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Happy Thursday from the front porch you guys! How was your week? We hope you’ve been able to accomplish all the goals you set out to a accomplish this week. The first week of the month always feels full of promise, you know?

The week has been a good one and a strange one all at the same time.  I broke out in the hives last week which I totally chalked up to lack of sleep and stress. Mostly, the stress of not getting enough sleep.  By the weekend they had almost gone away completely though which felt like such a gift because we had the best weekend.

So, I was rocking and rolling, handling things like a boss lady and working on the dining room when my neck started itching again and sure enough – they were back! And this time they brought their friend sore throat and what feels like the makings of the flu. It’s seriously so strange!

I’m hoping it is just allergies because the pollen has been super heavy in our area already. I think some TLC might be in order for this weekend until I can figure out exactly what is going on.

Anyway, I managed to mostly finish the hutch for the dining room, plan a few projects for spring and get 8 inches cut off my hair despite the hives setback.

In big news – one of S’s goals after surgery was to be able to walk into our favorite restaurant with only her crutches for tacos.  Well, Tuesday she was finally able to accomplish that goal without a wheelchair to back her up or any help from me.

Scenes from our week…

I called my Dad about an hour before we were set to meet at Bliss Barracks for a Super Bowl party and asked if I could bring a small buffet, 2 shelves, a piece of trim, and a plank for the hutch with me.  Thankfully, he said yes, and I was able to haul the last of the small projects to his workshop to be cut with his table saw.  Talk about a time saver! Plus, as you can see, I was totally in a pickle with that last piece of planking – yikes, right?

We’ve been searching for a new small buffet to house all the brown and white transferware I’ve collected over the years, but we just haven’t found anything yet. This is one of the pieces I brought my Dad so he could shore it up and make it more functional.  We discussed a lot of different options so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

I haven’t started making them yet, but curtains are on my to-do list this week. I think this antelope print fabric is going to be so pretty in the dining room.

Finally, I know I almost always run late on responding to comments, but I appreciate every single one you leave on the blog and on our social media channels too. You guys have been so sweet and understanding about our schedule as we work to juggle caregiving, two jobs, geriatric dogs, physical therapy and doctor appointments as well as family commitments and professional commitments.

Well, the other week Shelia (you’re the best, Shelia, thank you) left a comment on the post about the headboard my Dad had made for one of the guestrooms at Loblolly with a solution for the wood appliques I had not even thought about. I was doing a little research, looking for additional inspiration when I came across a hutch similar to the one we have in the dining room.

This particular hutch had the prettiest piece of architecture at the top and after a bit of digging in the garage, I realized I had one I could use too! It completely changed the look of the hutch and I can’t wait for you guys to see it now.  I’m not 100% how to attach it but I’m hoping my Dad can talk me through it over the weekend.

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Quote of the week & Free Printable…

On the Menu this Week…

**(just as a sweet reminder the person that makes the menu doesn’t eat beef or pork so keep that in mind when you see this feature each week, wink wink)

*Week of February 11 – February 17

Monday – Garlic Tilapia with Spicy Kale

Tuesday – Mexican Lasagna

Wednesday – Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Sauce

Thursday – Valentine’s Day – No Cooking Allowed ?

Friday –Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Flatbread Pizza

Saturday – Easy Chicken & Dumplings

Sunday – Creamy Shrimp Piccata

Sweet Treat to Try this Week…

White Chocolate Cheesecake Cream Puff

Here are a few cottage inspired finds from Amazon…

**(Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)**

Rose Printed Sheet Set

Pink Fluted Bowls


Heart Shaped Dutch Oven

Buffalo Check Kitchen Towel Set

Light Fixture

Pillow Covers



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52 Weeks to a Simplified & Organized Home Challenge …

If you’re part of our 52 Weeks to a Simplified and Organized Home Challenge we’re completing Week 6 Morning Routine and Work Out Routines and looking forward to Week 7 Nightly Routine & 15 Minute Clutter Catcher.

Morning routines and workout routines don’t have to be super involved, complicated or expensive at all you guys.  Their only requirement is to meet and enhance your needs. Be sure to customize them to best fit your specific lifestyle, then create a daily system that is so simple it feels as natural as brushing your teeth each morning.

I hope you all have a peace filled and happy weekend.  As I shared above, I’m hoping to rest and relax as much as possible this weekend so I can get rid of these hives and flu symptoms.  My parents are supposed to be driving up for dinner on Sunday which will be fun. My Dad is going to deliver the small buffet for the dining room, and I’ve promised to repay him with meatloaf, mashed potatoes and blackberry cobbler.

We have a great week coming up next week as we begin to dive into the dining room makeover a bit more. I’ll share our plans for the space and a few of the projects we’ve completed so far – including the hutch makeover!

