much as a CEO of Disney, an award-winning actor/director, a trailblazer in private aviation, a best-selling author, tech guru, multi-million dollar coffee entrepreneur, a social scientist, a pastor, a boss, or a billionaire, think again.

Almost every speaker shared how the divine intervention of one person with one kind word of encouragement, wisdom, or confidence, empowered them to take the next step.

And that one step changed everything.

A Few of Our Favorite Things From Around the Web This Week…

If you love period homes, you’ll adore this portfolio.

I pinned so many pictures from this post, Rustic French Country Farmhouse Home Tour

All the details in this home are really beautiful, but the kitchen stole my heart immediately.

How pretty is this design library?

This walled garden is stunning! I would love to do something similar at Journeys End or Loblolly.

Loved the simple elegance of this midsummer tablescape.

Speaking of tablescapes, I’m loving Rachel’s fall inspiration.

This looks like the best way to celebrate the end of summer!

Adding these to my weekend baking list!

I’ve never heard of this before but I’m excited to try it.

Have you seen this collection at Dillards from Mrs. Southern Social yet?

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5 Unique and Unexpected Things That Help with Anxiety

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Big Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in New York

Words to Live By…

Third Quarter Books of the Month and Devotional…

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On the Menu this Week…

Week of August 14th – August 21st

Sweet Treat to Try This Week…

75 Best Cookie Recipes

Inspired Finds We Spotted Online at Amazon and Target This Week…

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Check Dress * Tote * Pearl Earrings * Napkins

Pendant * Tee Shirt * Navy Rug * Heels

Multi-Vitamins * Lamp * Striped Skirt * Window Pane Pillow

Striped Blouse * No Show Socks * Baskets * Button Down

If You’ve Missed Anything from the Blog Recently or the Archives, Here’s a Peek At What We’ve Been Up To…

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August Bucket List…

  • Celebrate August Birthdays and Grandparent Anniversaries
  • Back to School Event for the Littles
  • Pick up Fresh Office Supplies
  • Find Easy Breakfast Recipes
  • Celebrate Living at Journeys End 13 years
  • Attend Global Leadership Summit Retreat at Bliss Barracks
  • Design 2023 Planner and Blog Notebook
  • Organize the Refrigerator, Desk Drawers, and Kitchen Drawers
  • Check Hurricane Kits
  • Confirm Fall Travel Plans
  • Continue Quarter Challenge
  • Try New IG Strategy 
  • Read the Book of the Month
  • Keep Sundays Sacred

August Simplified and Organized Home Challenge…

Focus of the Month: Car, Garden, & Garage

  • 08/06 – Medicine Cabinet & First Aid Supplies/Emergency Contact List
  • 08/13 – Garage, Attic, or Basement
  • 08/20 – Garden Supplies/Potting Shed
  • 08/27 – Seasonal Decorative Items-Fall

TCG Housekeeping Notes, Dates to Remember, and Upcoming Posts…

  • 08/12 – National Middle Child Day
  • 08/13 – Lifestyle of Love Blog Hop (**see you in your inbox tomorrow TCG friends!)
  • 08/13 – International Lefthanders Day
  • 08/15 – Check the Chip Day
  • 08/17 – National Thrift Store Day
  • 08/19 – Summer to Fall Sunflower Blog Hop
  • 08/19 – World Humanitarian Day
  • 08/24 – National Waffle Day
  • 08/25 – National Burger Day
  • 08/25 – National Banana Split Day
  • 08/26 – Women’s Equality Day
  • 08/26 – National Dog Day
  • 08/27 – Just Because Day 
  • 08/28 – Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
  • 08/30 – National Beach Day
  • 08/31 – Eat Outside Day

As always, we appreciate you more than you could ever know, and we hope your weekend is peace-filled and relaxing. 

