Fall Picnic at the Pecan Grove

Today we’re celebrating a Fall Picnic at the Pecan Grove with the fabulous ladies of the Back to Basics Series!

Picking Pecans

If you’ve been raised in the South you probably already know this time of year is a busy one for pecan farmers, shellers, and pecan pickers.

I’ve been picking pecans from our family’s grove my entire life. In a million years, I could have NEVER imagined the pecan trees would one day be mine though.

Pecan season in our area usually runs from late September through November and is without a doubt something our family has looked forward to for generations.

My mom and I spent some time recently checking the health of the trees, walking the property, and harvesting the pecans that were already on the ground.

Don’t even think I’m romanticizing the word “harvesting” though.  It’s mostly hot, sweaty, backing aching – and totally worth it – hard work, you guys.

I’m usually the only one out in the field with hot pink bow laced waders and necklaces on ha ha.

My uncles tease me about it all the time.

But I’m not taking any chances with snakes or spiders or anything else that crawls either.

While I might be lovingly considered high-maintenance according to their standards, we all have a good time out there laughing and cutting up.

It’s one of my favorite things about Fall.

They’ve been incredibly helpful trying to teach me about the trees, the nuts, and how to care for the property in general.

Before, I would be laser-focused on getting pecans in the bucket. After all, the more pecans, the more pie! Am I right?

It feels like an exciting responsibility now, though, one which I don’t take lightly at all.

As we headed out to the grove, I asked my mom if she wanted to kick off pecan season with a fall picnic and she graciously said yes.

Here are a few essentials to consider packing when you decide to have a fall picnic too…

**This post was updated November 2020**

A Vintage Picnic Basket

All great picnics no matter the season starts with a good picnic basket.

We’ve used this vintage one for a while because it’s sturdy, has plenty of room for food items and it’s easy to carry.

Plaid Blankets

Plaid blankets are a classic staple for any picnic.

We picked this one up at our favorite charity shop. But you could also buy a few yards of plaid fabric at craft supply or fabric stores.

Keep in mind you’ll need enough blankets or fabric to spread out your picnic food and also to sit as well.

Serving Boards

Probably most finger foods could be considered picnic foods but it’s still nice to be intentional about your presentation.

Considering bringing cake stands, cutting boards, slate boards, or cake pans to help make the food displays easily accessible.


Even though it’s a picnic you’ll still need a plate to eat from so consider something lightweight like melamine.

These are part of my mom’s collection which are a bit heavier than melamine but worth the haul.

Don’t you just love those peacocks?

Mason Jars

Using mason jars in lieu of assorted bottled waters, juice drinks or sodas will help minimize the number of drink containers you’ll have to carry to and from your favorite fall picnic spot.

Bundle Utensils and Napkins at Home

If you’re bringing something that needs to be eaten with a fork or spoon, consider saving time by bundling utensils and napkins at home.

We couldn’t resist bringing these with my Granny’s monogram. She was the steward of the pecan grove before I became the steward.

Prep Food in Advance

Prep food in advance by wrapping sandwiches in parchment paper secured with twine, snack bags, mini containers of veggies, or salads.

You can pick up seasonal fruits like pears, apples, and figs at most any farmers market or grocery store.

If you’re bringing a warm fall soup, make it in advance at home then transport it to your favorite picnic site in an insulated thermos.

Save some time by picking up an assortment of desserts at your favorite bakery.

Honestly, this is the kind of thing that can be as easy or as fancy as you like.

Make Clean Up Easy

If you’re eating from real plates and drinking from jars or thermos cups make sure you bring a plastic bin or crate to hold dirty dishes.

You’ll also want to bring dish towels, wet napkins, and extra garbage bags to make clean up simple as well.

I hope these tips have helped make packing for a Fall picnic at the pecan grove seem a little easier!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few months it’s…start making memories, however, and whenever you can…don’t wait.

There will always be work to finish and items on your to-do list that need to be crossed off.

But the chance to make fall memories only happens once a year so make the time for adventure.

Be sure to check out how these creative ladies are celebrating all that fall has to offer! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. CoCo – it looks like we could all go and picnic anytime together LOL! Such similar taste. Love your crates and your mom’s beautiful plates! We are so happy and excited for you and the pecan farm. Hope you got a great harvest!

    1. oh my word, I though the same thing girls ha ha! It looked like we were at the same picnic. What can we say, great minds, #amiright! Thanks for being such sweet cheerleaders about the pecan grove. I’m kind of nervous about it all but I know it’s a blessing. Hugs to you both, CoCo

  2. CoCo, What a fabulous setting for a picnic. What a great thing to have…..a Pecan Grove. Love the history of the grove and your family. Your picnic food looks so delicious and comfortable. Who wouldn’t love to be invited to this picnic. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate it, Bonbon, thank you! This was the first pecan season without my Granny so it was bittersweet but we were excited to all be out there together celebrating how much she loved those trees. it definitely made the day a fun one. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  3. THis is amazing!!! I would love to harvest those pecans with the kiddos! I am sure it is hard work. You have the perfect setting for a fall picnic!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay! It really is a great time when everyone is out there harvesting the pecans together and then taking all the buckets to the sheller to have the pecans cracked and blown. After that it’s all about making and baking the pies 🙂 your kids would have so much fun! Hugs, CoCo

  4. I know harvesting the pecans is probably a lot of hard work, but it sounds like fun doing it with your family. It sounds like you look great while working! I’ve never seen laced waders, but I bet they are adorable.

  5. What a gorgeous place to have a picnic CoCo – thanks for the tips and all the inspiration. I’m sure you look fabulous in your pink boots! Hope you have a great harvest!

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