French Linen Inspired Bed Scarf

Today, we’re sharing the French Linen inspired bed scarf we created for the One Room Challenge bedroom makeover which was actually one of the easiest projects from the entire 6 weeks.

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know we love the ease and budget friendliness of dyeing canvas drop cloths for everything from pillows to curtains to blankets.

We usually dye our fabric in an old pea shelling pan that belonged to my Granny but during the One Room Challenge that bucket was filled with paint supplies, so we decided to take a chance on dyeing the fabric in our kitchen sink.

Spoiler alert, it was SO MUCH EASIER than using the old pea shelling pan outside!

Now, I would NOT try this technique in a white sink, a sink made from porcelain, fiberglass or marble for fear it might stain the sink.  But our sink is a stainless-steel sink, so it was super simple to scrub it down after the dye bath.

Most dye packs (we used Rit) have pretty detailed instructions on the back of the box or bottleso make sure you read the directions well before you get started. There are several methods you can use to dye fabric, but you’ll want to make sure your sink or container is deep enough to cover the amount of fabric you want to dye.

Steps for Dyeing a French Linen Inspired Bed Cloth: 

Our first step was to wash and dry the canvas drop cloth fabric.  While the drop cloth was in the laundry, we made sure the sink was completely clean and free from dirt, debris and residue.  Don’t forget to make sure the sink stopper is in the correct position before you complete the next step.

Next, we placed hot water into the sink. As always, use caution and care as water will be hot and ideally, 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once we had the water in the sink, we added the dye color powder (we used Pearl Gray), salt and dish detergent and stirred well to combine all ingredients.

Rinse canvas drop cloth with water before submerging the drop cloth into the dye bath.

Allow fabric to soak until you’ve achieved desired color stirring and repositioning the fabric every 10-15 minutes to ensure fabric consistency.

Be sure to use gloves to keep dye from getting on your hands and tongs to move the fabric around as water will still be hot.

As per the Rit Dye website, to enhance the color and reduce color bleeding, use Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative immediately after dyeing and before washing,

Once you’ve achieved the color you want, rinse your fabric until the water runs clear.  Then wash the fabric with a mild laundry detergent, rinse thoroughly and allow the fabric to dry completely.

Just a heads up, I took this photo right before I was getting to add the trim to the French linen inspired bed scarf.  It was about noon, so the fabric looks to have a slight blue tint in this photo, but you’ll see in the next few shots a more accurate color.

Ok, so at this point you could technically be finished with the French linen inspired bed scarf. However, if you want to put a finishing detail on it then you’ll need to either sew a decorative edge on your bed scarf. If you don’t feel comfortable sewing trim on your bed scarf you can also make a “no sew” option by using Stich Witchery or even liquid fabric glue to attach the trim on your bed scarf.

I picked up this trim at Hobby Lobby.

Keep in mind, if you find that your canvas drop cloth is fraying, you can use a product called Fray Away.  Fray Away secures fabric ends and stops fabric from fraying.  It is colorless and is reported to withstand repeated washing and dry cleaning.

Adding a French linen inspired bed scarf is another way to add a layered look to your bedding.  It’s also a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of color or texture to otherwise neutral duvets and bed linens.

Another reason we love this project is because it can be easily customized with the colors that best reflect your personal home décor style and it doesn’t take very long to create at all.

As I shared with you guys in our How to Sew Bed Crown Curtain Panels post yesterday, this is such a great time of year to start learning new home décor and diy skills. It’s a great time to experiment with a fresh color palette and to begin chipping away at your home goals list without the extra pressure of having to host holiday guests too!

Let us know if you guys try this French linen inspired bed scarf or if you have any fun tips or tricks on dyeing fabric in the kitchen sink. We’d love to hear about your experience. Until next time,

Many blessings,


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  1. Now this I need to try Coco. Have you ever tried blue? Also does the color fade or bleed through when you wash ithe fabric again? Thanks

    1. I’ve never tried blue Bonnie and the color does fade with frequent washing. I think using the Fixative is supposed to help with that though so you might want to check it out before you try this technique. There’s a lot of information on the Rit website too so hopefully, that will help. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Another great project CoCo! You have really showcased how to put a room makeover together! Currently…between the two of us, we have 3 bedroom makeover/refresh projects going! Now, if we could just get them completed LOL. Much love!

  3. Excited to try this Coco. I’ve always shied away from dyeing anything in the past because I didnt have a pot or pan deep enough. I have a stainless steel sink though so I will try it this weekend.

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