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Decorating for Fall with Apples

We’re decorating for Fall with apples today!

Now that school is back in session, I’m excited to ease into the season by creating one that’s unique to our surroundings and gives us something to look forward to.

Even though it doesn’t feel like Fall in Florida right now, I can’t wait to revisit my Pinterest boards and look through old magazines for inspiration!

Sometimes the transition from late Summer to early Fall can be a tricky one, you know?

It’s not quite time for pumpkins or spooky season just yet.

But I’m itching for the house to feel festive again.

So, while we’re embracing this much-needed transition, I thought it would be fun to share easy ways to decorate for Fall with apples.

Decorating for Fall With Apples…

Apples are great because they’re almost always plentiful at the grocery store and the farmer’s market.

They’re not usually expensive either.

And when apples are accompanied by other seasonal favorites like mums, goldenrod, plaid, and burlap they make a budget-friendly decorating statement.

If you’re thinking about using apples inside, consider ways you can use them outside on the porch or patio as well.

Incorporating faux apples in a wreath or serving hot cider, apple pies, donuts, and apple fritters on the porch is a fun way to welcome friends, family, and neighbors to your home.

Using Apples in the Entry…

Decorating for Fall in the entry can be as easy as adding special touches to your bench or entry table.

You can do this with fabric, pillows, home decor items, scented candles, and of course seasonal vignettes.

Decorating with Apples: Fall Entry - The Crowned Goat

Decorating for Fall with Apples and Thrifted Finds in the Dining Room…

As you can see from the pictures featured in this post, I’m always picking up plaid blankets from thrift stores and charity shops.

Vintage blankets are great because you can usually find them for under $20.

If you do find one at a charity shop or a thrift store you love, make sure to gently launder it at home or have the blankets laundered at your local dry cleaner before using them.

If you’re not into vintage blankets, consider using plaid scarves or inexpensive fabric from your local craft store.

We use those all the time too!

You may also find bushel baskets similar to this one for less than $5.

They’re really easy to decorate with as well.

Decorating for Fall in an Open Concept Home…

90% of the time, I love having an open-concept home.

It makes staying connected and entertaining so much easier!

Decorating for Fall with Apples in the Breakfast Nook-The Crowned Goat

Plus, it’s made me passionate about decorating all of the adjoining rooms in similar colors, textures, and styles.

I’ve found over the years it just makes all of the spaces flow so much better.


If you’re looking to add festive touches without too much fuss consider a simple apple centerpiece or a vintage-inspired apple-picking sign like this one.

Both are relatively easy to create and use in common household areas like the living room, kitchen, or breakfast nook.

They’re also fabulous to use as festive Fall party decor!

Decorating for Fall with Apples in the Breakfast Nook…

The inspiration for our Autumn apple-inspired tablescape came from our love of being at the cabin during the Fall season.

I usually do pretty light colors year-round, so it was fun to add these moody colors to the mix.

Bonus, I was able to repurpose the eucalyptus table runner for Thanksgiving and Christmas which was such a time saver.

If you know in advance that you’re going to have a busy travel schedule consider layering the table with apples for September, pumpkins for October, pinecones for November, and ornaments for December.

It will give your space a fresh feel as the season changes and help you save time because you already have a neutral foundation in place.


Decorating for Fall with a Caramel Apple Station in the Kitchen…

Decorating the kitchen for Fall can be as easy as hanging a wreath on the pantry door, creating small vignettes, using seasonal scented soaps, or creating a caramel apple station.

This easy salted caramel apple dump cake is always a big hit too!

Setting up your kitchen island with seasonal goodies is a great alternative to hosting friends and family on the porch or patio.

Especially, if you’re tight on space!

Easy Salted Caramel Apple Dump Cake-The Crowned Goat

Creating a Cider Bar…

We try to keep our coffee station pretty simple during the year.

But the minute Fall arrives, we love adding a sweets and cider bar.

It’s such an easy and refreshing way to enjoy the season.

I am counting down the days until it feels like Fall and I know so many of you are too.

So, I hope these simple ways to decorate for Fall with apples have helped make the transition from late summer to early Fall an easy one!

While the weather may still be warm in your area, the mums may have not arrived at your local garden center yet and the pumpkins may be few and far between, every season is worth celebrating.

So, find what makes your heart sing and enjoy the season you’re in!

Let us know your favorite way to decorate with apples!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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    1. I appreciate it ladies, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  1. So pretty! I’m so ready for fall!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful place! Hugs!

    1. Speak to my heart, girl, me too! I would have you over here in a heart beat making pies 🙂 Sending you lots of hugs, CoCo

  2. I love love love all of your gorgeous apple themed decor ideas. These really bring me back to growing up in Washington state.

  3. Thanks for all the inspiration for decorating with apples! Your pictures are lovely and they have inspired me to create an apple cider station this year! Your caramel apples and pie look so yummy! Bring on Fall!

  4. I love all of these ideas! I especially love your brown and white dishes! They are beautiful!

  5. I love all these ideas, CoCo! I can incorporate them pretty easily into our decor. For example, we have a lot of apples right now that would look pretty on my small woven tray–at least until we eat them all up. Ha!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi CoCo! These are great ideas! I especially love the suggestion of putting faux apples into a wreath or decor. I am always a sucker for a wool plaid blanket. You can never have too many! The apple dump cake looks amazing too. It’s so nice to have a change of seasons, right? It always gives us something to look forward to.

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