Creating a Dog Feeding Station From a Nightstand

If you read my post yesterday, you already know organizing the built in desk area felt like a huge accomplishment. I did not want to even think about tackling all those loose receipts and random items I had managed to cram into the upper cabinets over the past few years. I’m so glad I stuck with it though because now it feels both functional and pretty. I never would have imagined it would take almost the entire month of January to organize and refresh the kitchen area.

One of the projects in the pantry makeover I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments about is the dog feeding station. In the past, I’ve kept the dogs toys in a basket, the grooming supplies in a jar, the treats in metal canister and the food was kept in a big plastic bin in the garage. While these areas are relatively close it was still sort of a pain to have to go three different places during day to get what the dogs needed. It’s also been really cold in Florida lately and I felt like I had to put a jacket on twice a day just to feed them.

I knew it would be so much easier to keep all of their items together but after spending money to create the pantry drawers, I had to get really creative and budget friendly. I scanned the garage to see if I had any furniture I could use and came across my old bedroom set.


Of course, I still have all of the matching pieces including the canopy bed. I adore my parents but the yellow and green flowers just weren’t my style any more. Not only that, I didn’t really like the yellowed finish that had developed either. The size was perfect and the drawers would be a big help with storage but the style was definitely not pantry makeover material.


I knew if I could change the look of the front, I could change the look of the entire nightstand. I found the thinnest piece of wood we had available in the garage.


We used wood glue, nails and a nail gun to secure the new front to the old drawer. Then added trim using leftover wood pieces from other projects also using wood glue and nails. We also had to use a bit of wood putty to fill in a few gaps.


Here is a side by side look of the old and new drawer.


I sanded the front of the drawer using a palm sander and 120 grit sander paper. Next, I painted the entire piece in the same color, Valspar’s Ultra White, I used to paint the pantry drawers.


To keep the pantry look uniform, we added the same bronze hardware from Hobby Lobby. It’s definitely different from the original hardware.


It’s so nice to have everything organized. The drawers have really helped with storage


and the glass containers on the top now store food and treats. We added casters to the bottom to make the piece easy to move when sweeping the pantry. On a total side note, make sure you keep pet meds or items that would be harmful to your kids locked and out of their reach. These pet meds are kept in a basket so I can easily remove the basket from the drawer when the littles come to visit. They love to help feed the dogs and give them treats.


It’s only been a few weeks but this dog feeding station has been a total game changer.


How to Create a Dog Feeding Station

How to Create a Pet Feeding Station - 020316-12

How to Create a Dog Feeding Station Pinnable

How to Create a Dog Feeding Station Pinnable

See you guys back here tomorrow. I spent the afternoon making candles with my sisters this past weekend and I’m sharing a peek at our different styles!

Many blessings,


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  1. Great idea!! So clever how you changed the front…smart lady!

    1. Aww, thanks, Angie! It was the perfect size for the space but those yellow and green flowers wouldn’t have worked at all ha ha! Sending you hugs, CoCo

  2. Great redo solution for that outdated piece CoCo! Great idea localizing all your supplies so neat, tidy and attractively. I know my pup would break those great glass jars though, she’s a little trouble maker but a great idea never the less!

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda, I really appreciate it! It’s definitely made the morning feeding routine so much easier. I have 2 little Jack Russell Terriers and they weigh 10 and 12 pounds so I knew they would be ok with the glass containers but I keep my eye on the the 45 pounds of mutt loving. Thankfully the pantry door closes so they’re not tempted ha ha. Sending you and your baby girl hugs for a happy day, CoCo

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