Southern Living Idea House Tour Part 2

Several weeks ago, my mom and I visited the 2019 Southern Living House on Crane Island.  It was amazing! You can find part one of our tour here, if you missed it.  We’re still trying to dissect all the different spaces in this home because it was layer upon layer of gorgeous. 

At every turn we kept hearing, “They thought of everything” and it was so true! They really did. 

Before we get started with the second half of the tour, let me catch you up on the stats of the Southern Living Idea House.  The house is 4, 540 square feet with 4 bedrooms, a bunk room and 5 and a half bathrooms. 

Southern Living Idea House

I shared the downstairs and master bedroom in part one. So, I wanted to share the rest of the bedrooms, the bunk room, the game room, several beautiful bathrooms and the swinging porch in part 2. 

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom #1

In part 1, we left off at the laundry room.  Just up the stairs (this diamond and texture pattern is repeated throughout the house) from the laundry room and mud room

is another bedroom and bathroom combination.

The seating area in the bedroom overlooks the water

Southern Living Idea House - Sunroom

and the ceiling is wallpapered with this blue and white palm frond paper.

Of all the spaces, I would say this bathroom felt the most coastal. 

The subway tiles in the shower looked like turquoise sea glass. They were amazing too.

Upstairs Hallway/Landing 

As you go up another set of stairs, you’ll find this chair on the landing,

and a set of these wicker tables

featuring this coastal inspired artwork just outside the entrance to the bunk room and the game room. 

Upstairs Bathroom 

Just down the hall you’ll find another bathroom.  Don’t you love this sink?

How about this floor?

Shiplap and wallpaper were both featured prominently throughout the house and I kind of want to shiplap my whole house now. 

The Bunk Room and Game Room

The bunk room was a super cool space! It was small but it had 4 bunk beds with a curtain for privacy and a light for reading. 

Southern Living Idea House - Bunk Beds

The littles would be bananas over this room. 

Passed the bunk room is the game room.

This was another room with rattan furniture,

nods to nature,

and liberal use of prints and wallpaper. 

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom #2

Through the game room to the left is another bedroom.  We were super excited to see bed crowns and canopies used in multiple bedrooms. 

Southern Living Idea House - Master Bedroom

You know what else was used a lot? Monograms!

This textured diamond rug pattern was used a lot too.

We’re still not over how cool this bathroom was.  It’s hard to see it in this picture but the shower curtain mimics the bed crown in the bedroom.  I thought I was done with the bedroom and bathroom makeover at my house, but this made me change my mind. 

The white subway tile in the bath and shower,

paired with the coastal inspired vanity fit perfectly in this space without making it feel too matchy-matchy with the guest bedroom shown above. 

Outdoor Swing Porch

I forgot to show you the swing porch connected to the game room via the French doors.

Southern Living Idea House - Porch Swing

It’s such a cozy spot to relax in and the view is spectacular. 

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom #3

The last bedroom, the twin bedroom, features these gorgeous beds.  They’re perfection, right?

They also featured monograms and layers of textured bedding. 

These chairs would be great for reading

but there was also a place to work as well.

Can you imagine putting your make up on in this vanity area with a sink?

The bathroom and shower areas are pretty too.

All in all, the Southern Living Idea House on Crane Island was a dream to visit.  Everyone we met from the sales office to the tour volunteers were super sweet and helpful.

If you want to visit the house too, tours are available from now until December 15, 2019.  The tickets are $22 with the proceeds benefiting the Amelia Island Museum of History.  If you missed Part 1 of our experience at the Southern Living Idea House, you can catch up here.

Takeaways to consider for Part 2 of the Southern Living Idea House…

  1. Focus on the details, they take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.
  2. Double the tables, artwork and gallery lighting if you have a long hallway.
  3. Mix and match prints for a layered feel. 
  4. Monogram linens and bath towels. 
  5. Keep scale and proportion front and center when you’re designing and shopping for the spaces in your home.  It makes a huge difference!

I hope these tips have helped! What did you guys love most about part 2 of the Southern Living Idea House? Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,







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  1. I love that you are sharing this CoCo. So many amazing details in this house. I love the tile color in the bathroom and that flooring in the other bathroom is so unique. Love the sun porch too.

    1. Thank you, Kim! It’s always fun to see these show houses in the magazine so we were over the moon to have one so close to us. Everyone was super nice and you could just tell how excited they were to see their vision come to life. Big hugs, CoCo

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