How to Make a Pet Feeding Station

Today, we’re sharing how to make a pet feeding station from a stock cabinet for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge!

As always, a special thank you to Linda, creator of the One Room Challenge and media partners Better Homes and Gardens and the Home Love Network for sponsoring the 2018 Fall One Room Challenge.

It’s been a crazy busy week and yet thankfully a productive week too, you guys. We’re hoping we’ll be able to keep this pace up because there is still so much to do.

The accessories and supplies for the pantry and kitchen refresh are starting to roll in now which has been fun. That being said, the house is a total DISASTER, so we need to create a holding area for all the overflow. I think the piles are going to drive us bananas and quickly get out of control if we don’t keep them in check ha ha.

We decided to start working on the pantry first which meant all the food, dishes, party supplies and the old pet feeding station had to be removed. The pantry has officially been given a fresh coat of paint and the stenciling is going well too.

To be perfectly honest, the old pet feeding station worked well for over two years. As the needs of our senior dogs started to change though (read more medicine and different food prep each day), the pet feeding station just became too small to hold everything. It was also too low to the ground which wasn’t a huge deal, but it did make it somewhat uncomfortable to prep their food from the feeding station each day.

Originally, I shopped our house and thought we’d be able to use this piece as our new pet feeding station but as you can see it was way too big.

I mean, you could barely walk around in the pantry.

So, then I thought we could use this piece. I mean, those baskets hold our produce anyway. But it was too deep.

I was headed to town to look for something else that might work when my bestie S called to say the “perfect cabinet with shelves and everything” was at our local home improvement store.

There was one catch though…it didn’t have a top…

Ok, so, no worries, right? We were totally about to create a top from all the leftover wood we have in the garage.

I painted the cabinet portion of the pet feeding station in Valspar’s Bistro White

gave the top a wash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. I also used a mix of white and dark furniture paste wax to create a rustic farmhouse feel.

and distressed the front of the cabinet a bit.

We chose a super simple handle for the front of the pet feeding station because there will be a lot going on with the French Bee stencil and the walk-in pantry is fairly small.

One of the things I’m most excited about this cabinet is the extra shelf and storage space. They are definitely appreciated! I still need to figure out what kind of baskets we’re going to use but as you can see it’s going to make organizing everything from toys to food to pet supplies so much easier.

Another feature I’m excited about is that we decided to add casters to the bottom of the cabinet, so the pet feeding station could be easily moved. This will come in handy whenever we need to get to the party drawers in the pantry.

Now that we’ve had a pet feeding station for a few years, I can’t imagine going without one. Honestly, it’s so easy to keep all their food, toys, and leashes organized and in one place.

I know some of you might have mischievous pets that could easily open a cabinet like this so keep that in mind if you decide to make something like this too. As always, any kind of medication should be kept out of reach from both pets and children.

Thankfully, we’ll be able to close the door to the pantry, so our sweet pups won’t have access to our pet feeding station. Not that there’s anything mischievous going on right now, anyway, mind you.

That’s all the progress we have for this week!

My Dad is supposed to be hauling the planks for the kitchen tomorrow so fingers crossed the weather holds out. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,

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  1. This is a great idea. You have one of the most organized pantries I’ve ever seen. I cant wait to see more.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! We’re so thankful to have a place to feed them each morning and to keep all their supplies organized now. It’s going to make things so much easier. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Once again, Team Goat has not only solved a design dilemma – but created a beautiful and functional piece of cabinetry. Your fur babies are so lucky to have you in their lives. The feeding station turned out so great. We can’t wait to see more as this space comes together! Much love!

    1. Thanks so much ladies, we’re excited about how everything is coming together. I’m glad all of their food and pet care needs are all in one place now. It’s going to make packing for trips and feeding them so much easier each morning. Big hugs, CoCo

  3. Looks so good, CoCo! And that sweet baby!! So glad you guys are safe. We’re having enormous rain today – NC. But nothing like the coastal areas – so sad seeing all the flooding – it is so hard to watch what so many folks are going through. The NC coast was hit so hard with the last storm and they are still recovering. Hopefully this will be the last one this year.

    1. You are so right, Patty, the coverage coming out of the Gulf Coast is tough to watch. The whole thing is heartbreaking. I know it’s probably scary for all of you in weather weary NC because the ground is just so saturated and the recovery efforts still intense. One of my friends lives along the Cape Fear river so the Hurricane Florence recovery efforts are in my constant thoughts and prayers. You guys stay safe and let us know if you need anything. Give those sweet babies a big hug from Aunt CoCo 🙂 Lots of love, CoCo

  4. The pet station turned out great!
    Love it.

    1. I really appreciate it, Lizzy, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Such a great idea and I love the idea of a pet feeding station. We need to do the same with our pet stuff. Awesome transformation of a cast-away piece from a home improvement store!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! We’ve been using the “new and improved” pet feeding station for at little over a week now and it’s already made a big difference. I don’t even think our sweet pups are making as much of a mess when they eat now ha ha. Hope you’re having a fun day, CoCo

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