5 Steps to Creating an Easy Fall Mantel

We’re sharing 5 Steps to Creating an Easy Fall Mantel today!

Decorating the mantel for Fall is a really simple way to add a festive and seasonal feel to your home.

I know so many people dread decorating it because they’re overwhelmed with the process though.

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas with Hydrageas in Aged Urns-The Crowned Goat

These are the things I hear a lot:

  • ”You don’t understand, I don’t even know what to put up there.”
  • ”I have too much stuff on the mantel and it looks cluttered now.”
  • “It didn’t look right so I just said forget it and walked away.”
  • “Are you kidding me right now? I barely had time to eat breakfast AND get the laundry done today, CoCo. Yes, I want a pretty mantel but I just don’t have time to deal with all that.”
Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas with Roses and Hydrageas in Aged Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat

Does any of this sound like something you can relate to?

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas with Roses and Hydrageas in Aged Urns-The Crowned Goat

Creating an Easy Fall Mantel

This year, I’m trying to be really intentional as far as seasonal decorating goes.

I want a pretty mantel.

But my days can be long.

So, I need the process to be quick and easy.

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas with Roses and Hydrageas in Aged Urns and Ironstone-The Crowned Goat

I definitely want it to feel like Fall in our home though, which is why adding festive touches in the most commonly used areas is at the top of our cozy list. 

That way, we can enjoy the best of both worlds without a lot of extra fuss or time.

French Country Fall Mantel with Roses and Hydrageas in Aged Urns-The Crowned Goat

Speaking of fuss, I’m a huge fan of symmetry because I love things that have balance and order.

But after going through previous Fall mantel photos for this post, my bestie S who also helps me run the TCG website challenged me to create a mantel that was asymmetrical.

Fall mantel decorating ideas with diy aged leat wreath - The Crowned Goat

So, I pulled out one of my favorite repurposed fall wreaths to create something just a little different and I actually liked it!

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas with Aged Leaf Wreath, Roses and Hydrageas-The Crowned Goat

Here’s a look at 5 Steps to Creating an Easy Fall Mantel to help make the decorating process a simple one…

Step 1: Start Fresh

Take everything off the mantel (if you can) and start with a completely fresh perspective.

Make sure whatever style you choose to use on the mantel it’s consistent with the style and color palette you’re using in the rest of your home.

Step 2: Visually Divide Your Mantel Into Thirds

Begin by decorating the center portion with something substantial like a piece of art, architectural salvage, an old window, or a wreath.

Step 3: Start Adding Accessories

Add flowers and accessories to the left side of the mantel first. Then balance those same pieces on the right.

The key to this step is to make sure the items you’re bringing in are appropriate in scale and varied in height to the substantial piece you have in the middle.  

Step 4: Add in Layers of Texture

Start filling in the gaps if you have any by adding fillers with textures like plants, pumpkins, or other nods to nature.

Even books or baskets will work.

Step 5: Edit

I know this step is not always easy because sometimes removing one item can throw everything off but it’s so important not to skip this step.

Take into consideration how the rest of your living room looks. 

If you have a lot going on, say with bookcases or other built-ins, you might want to keep it simple on the mantel so it doesn’t read as cluttered. 

On the other hand, if your living room pieces are sparse or minimal, you might want to consider creating an easy Fall mantel that is full because you want it to be the focal point of the room.  

Easy Fall Mantel Ideas We’ve Used Over the Years…

Over the years, we’ve created all sorts of different looks on our mantel which is just over 7 feet long.

In the beginning, I thought every inch had to be decorated.

As I look back at these photos though, it’s fun to see how much our style has changed over the years.

Antique Portrait Painting Fall Mantel…

Vintage Apple Picking Sign Inspired Mantel…

Creating a Vintage Inspired Mantel with an DIY Apple Picking Sign-The Crowned Goat

Fall Farmhouse Inspired Mantel…

Horse Trophy Inspired Mantel…

Heirloom Pumpkin-Inspired Mantel…

Elegant Fall Mantel…

White Pumpkins and Pops of Orange Inspired Mantel…

Cozy Fall Neutrals Inspired Mantel…

This year, we’ve been recovering from COVID and Strep so my only goal has been to use what we already have on hand, including greenery from our yard.

Cozy Fall Cottage Mantel Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Truthfully, it feels relaxed and easy going which is exactly what we need right now.

Plus, the neutral colors will take us from Fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving and into the holiday. That way, we can continue to decorate as the season unfolds and as we have time and feel better.

Cozy Fall Cottage with Greenery and White Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat
Fall Greenery and White Pumpkins Inspired Mantel-The Crowned Goat
Fall Mantel Ideas with Greenery and White Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat
Vintage Dough Bowl with Greenery-The Crowned Goat

Take the Pressure Off Fall Decorating…

I hope these steps have helped take the pressure off just a bit.

Keep in mind, that it doesn’t matter if you’re decorating a mantel for the seasons or for everyday life, decorate with what speaks to YOU the most.

Antique Dough Bowl with White Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat

I know it’s easy to get caught up in what’s trending or appears to be super popular on social media.

But in the end, it’s all about what makes you happy and works best for your family. No matter what season of life you’re in right now.

