Other Changes Around the House

With the changes in the kitchen, living room, master bathroom and master bedroom complete, my mom and I set about giving the other spaces in the house a refresh too.

My number one goal was to declutter so we added planted flowers to the breakfast table just off the kitchen. This is how the breakfast table area looked in July of last year:

062315-1 - Copy

and now

Simple Changes for Kitchen Tables - The Crowned Goat - 062315-2 - Copy

You may remember my 90-year-old grandfather gave me his old chicken coop last year. It was previously used next to the china cabinet as pictured here

062315-3 - Copy

but I when I decided to clear out the clutter I chose to let the china cabinet shine alone.

Restyled China Cabinet - The Crowned Goat - 062315-4 - Copy

We changed things up a little in the entry too.

062315-5 - Copy

I took down all of the items that were taking up space on the cabinet we made a few weeks ago

Restyled Weatherwood Stained Cabinet - The Crowned Goat - 062315-6 - Copy

and left a simple ironstone dish for keys, the mail drop and a spot for my purse.

062315-7 - Copy

In the dining room we restyled the hutch

Using Vintage Finds to Style a China Hutch - The Crowned Goat - 062315-8 - Copy

and my dad hung a tobacco basket I’ve had for over a year. I just never found the right spot to hang it up.

062315-9 - Copy

I’m working on a set of shelves to go underneath the basket and I still need to get new curtains so hopefully that will all come together soon.

062315-10 - Copy

The changes in the half bathroom were really subtle. Here’s a quick shot of the bathroom before:

062315-11 - Copy

We added fresh greenery from the yard, a rug from IKEA and a thrifted wastebasket.

Other Changes Around the House

I love the goat pictures in this bathroom. They make me happy every time I look at them. I bought them at The Country Living Fair a few years ago. They’re by photographer Tiffany Kimmet.

Tiffany Kimmet Photographs - The Crowned Goat - 062315-13 - Copy

Finally, I hung one of my favorite thrifted finds in the hallway. This needlepoint of the 50 states and state flowers set me back $5 I believe. I know. It’s always so exciting when you come across a treasure like that at such a good price.

Vintage Needlepoint of US - The Crowned Goat - 062315-14 - Copy

I said this last week but honestly it bears saying again, it was such a busy week trying to get as much done as possible while my mom was here visiting. We worked from sun up to sun down and got so many things accomplished. There’s another bedroom and bathroom that received total makeovers. I’ll share the bathroom with you tomorrow.

Many blessings,

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  1. Your house is looking so nice and fresh and inviting! I need to follow your lead and declutter to let my house breathe 🙂 Hugs!!

    1. I appreciate that Angie, thank you! I’ve tried over the last few months to let things go but it wasn’t until I had someone standing right in front of me saying, “We can only put up on picture in this bathroom – which do you like the most” that I was able to really get the ball rolling. There’s something about being accountable that’s made the changes really stick! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much, they’re one of my favorites too!

  2. Hi Coco, I can’t believe how much you have done to your house lately and how pretty it all looks. How nice to have your mom and dad there and I was cracking up and forgot to put in my comments on your bathroom makeover post about him asking about the lady in blue. lol. Everything looks fab, xo Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…Coastal CandleholdersMy Profile

    1. My dad is so funny! We tell him all of the time he just “doesn’t get” our style 🙂 I appreciate all of your sweet compliments. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Ha ha you girls are so funny! That handbag was a recent gift which took me by surprise 🙂 I’m on a decluttering mission ladies. Help keep me accountable. Hugs, CoCo

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