Whatever you have planned I hope it’s something you’re excited about too.  I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday.  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Way to go S !!!! I know all too well what goals like this can mean. This must have been an emotional fist-pump, high-five kind of an event for her. Plus…tacos! ????#winning Be extra careful with the hives and stress. Not to be an extra worry wart – but you don’t want this to turn into shingles or anything else. Nothing is more important than your own health. Much Love!

  2. Hey, CoCo, can hardly wait to see the dining room!! So happy for S – I’m so glad she is finally able to feel a little freedom – praying for her complete healing!! At some point, I’m going to try the strawberry scones – they look so delicious and I already have the heart baking pan:) My birthday is Valentine’s Day – I never want a big deal made of it, my choice is usually low key at home – my favorite way to spend it. My husband is taking the day off, so maybe we’ll just stay home and binge watch movies!! Take good care of yourself this weekend – hoping rest will help – we certainly want you to stay healthy!
    Hugs, Patty (still missing my Max, but at least I’m not crying everyday!)

    1. Such a fun way to spend your birthday, Patty, I’m excited for you! One year, we binged watched an entire season of The Crown, ate fish and chips and Victoria Cake in our jammers. It was so much fun. I love to bake so let me know what you think of the scone recipe. Sometimes they can be like my hair – temperamental. We appreciate your continued prayers for S more you than you. She is getting a little stronger with each step and we can’t wait for the day she is walking without crutches or braces. Sending you big hugs and remembering your sweet Max too, CoCo

  3. I so enjoy these posts where we can keep up with you, CoCo! You keep so busy but you never make it sound like too much! Inspiring. I wanted to say that I have allergies, too, and I always get a sore throat from the post nasal drip. I think that’s probably what you may have going on. I hope you’re feeling better by now. It’s amazing to hear of allergies in February when its cold and dry here! Well, except for the dust bunnies and dog hair all around making me sneeze!!

    Take care, girl!


    1. These posts are always fun to do, Jane, thank you! I’m feeling better each day and I’m hoping by next week I’ll be 100%. I know what you mean about allergy season starting so early this year. Our cars are covered in pine pollen already and as someone that takes an allergy medicine every day it’s a scary sight. Sending you warm hugs from Florida, CoCo

  4. Shelia P. says:

    Hi CoCo! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. Hopefully it’s just a case of the coastal crud I had a couple of weeks ago. It felt like the flu at first then dropped down into my chest. My partner gave it to me but we were over it in just a few days. Just get plenty of rest. Thank you for mentioning me, that was so sweet of you! ?. I adore those decorative wood pieces like you’re going to attach to your hutch! I buy them whenever I find them and put them above my doorways. They add a nice little decorative element I think. But that’s going to make your hutch look beautiful! Also, I know how you feel taking care of your older dog. We lost our precious border collie, Jake , Sept. 29th. We had him for 15 wonderful years and we miss him something terrible. He was our baby. It’s hard watching their health deteriorate, but all you can do is just love them through it. Thank you for taking the time to put up another wonderful post even though you’re not feeling well. We really appreciate it! Have a good weekend and take care of yourself.

    1. You’re so sweet, Shelia, thank you. I’m definitely feeling better each day that passes. It’s weird how it starts out feeling like the flu but then turns into more of a severe cold and cough. It gave me the giggles to hear you call it the coastal crud – that’s the perfect name for it ha ha. I’m glad you guys are on the mend too. I’m hoping we’ll be back up and running by next week. I’m really sorry to hear that you lost Jake. You’re so right when you say they’re like our babies. It’s such a painful experience to have to go through. I know you must miss him terribly still. Please know I’m sending you guys the biggest hugs and lifting you up, CoCo

  5. I love all the pink finds this week Coco. I cant wait to see the dining room. Its really nice ypur family is willing to help so much. I know they mean a lot to you. Happy weekend

  6. Monica Dameron says:

    CoCo thank you for your wonderful posts. I am concerned that the hives may be from whatever products you are using in your dining room. New fabric? New cleaner? New paint, varnish, sealer? Maybe something you have never used before. But foods can surprise you with a reaction when in the past you were fine eating it. Be careful and have a great weekend.

    1. You’re so sweet, Monica, thank you! After reading your comment I went back through all the materials I used in the dining room to see if there was anything I hadn’t used in the past 3-6 months and there wasn’t anything new other than the wood appliques. I have however been using a new face wash and every time I eat something with Paprika in it, I almost always get a headache now. The pollen in Florida has been pretty bad the past few weeks so it might be something environmental too. We are in the process of creating green cleaning products which I’m also hoping will help and I’ve started trying to eliminate certain foods/spices from my diet too. It’s been so strange having them off and on like this. I appreciate your comment because I’ve realized through this experience we need to be more careful about what we’re actually bringing into our home, so thank you for the sweet reminder. Big hugs, CoCo

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