How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel

How was your weekend? Good, I hope. I had a fabulous time with my sister and I’m happy to report we do not have matching unicorn tattoos he he. Did you guys watch the Super Bowl? Well, last week we eased into “Valentine’s Season” with 17 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, vintage gift ideas and The Busy Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Gifts for those of you that want to do something special for your family and friends but have no time to hit the mall or your local antique store to search something.

This week, I thought we would concentrate on super easy gifts that you can give any time of the year no matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or just want to make something to let those closest to you know how much you care about them. The latter is what happened with this DIY Monogrammed Tea Towel.

In early January, my bestie S graciously agreed to babysit my little dogs so I could help my mom and sister with a few projects around their homes. My oldest dog (the little white one) struggles with canine dementia and can be a lot of extra work. Thankfully, S was up for the challenge but I know how much work it is to take care of Tally so I wanted to not only buy her a gift but I wanted to make her something too. This farmhouse inspired monogrammed tea towel can be made in an afternoon and can be customized for any occasion. Here’s a look at how you can make a Monogrammed Tea Towel too…

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-1


Flour Sack Towel (s)

Painters Tape

Detail Art Brushes

Fabric Paint

Cardboard Sleeve or Protective Plastic (this is to help block any bleed through)

Computer, Printer with Ink, Paper (for making and printing monogram)

#2 Pencil

200-grit Sandpaper



Make sure your flour sack towels have been washed, dried and ironed prior to starting this project as the towels can sometimes shrink after they’ve been in the dryer.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-2

Try to iron out as many of the wrinkles as you can in order to give yourself a clean canvas to work with.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-3

Fold the flour sack towel into thirds

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-4

And tuck a piece of cardboard or plastic wrap between the layers to help guard against paint bleed through.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-5

Farmhouse inspired or grain sack fabric usually have 1-3 stripes on them so you decide how many stripes you want to put on your towel. I chose one stripe on each side layering the first piece of tape about ½- ¾ an inch from the fold on each side.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-6

Next, place a second piece of tape about ¼ – ½ an inch across from the first piece of tape as this will become your stripe.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-7

Using an art detail brush and your choice of fabric paint, begin painting the “grain sack stripes” on your towel.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-8

Allow to dry completely before removing tape.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-9

Using your home computer and printer, create and print out the monogram you intend to use.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-10

Carefully, place the monogram print out underneath the first layer of the towel. It helps to hang the towel back on the oven so you can get a feel for where you want your monogram to go. I just made a tiny mark with a pencil so I wouldn’t forget.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-11

Use a pencil to outline the letters/design of the monogram.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-12

When you’re finished outlining the letter, it will look something like this…

How to Make a Monogrammed Towel-13

Make sure to have your piece of cardboard or plastic barrier in place prior to filling in the letters of your monogram with paint.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-14

Allow paint to dry completely.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-15

Sometimes the paint can feel a little scratchy after it has dried so you may want to use a piece of 200-grit sandpaper to take the scratchiness out a bit.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-16

Not only is this an easy gift to make your Valentine or Galentine, it’s also an simple way to add a farmhouse touch to your kitchen.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-17

I know you guys have been working so hard organizing your kitchen cabinets,

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-18

your pantry,

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-19

and your refrigerator too.

How to Make a Monogrammed Tea Towel-20

See you guys back here tomorrow. Not only have you been working hard to keep your kitchen organized but you’ve also been working on your Nightly Routine so I’ll share how to make DIY Bath Bombs to help you create a spa like feel in the bathtub. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I never realized these were that easy to make. My kitchen towel drawer is embarrassing. I need these.

  2. Farmhouse charm without being too trendy, love it!

    1. Yes, yes, yes! So glad you like this Bonnie! Hugs, CoCo

  3. CoCo – this is a super cute gift idea! We love the personalized monogram and stripes! And we just got some clearance sale flour sacks! Now we know what to make 🙂

    1. Flour sack towels are so versatile. Thanks so much for your sweet words, I can’t wait to see what you guys make next. Hugs, CoCo

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