Masculine Inspired Bedroom Refresh

Today, I want to share with you the refresh we gave to the masculine inspired bedroom at Bliss Barracks.

If you had a chance to read Tuesday’s post, you saw we updated the Jack and Jill bathroom with a mix of masculine meets feminine details.  One end of the bathroom leads to a bedroom inspired by vintage white and the other end leads to a traditional bedroom with touches of plaids, red and browns.

My mom was pretty happy with way this bedroom looked already so there wasn’t a lot to update in this room, really.   We wanted to keep things consistent though so we did a bit of streamlining on the dresser, changed out the glass table that was being used as a nightstand for a textured one and we added softer more feminine pillowcases to the bed.

Here’s a look at how the details come together….

We’ve previously used this side table/night stand in one of the bedrooms at Loblolly Manor but the more it was used in that particular bedroom, the more we realized the scale was not as good as it could be.  My mom really liked the textured table though and wanted to find a way to use it at Bliss Barracks.  After a little rearranging (read: we moved the glass table to one of the bathrooms downstairs) we were able to find a use the textured side table as a night stand.

All the pieces you see here have been collected from various shopping trips over the years

and we’ve had that lamp forever.  What can I say, you guys, black is just classic.

The striped sheets have been a staple in the bedroom for a while now so we added these “frilly” pillowcases to the mix.  It was an easy way to repeat the masculine meets feminine elements found in the bathroom.

We loved the way the pillowcases play against the textured pillows too.

On the other side of the bed, we kept the vintage suitcases and are currently on the lookout for a sturdier luggage rack.

Creating the vignette was super easy – we just played off the polo sticks.

The riding hat…the gloves…that mint julep cup…you see where we’re going here?

They’re all a great complement to the textured bedding.

The dresser and mirror in this bedroom are pretty substantial, so we kept the accents neutral.

These vintage baseballs always remind me of the time my dad coached my sisters t-ball team and they were in the outfield taking of their socks, picking wild flowers, cheering or doing cartwheels for most of the season.

This just reminds me of my hair…

We usually fill this lantern with greenery and candles during the holidays. It’s an easy way to make the bedroom feel festive without having to redecorate everything.

Of course, adding a plaid throw is always a simple way to add color and texture to a masculine bedroom too.  It really does make the space feel super cozy!

Sometimes, you just a few new things here and there to make a room feel fresh.  It doesn’t always have to be about new flooring or paint or major expenses.  You know what they say…if you buy only what you love you’ll always be able to find a spot for it…and that’s certainly the case with this masculine bedroom.

On a side note, she was getting ready for company when I took this picture so it seemed fitting to leave the welcome basket in the shot because it’s SO my mom.  She’s a “make it happen” kind of lady.

See you guys back here tomorrow, I’ll share scenes from our week and all of our favorite things from around the web.  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – there is so much about this room that we just love! All of the vignettes are fabulous. They look so effortless and collected over time. Your mom’s guests are very lucky to get to stay in this room. They may never leave!

    1. ha ha there is one coming to stay this weekend that I’m pretty sure wants to move in! She really does take extra care to let each guests feel welcome. Sending you two hugs, CoCo

  2. Coco…I LOVE LOVE this bedroom.
    Me and your mom would be great “junk and treasure” shopping partners…and of course you would be the leader of the adventure!
    The relationship between you and your mom is a treasure…I can always tell by the way you speak of her.

    Hope you and your family are recovered from Irma.

    1. It melts my heart to read this Patrice, thank you so much! She’s definitely one special lady and has been an inspiration my entire life. Even when we lived in military housing she was still making sure it felt like home. Going shopping with you would be a dream come true! I know we could find so many fun things. Hope your day was a special one, CoCo

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