Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments

All week long I’ve been sharing simple last minute ideas and tips to help make your holiday season a little bit easier. That’s why I’m so excited about today’s post. I’m teaming up with a great group of ladies for Day Two of the DIY Ornament Blog Hop. I know a lot of you are getting into the Christmas spirit searching Pinterest for just the right recipe and maybe even bringing decorations down from the attic. I’ve been doing the same things too. Bring on the tiny marshmallows!

DIY-Christmas-Ornament-Blog-Hop Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

Thanksgiving is always a fun time given I take an extra long weekend to be with my big farm family. We sit around crafting ornaments, wrapping presents, playing Christmas music, eating snickerdoodles and laughing. It’s a weekend filled with just being together and that’s what this season is all about.

The ornament I’m sharing with you today is so easy it almost doesn’t even need instructions. I live on the coast of Florida and it’s nice to be able to walk the beaches whenever it strikes my fancy. I’m always bringing home shells or bits of sea glass so this year, I decided to put those treasures in a coastal inspired ornament. You’ll need these items to get you started…

Clear ornaments
Shells or sea glass
Cardstock in coastal colors
Tag punch or store bought tags
Single hole punch

112015-1 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

The first step is to carefully remove the stem from the ornament. The edges from the stem will be sharp so use caution and common sense when doing this step.

112015-2 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

Next take bits of sea glass and start filling the ornament. I usually fill less than half way. You don’t want the ornament to be too heavy and fall off the tree.

112015-3 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

Once you have the sea glass in the ornament place the stem back inside the ornament. Again, the stem will be sharp so do this with caution and common sense.

112015-4 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

Now that the stem and ornament are secure, use a piece of raffia to create a hanger for the ornament. You can leave it plain

112015-5 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

or you can add a tag from a family vacation, your favorite beach, word of the year or whatever you like.

112015-6 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

So simple, right?

112015-7 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

If you have more shells than sea glass, consider this option…

112015-8 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

112015-9 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

Even if you don’t live at the beach you can still make these ornaments awesome by filling them with confetti, ribbons, acorns, bits of pine or cedar, craft store jewels, faux candy like gum drops – the possibilities are endless.

112015-10 Easy Coastal Inspired Ornaments Christmas Holidays

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I hope you guys all have a happy and relaxing weekend. See you on Facebook , on Instagram and on Pinterest over the weekend and back here on Monday for the Something to Talk About Link Party!

Many blessings,



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      Oh my word, Lindsay, I can’t even imagine weather that cold. I was looking for my sweaters when it got down to 60 this week 🙂 It’s hard when you’re used to living in flip flops all the time. Hope you have a fun holiday with your family, CoCo

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    How pretty CoCo! I’ve been debating ornaments too! I love this idea and you know I have tons of shells stuffed in boxes and bags. I can’t decide if I want to do a coastal tree this year or stick to a more traditional look. Maybe I’ll just have to do two trees. Ha! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Seaglass. My mother in law and father in law have traveled to Hawaii many times and have tons of seaglass just sitting in zip lock bags. This would be a perfect option to utilize their collection for people to see. Thanks for the idea.

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    Your Thanksgiving with your family sounds wonderful CoCo! I laughed with your comment about tiny marshmallows because I just bought 3 bags yesterday!!! Your ornaments are perfect. Simply Beautiful1 I wish I could find more sea glass on the Jersey shore. You have to get up at dawn just to find one:). I hope you have a fabulous weekend and Thanksgiving. Take care, Tara

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      I appreciate it, Tara, thank you! We find the most sea glass after a bad storm or right after a hurricane. I’m totally with you though, it gets harder and harder to find. Have an awesome holiday weekend, CoCo

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      Thanks so much, Karen! I think of you when I’m walking around in flip flops. It’s been in the 60s here lately though and you know what that means…sweater weather for the natives ha ha 🙂

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    You are speaking my love language Coco! You know how much I adore coastal anything, and these are no exception! I feel the pull to make some for myself right now, even though I’m not doing a coastal theme this year. You can bet when I do though, I’ll be using some of these for my tree! Thanks so much for sharing your idea!