Easy Fall Coffee Table Vignette Ideas-The Crowned Goat
Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. Hi CoCo!
    These are some great tips on decorating a mantel. You do the same thing I do – divide it into thirds and start in the middle. My favorite styling is the last one – the easy fall mantel. You saved the best bit of advice for last – “But in the end, it’s all about what makes you happy and works best for your family.” – So true! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! Have a great rest of the week!
    >>> Kim

    1. So excited you like these easy mantel ideas, Kim! Our mantel is around 7 feet long and sometimes I like it pack in every bit of seasonal decor I can and other times I’m all about keeping it simple 🙂 We love all things Fall so it’s definitely exciting to change things up each year. Sending you hugs and I hope you’re having the best week, CoCo

  2. So many inspiring fall mantel ideas, CoCo! It’s my favorite tie of year so I’m always thrilled to see great fall displays. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

    1. Thanks so much, Kathleen, I really appreciate it. I hope your Fall season is off to a great start. Hugs, CoCo

    2. You shared so many great tips. I love every picture you shared.

      I tend to only decorate ours for Christmas. The bookcase next to it is decorated and it’s too much. Plus the TV is there.

      Hope your Aunt is doing okay.

      1. Thank you so much, Cindy! It’s always fun to look back over the years and see how much our style has changed. My aunt is doing well, thank you for asking. You were such an amazing cheerleader and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate you. Big hugs, CoCo

  3. I love all your fall mantel ideas, CoCo… and so many to choose from, too! I’ll be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned! (Love the new blog look!)

    1. So sweet of you to feature this Fall mantel post, Julie, thanks so much I really appreciate it. Hope your Fall season is filled with all good things, CoCo

  4. Great tips CoCo! Dividing the space into thirds makes this doable. Of course, your first step of taking everything off the mantle first….let’s just say, I desperately need to do this!! The dust, well, there’s lots of it 😉 Happy Fall! Pinning

    1. I totally get ya, Cindy! I swear I have no idea how dust even gets up there sometimes 🤣 If nothing else, at least we can be sure it will get a thorough cleaning every season 🙌 Hugs, CoCo

  5. Love this CoCo! So many great tips and inspiration. All your mantels are beautiful and it’s true, in the end we should all do what works for own homes. I love being inspired by everyone else and then spin my own style. Have a wonderful day. XO- MaryJo

    1. I feel the same way, MaryJo. The creativity that people share on the internet never ceases to amaze me. I know it has it’s fault but I feel inspired all the time. Hope you’ve ahd the best week and thanks so much for your kind words, CoCo

  6. Yay for bestie and challenging you! I love that wreath and the gorgeous soft pinks and creams you chose to use this year. You are the queen of pink which makes you fantabulous in my book! All of your mantels are fun. pinned

    1. I definitely need a push out of my comfort zone on the daily, Cindy! It’s been so much fun to use pink and brown this year. You know I just can’t seem to quit that color. Big hugs and hope you had the best birthday week, CoCo

  7. CoCo,
    I love your tips and these soft colors just look amazing. I love that you repurposed the wreath. It looks so good.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! That repurposed wreath has been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done and it’s been fun to decorate with too. We don’t have a lot of storage so I’m always trying to think of new places to put old things. Hope you’ve had the best week, CoCo

  8. Hi, CoCo! I love symmetry too, but I adore your fall mantel this year! The wreath looks so beautiful across from your gorgeous pink floral arrangements! It was so fun to see all your different mantels! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Donna

    1. Thank you bunches, Donna! It’s been fun to take a look back at all the mantels we’ve created over the years and to see how much our style has changed as well. It’s really easy to get into a decorating rut sometimes so I’m thankful for the little asymmetrical nudge this year. Big hugs, CoCo

  9. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try these suggestions with my mantle.

    1. You are so welcome, Naomi! I know the mantel can be tricky sometimes (it is for me too even after all these years) but taking it little by little definitely helps. Hope your fall season is filled with all good things, CoCo

  10. Just popping back in to say thank you so very much for linking up at Farmhouse Friday. I loved this post so much I’m featuring it tomorrow. One of these days I’m totally doing pink in the fall. So beautiful! pinned again!

    1. That is super generous of you, Cindy, thank you so much. We’ve been at the cabin without internet so it was a really sweet surprise to come home and find out you’d featured my mantel post. You’re always so supportive and I appreciate you every day! Big hugs, CoCo

  11. Wow, CoCo!! It’s beautiful!!!! I”m all about simple and not fussy and I love all of the easy to follow tips that you shared. It’s so fun how you used pink instead of the traditional fall colors….so pretty! Wishing you a happy fall!!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! It’s always fun to look back on all the different ways we decorated for fall. I know the mantel can be kind of tricky sometimes but taking it step by step always helps. Plus, the pink goes with everything. Hugs and happy fall, CoCo

  12. Hi CoCo – You probably already know this famous quote by CoCo Channel. She said the best dressed women always removed one piece of jewelry before they left the house. It’s that “less is more” philosophy. I love your asymmetrical mantel. The soft tans with the slightest hint of pink is appealing and a signature style for you! Your mantel is perfectly decorated for fall. Thanks again for all the tips and strategies.

  13. I loved your idea to break the project down into thirds, then allow yourself edits to create the best finished look. I adored all of your different mantel looks, especially the one with the antique portrait!

  14. I love all of these mantel pictures and the soft colors! I am definitely a symmetrical person as well, so I’m glad you shared other examples too. They are all very inspiring.

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