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Happy Thursday from the front porch, you guys. How has your week been? I hope it’s been fantastic and you’ve been able to tackle your to-do list while still enjoying all the fun things Spring has to offer.

How are you guys holding up with the time change? I’m definitely a morning person so I don’t mind telling you one bit I’ve been struggling through the transition he he. I always say, “It’s ONE hour! How it can wreak this much havoc!” and yet, it’s been a big adjustment.

I’ve spent most of this week trying to catch up from our big race weekend! When we first started training in December we only had two goals. One, to finish strong and two, to create a happy memory. I’m excited to say we accomplished both.

As some of you may remember, this past weekend was the weekend my grandparents passed away within 36 hours of each other a year ago. Because it happened on race weekend, we decided to complete the race in their honor and to make new memories of a weekend our family has enjoyed for decades.

I’ll just be honest with you, it was not easy. Miles 6 through 8 were a lot harder than I had imaged but we stuck with it and crossed the finish line holding hands stronger this year than last. I’m so incredibly grateful for every single one of you who supported us on our grief journey and helped to cheer us on. You mean the world to me!

Here’s a peek at scenes from our week…

* I captured this sunrise about an hour and a half before the race began on top of the bridge they call “Big Green” which covers part of mile 7, all of mile 8 and part of mile 9.

* Race day morning, it was 37 degrees. We were SO cold!

* If you haven’t had the pleasure of running this event, the minute the start gun goes off it sounds like thunder as over 20, 000 participants are pounding the pavement at the same time.

* It’s always been my dream to capture the moment we reach the top of Big Green because it is SO hard but I never have my phone with me. This year my mom saved the day and captured this gorgeous view!

* My bestie S captured this moment of us crossing the finish line. We were definitely tired but after 3 months of training for 9.3 miles and 2 bridges it was all worth it!

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Here are a few Easter basket ideas from Amazon…(Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

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I hope you all have a peace filled and happy weekend. We have a great week coming up next week. On Monday, we’ll celebrate Spring in the dining room as part of the Spring Festival Blog Hop. Tuesday, we’ll share how to create a beautiful flower crown for your chandelier. Wednesday, we’ll share a quick and easy Spring inspired DIY. As always, we’ll see you back here on Thursday for scenes from our week and all of our favorite things from around the web.

This weekend we’ll be working on several projects, searching for furniture we can use at Loblolly Manor and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday which should be fun. I’m also hoping we can steal away to see A Wrinkle in Time as well. We’re working our way through the series and it’s always interesting to see if the movies are as good as the books. Have you guys seen it yet?

Whatever you have planned I hope it’s something you’re excited about too. I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Looks like another fun week Coco. I cannot believe you ran 9.3 miles. That is dedication. Most people don’t even bother to get off the couch. Good for you. Thank you for doing these posts, it’s always nice to be able to catch up on what you’ve been up to and thanks for the heads up on the Target/Hunter collab. I will be there. Happy weekend

  2. 9.3 miles is crazy Coco! I dont even know if i could tun after my kids ha ha. Glad you had a great time and finished the race. I love the bunny station and the pjs too. Have a great weekend

  3. Hey CoCo- Thanks you so much for sharing our Ireland travels 🙂 Wish we were there right now…especially today! Love, love, love the photo of you and your mom at the finish line! Such a great captured moment! Cheers and hugs for a fabulous weekend. Much love.

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