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How’s it going you guys? Are you excited about the progress you’ve made this week or do you find yourself needing a major power nap? If you shouted power nap, I can totally relate. After working on projects related to the kitchen makeover for the past few weeks, I am over the moon excited to be taking a much needed three-day weekend to completely rest. It’s going to be a line in the sand, non-negotiable event. Cue the fist pump!

Before we get to all of the awesome stuff I found online this week, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind, loving, supportive and encouraging comments on the kitchen reveal. I just want to give you a huge hug right now. You made my week feel really special and I appreciate you guys so much!


Here are my favorite things from around the web this week, with an unabashed nod to all things relaxing… (This post contains affiliate links and have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here )

I’m definitely heading to the market for the ingredients in these Lemon Ricotta Thyme Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce from Baked Bree. They look amazing.

It’s rare I stay in my jammers (pajamas) all day unless I am sick or we’re at the cabin. But lately, I’ve been thinking why wait for a holiday or an illness to relax… which leads to me thinking maybe I really need these.

Has anyone ever tried linen bed sheets? I’m so curious about these given the luxury price.

Since we’re having a cozy moment, this bamboo tray would be perfect for breakfast in bed.

I am super excited about the premier of Season 2 of Poldark on PBS, Sunday, September 25th. If you haven’t seen this series yet be sure to start with Season 1. It’s really good!

A Chef’s Life is also back this fall. We don’t usually watch a lot of TV so I can’t wait to catch up on both of these shows this weekend.

This story will tug at your heart strings and make you rethink the daily impact of leaving notes for love ones. My mom sends an encouraging word of the day via text message each morning and it’s something my sisters and I look forward to every day.

Have you guys been listening to Young House Love has a Podcast? This one, Genevieve Gorder Sounds Off on Common Decorating Dilemmas was relatable and helpful too.

Since we’re on the subject of HGTV, this is the latest with Chip and Joanna for realz, you guys, HOW DO THEY DO IT ALL!

I have THE sweetest sister on the planet. She sent me this post last week. I don’t know if Goat Yoga is a real thing or not but it looks like it might be legit. Either way, sign me up, I’ll take my chances!

In case you missed anything at The Crowned Goat this week, we’re finally finished with the kitchen makeover and it feels like the biggest blessing…

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  1. I love Poldark too CoCo! Great list, have a fun weekend 🙂

    1. Yes, Poldark is the best! Hope you have a fun weekend too!

  2. The linen sheets are too rich for my blood, CoCo, but I’m dying to know if they’re worth it so tell us if you get them.

    1. ha ha I totally get you, Sarah, I’m pretty sure they’re too rich for my blood too. I’ll keep you posted. Hugs, CoCo

  3. Hey CoCo – you always have the best suggestions from the porch! Now we’re curious about linen sheets too 🙂 Hugs to a happy and relaxing 3-day weekend. You’ve earned it!!

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