If you’re a subscriber we’ll be dropping in your inbox tomorrow. If not, we’d love to have you and can’t wait to share even more next week!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Those are all fabulous things to keep in mind CoCo! Thanks for sharing – I feel like I was there with you! I agree we never know how we might touch someone’s life without even realizing it. Plus, I love your white and gold teacups! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. I could not believe how many of the speakers said one chance encounter helped to change the course of their careers. It was wild, Barbara! But also a good lesson that you never know whose path you’ll cross at just the right time so you have to be ready for anything! Hope your weekend was a relaxing one, CoCo PS: Those teacups were a gift from my sweet mom – she picks out the best stuff!

  2. Love each of your quotes from your seminar up top. I always think about who I want to be for my family, in my home group and even in my pottery class. Most people just think I’m funny. Yes, that comes out naturally (mostly in sass) but at my funeral I would rather people say she was kind, loved the Lord and selfless. Still working on it but those traits make great leaders too. I’m going to write a few of those up top on the chalkboard in our kitchen. We could all use the reminder! Thanks for always being the encourager and a great post.
    I also pinned so many from Sheila’s post. I want a stone accent wall!!! And oh my word, the kitchen from HnG… Straight from Nancy Myers (sigh)! Hope your weekend and next week is amazing. XO

    1. I think you’re a fabulous leader, Cindy. I also think you’re kind and selfless and funny and smart. The angels literally sang when you were born and every time you share your talents (pottery and otherwise) with us, show up for the people in your community, love your family well and serve your church we get to experience a little piece of heaven on earth. We are richly blessed to be walking the planet at the same time as you are and I am beyond thankful. Sending you tons of hugs, CoCo PS: Bring on all the rustic french farmhouse 🙌

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights from the Summit! We are all leaders in one way or another! Divine intervention is an amazing thing! Loved all the links you shared! Hope you have a fabulous week! Blessings, Donna

    1. You are so welcome, Donna! It was so much fun to be part of the summit. I don’t think I knew just how much my heart needed that weekend. Hope you found lots of links to inspire you and that you have a purpose-filled week. Back-to-school season is no joke 😉 Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Hi Coco, sorry I seem to have missed a couple of your posts, very naughty of me.:))
    I do love to read through, your so thoughtful and link us up to see and read so many wonderful things I would never normally see. The ‘words to live by’ are always a comfort, infact I can always find something to grab onto, so thankyou for that. I hope your week ahead is one of happiness and beauty, take care and love yourself first, your older self will thankyou for that.xx

    1. I’m so excited to see you here again, Janette! I’ve been wondering how you are and how your back has been healing too. Thanks so much for stopping by! The Words to Live By section gets me every week and I’m grateful they resonate with you as well. I think it’s really easy to look at other bloggers or social media and feel like everyone else has it together when the truth is we’re all doing our best. Some days we knock it out of the park and other days we feel like we’ve been knocked down. But as long as we get back up, we actively take steps towards our purpose with hope and grace. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. Big hugs and thank you for always speaking gentle truths to my heart, CoCo

  5. Oooh, I love that quote.

    As a mom to an almost-kindergartener (how did that happen?!?), yeah, there’s a lot of reacting in my life.

    1. Me too, Corrie! When I heard Jon Acuff say that at the summit I wrote it down immediately so I could share. Now every time I have a curt tone or find myself getting upset about something that seems minor, I think about that quote and check-in with my feelings. On a side note, I hope you and your family have a peaceful transition back to school. It’s such an exciting time in some respects but it’s also a huge adjustment. Especially, when they’re little. Sending you hugs – you’ve got this, CoCo

  6. First – I definitely want to try those spicy shrimp tacos. Second- I love the compilation of inspirational quotes and how you tie our thoughts, to our actions, to outcomes. Having a thought in your head isn’t that far off from actually achieving it. The other quote that that really struck me is that there is no connection on auto pilot. (I may have minced it a bit and not gotten it entirely correct). How true it is! Even with the simple question of “How are you?”. Being intentional and aware requires a lot of work and mindfulness but I think the results are so much more meaningful.

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