Personalized Baskets for Office Storage

If you’ve been following for any length of time you know my heart speaks in neutrals and baskets. I think a good basket can cure almost any organization dilemma as long as you’ve put in the hard work of decluttering first. I know first-hand how tough decluttering can be because I just tackled the inventory closet in my office. It was a wild few days but thankfully my mom was here to help me go through everything.

After the closet had been decluttered, we needed an easy to maintain system to keep everything tidy. My go to container for a job like this is baskets. I have them all over the house and use them on a daily basis so I know they work. As you guys know my budget for this office makeover was down to $100 when we decided to tackle the inventory closet. At the time we started the office, the closet wasn’t even on my radar. But as we’ve gotten more things accomplished in the space, I see now it’s completely logical to tackle what has honestly been a trouble area over the years.

With the budget really tight, I hit every thrift store I could think of in search of vegetable picking baskets. You can find most of them for a reasonable price. In fact, I don’t think I paid more than $6 each for the largest size basket.


The baskets come in a pretty neutral color already but I wanted a way to personalize them a little bit more so I painted them in Valspar’s Hot Stone. It’s the same color as the accent wall and the office chair.


Using a 1 inch brush makes it a bit easier to paint with the weave so to speak.


If you brush straight across the weave like you’re painting a piece of furniture, you’ll have more paint drips inside the basket. So it’s best to paint each part of the weave.


It takes a little bit longer this way but it’s easier than having to clean paint drips out of the inside of the basket.


It won’t take long and you’ll have a set of really pretty painted baskets.


Once the paint has completely dried, you can personalize your basket even further with stencils. You can find these at your local home improvement store or big box craft store.

Place the stencils directly onto the basket. Then use craft paint or paint markers to add a monogram, special number combination or word.


These would be great gifts to welcome new neighbors (use their house number), as a shower gift (use the wedding date) or to welcome home a new baby.


If you’re able to find the large vegetable baskets, they’re generous in size.


I’m using these to help coral craft supplies and to keep things organized in the office inventory/craft closet.


But these are so cute, I may need to make a few baskets to hold beach essentials like hats, sunscreen and flip flops.


I’ll share the full inventory/craft closet reveal tomorrow. I can hardly believe it’s time for the One Room Challenge Week 5 progress update!

Many blessings,


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