Happy Trails Travel Mix

Today, I want to share with you a simple travel snack we’ve dubbed, The Happy Trails Travel Mix.

I’ve come to realize over the course of various travels and trips there are two different kinds of travelers. There are those people that seek adventure and love a good road trip no matter the destination. And yet, there are others that love the convenience of just hopping on a plane.

Which camp are you in?

Some of my favorite memories haven taken place on road trips. But I must confess after about two or three hours in the car I’m ready to either discover a roadside oddity, eat at a random (but clean) hole in the wall restaurant, shop a local market or get out of the car and pick some wildflowers. Obviously the operative words being “get out of the car.”

The only exception is on our way up to the cabin each year. I love that place so much the 9-hour trip doesn’t seem bad at all.

We pack lots of books, magazines, games, movies and other fun items for the long drive but there is one thing we always look forward to when we’re on a road trip – the travel snacks – which we try to balance with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty.

This recipe is so easy to make you really don’t even need directions. I know a lot of you will be traveling in the next few weeks so I thought I would share our favorite combination so far.

Here’s a look at how you can make your own happy trail travel mix too…

Happy Trails Trail Mix Recipe:

*you’ll need ¼ cup – ½ cup of each of these items depending on how much trail mix you’re making

Apricots (dried)

Blueberries (dried)

Cranberries (dried)

Dried tropical fruit mix


Rice cereal or Check Mix

Lightly salted mixed nuts

No or Lightly salted pretzels

Chocolate covered almonds

Happy Trails Trail Mix Steps: 

Place all ingredients in a large bowl.

On a side note, this is a great time to add in a few more of your favorite snack (we almost always add an extra scoop of mixed nuts) because you can see how the trail mix will be portioned.

Stir to combine with a spoon.

Transfer trail mix to an airtight container or place in resealable bags. The pretzels and rice squares seem to soften the longer they mix with the sugary fruit so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of making this ahead of time.

You guys can decide which container is easiest to use for the way you travel.

We’ll be bringing these cute flannel bags to pass out on our holiday road trips this year.  I’ve been hanging onto them since last December but I’m sure they have something similar at craft supply stores or maybe even in the dollar bins at places like Target or Michaels.

You could also make cute parchment envelopes, use gossamer bags, or mason jars to hold the happy trails travel mix too.

The drawstrings on this one because it makes for an easy grab and go snack. Bonus, it’s reusable!

I hope this makes packing for your next road trip a little easier. Let us know if you try this and add in any fun flavors so we can try it too!

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Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – this looks delicious and would be perfect for a great road trip, hike or snack. Sadly, we are a family divided when it comes to road trips. Let’s just call us something like bloggers vs non-bloggers. The bloggers love to hop in the car and see where the back roads and adventure takes them. Singing their favorite tunes at the top of their lungs. The non-bloggers suck the joy out of the car, whining about it being too hot, too cold, need to potty, need to eat – and they can somehow turn a 6 hour car ride into 9!! LOL. You just can’t beat a great road trip!

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