Easy Ways to Organize Makeup and Skincare Products

We’re sharing 3 easy ways to organize your makeup and skincare products today.

Truth be told, I’m constantly looking for tips and tricks that make our lives easier or better.

For example, asking Alexa to remind us to take our vitamins, creating a motivational morning playlist, and relying on habits and home-keeping systems that keep us on track every day.

Recently though, I found myself dumping my entire makeup bag out on the bathroom counter because I couldn’t find my morning moisturizer.

While I probably don’t have as many products as most, it was obvious my makeup bag had become a dumping ground for both makeup and skincare products.

Thankfully, seeing that big mess immediately made me realize streamlining the process would not only help save time each day but would also help prioritize which products I use most.

Given there are a variety of bathroom vanity storage options, I wanted to share 3 easy ways to organize your makeup and skincare products.

That way no matter if you have drawers or cabinets, you’ll be able to find a solution that works.


Here’s a look at 3 easy ways to organize your makeup and skincare products…

Easy Ways to Organize Makeup and Skincare: Clear Storage Container Organizers

The vanity in our primary bathroom has 2 big cabinets with a large drawer in the middle and 4 smaller drawers on each side.

It’s nice because the cabinets are deep enough to hold the products we use weekly, while the drawers primarily hold products we use daily.

We use these clear organizers in nearly every drawer of the house.

They’re great because they are stackable, easy to clean, and come in lots of different shapes and sizes allowing you to fully customize each drawer.

For example, keeping all your eyeshadow palettes in one container and all your lipsticks in another.

Or you can organize each container as we have here, by morning skincare, everyday makeup, brushes, and evening skincare.

Plus, depending on how many makeup and skincare products you have, you can easily compartmentalize and organize items into zones. 

3-Drawer Organizers

If your vanity doesn’t have drawers, consider trying these three-drawer organizers.

We also use these all over the house in cabinets and closets.

They’re great for keeping like items together so that you can easily create your own makeup and skincare filing system.

For example, you can use one drawer for your morning skincare, one drawer for your makeup, and one drawer for your nightly skincare routine.

The only drawback to this one is storing it in your bathroom cabinet, which means bending down to get what you need multiple times a day.

Easy Ways to Organize Makeup and Skincare: Multiple Pouches

The vanity at both my childhood home, Loblolly, and the cabin is T-I-N-Y.

And by T-I-N-Y I mean there is barely enough room for hand soap and a hand towel.

In the past, I’ve used a hanging cosmetic bag to help with the lack of space.

But recently, I started using multiple clear makeup pouches and it’s been a total game changer.

Now, instead of digging through all the compartments of the hanging makeup bag, I have each pouch separated by task.  

For example, morning skincare, makeup, nightly skincare, eye care, mouth care, and hair care.

This simple change helps keep the countertop from being cluttered and makes packing a lot easier too.

Now is a great time to think about what works well in your daily life and where you can make a few tweaks.

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

So, I hope these 3 easy ways to organize your makeup and skincare products have helped.

Let us know how you organize your most used products in the comment section below!

Makeup and Skincare Product Organization Ideas to Explore on Amazon…

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Quick and Easy Way sto Organize Your Makeup and Skinecare Products-The CrownedGoat
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  1. Great organization tips! Thanks for sharing! My make up could definitely use some help in this area.

    1. You are so welcome, Susan. I’m always looking for easy ways to streamline things and these have all helped in different ways. Organizing is definitely not a one size fits all kind of thing so I hope these ideas help you too. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Omgoodness, now I want to go organize my makeup drawer! This looks amazing CoCo! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Love these ideas! I have the clear bags and use them in my theme park bag. Next time I travel, I will use them for my skincare and make-up! Thanks so much!

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