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A Vintage Inspired Apple Picking Sign

Today, we’re sharing how to create a vintage inspired apple picking sign!

While I’ve been working to add a few Fall touches around the house again this week, I’ll freely admit, it’s been tough to get into the mood for Fall.

Our “feels like” temperature in Florida is still hanging around at a balmy 107 degrees.

I’m ready for a fresh start and a new season though and I know so many of you are too. 

Our Inspiration…

We usually spend a good amount of our off time at the cabin where there are dozens of apple orchards nearby. 

I don’t know if we’ll make it there this year given everything that’s happening but each Fall we look forward to fried pies, apple picking, scenic drives, and lots of trail hiking when we visit.

I have had the worst case of cabin fever and nostalgia lately.  And on more than one occasion I’ve found myself wishing we could trade the heat and humidity for the crisp mountain air if only for a few weeks.

So, with that in mind, I thought I would share how to create a vintage inspired apple picking sign and a simple way to bring a bit of nostalgia into your home this season too.

Here’s a look at how to create a vintage inspired apple picking sign…

Vintage Inspired Apple Picking Sign Supplies:

  • Plywood (size of your choice)
  • White Paint (color of your choice)
  • Paint roller or Paintbrush
  • At Home Computer, Word, At Home Printer, and Printer Paper
  • Number 2 Pencil
  • Tape
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Craft Paints (color of your choice)
  • Fine Detail Art Brushes
  • Sealant (polyurethane or clear wax)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Tarp (to protect work surface)

Vintage Inspired Apple Picking Sign Steps:

Gather your supplies and lay a tarp down to protect your surfaces.

Our vintage inspired apple picking sign started with a piece of scrap plywood leftover from a previous project so it’s quite large. But feel free to make yours any size you want.

I used two coats of Americana Décor Chalky Paint to paint the plywood.

Next, I created the text I wanted to use in a Word document on my computer and printed each word out on my printer at home.

The size font you use will depend on the size of your piece of wood. You can find a list of the Fall inspired fonts I used, here.

Transferring the letters from the paper to the wood can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

First, flip the paper over with the letters facing down. Then using a number 2 pencil, color over the back of the letters.

Make sure you get heavy coverage.

Second, flip the paper back over and place it where you want to transfer the graphic.

After you have it secured in place with tape, trace the outline of each letter with a ballpoint pen.

Make sure to apply a good amount of pressure as you trace each letter so you’ll be able to see the outline of the graphic well.

This will transfer the image directly onto the piece of painted wood. Use can use this same technique to transfer different fonts and words all over your piece of painted wood.

Painting Words and Graphics…

After you’ve transferred the text you want to use on your sign, you’re ready to start using craft paint.

You’ll want to use different size fine detail art brushes, which can be found at most craft supply stores to fill in each letter or graphic.

Continue to fill in all the graphics and letters until your vintage inspired apple picking sign is complete.

Once the paint has finished drying, sand the entire piece with 220-grit sandpaper and the edges with 80-grit sandpaper if desired.

This will help create the look of a vintage inspired apple picking sign that has been weathered.

I sealed the sign with clear paste wax, but you can also seal with polyurethane as well.

Keep in Mind…

It took me most of the morning to finish the sign because I chose so many different size fonts.  It’s one of those easy pieces that will last throughout the years and in multiple seasons though.  So, to me, it was worth it.

Keep in mind you don’t have to make a sign this big.  You can also use this same technique to make a sign that best fits your specific space or occasion.

Let us know if you plan to make a vintage inspired apple picking sign and how you’re decorating for Fall this year! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. You ladies are so sweet, thank so much! Hugs, Coco

  2. Thank you, Angie! It was fun to use different fonts. It’s actually a first for me. Now that I’ve learned the transfer method I may have created a monster 🙂

  3. I love the nostalgic feel of your sign! And I’ve used the reverse transfer method SO many times to make my own signs! It’s a great way to get just the look you want. Great job. Xo Kathleen

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! You are so right the transfer method definitely makes it so much easier. I know a lot of people use their circuit machines too! Hope you’re having a great week so far, CoCo

  4. Hi Coco,

    107 degrees wow, I know Florida is hot but tge humidity makes it worse.

    Love this sign and great tutorial. Mid September is tge beginning of apple picking season in NJ. I miss going, we used to go every year but my MS makes it difficult, I’ll live.

    Have a great dst!


    1. Oh my gosh, Cindy, it really does! We used to live in Texas where it was really hot but the humidity definitely takes it up to another level here in Florida. Thanks so much for your sweet words about the sign. I hope you find something that will make your season extra special this year. Hugs, CoCo

  5. I love this sign! Great tutorial! I can remember several apple picking trips growing up in the midwest. Here in Colorado, it’s just a visit to the Farmers Market these days! Thanks so much for sharing. Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much, Denise. And what fun memories of apple picking growing up too! We’re in Florida so we usually only get to pick apples while at the cabin but it’s always one of our favorite things to do while we’re there. Hope your Fall season is a happy one, CoCo

  6. Linda S Duncan says:

    I love your ideas and can’t wait to try them.

    1. Such a sweet compliment, Linda, thank you! I really appreciate it. Hope your week is a happy one, CoCo

  7. This is so much fun! Our new hunting land has a small apple and pear orchard and the kids and I have had so much fun picking them and using them in recipes. I think we will be making a sign now too! Thanks for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens! I was pinning away all your posts!

    1. That is so cool, Kristin! It’s always so much fun to pick and eat your own fruit and veggies. Some of my favorite memories have been spent with my Granny in her garden. We picked everything from cucumbers to pears to pecans and it always a blast. It makes me excited to think about your kids will enjoying similar adventures too. Sending you lots of hugs, CoCo

  8. This sign is so cute, CoCo! It really looks vintage and weathered. It puts me in the mood to go apple picking! I’m thrilled to feature it this week at Celebrate Your Story! Link Party 🙂

    1. I appreciate you so much, Rebecca, thank you for the sweet feature. Every year we want a real Fall SO bad and while it dips into the low 80s which definitely helps the leaves are still green and the beach skies are still bright blue. So, I’m all for creating a DIY Fall 🙂 Sending you hugs and thank yous, CoCo

    1. Oh my gosh, Michelle, thank you! It’s been such a hot and muggy summer in Florida we’re literally doing everything we can to make it feel like Fall. Hope you’ve had a great week. Hugs, CoCo

  9. Love how weathered and vintage your apple picking sign looks Coco.
    Thank you for sharing it Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your DIY sign at tonight’s party and pinning too.

    1. So sweet of you to say, Kerryanne, thank you. And thank you for the feature too! It’s been such a hot and muggy summer in Florida we’re looking forward to celebrating Fall. Even if we have to diy it 🙂 Hugs and thank yous, CoCo

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