Metal Shed Makeover Plans

Today we’re sharing our next big project, our metal shed makeover plans!

It’s hard to believe but it’s been one year since this metal shed was moved onto our property.  Truth be told, I was not happy the day it was delivered. 

I thought it was too expensive.  I didn’t think we needed one more thing to take care of.  And if I’m REALLY getting honest, I was afraid the shed would be an eye sore in the back yard.  

At the time, our sweet Jelly Bean had just passed away and I was in no shape to take on a big project.

Month after month, I would sweep the floors of the empty shed, clear away any cobwebs and dream about using it as an office space, a studio or a quiet writing cabin one day.

But no matter how many times I tried to take action on those dreams, something would always hold me back. 

Moving Forward on the Metal Shed Makeover Plans

That all changed a few weeks ago when we were riding home talking about the upcoming anniversary of Jelly’s passing. 

My bestie S said, “When are you finally going to let yourself have a proper space to create and write? The shed has been empty for a year now, don’t you think it’s time to get started on it?”

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation or the details but it was mostly if ___________, then ___________, scenarios which I happen to be famous for.

Those same scenarios have basically kept me scared to move forward on anything for a year despite having nearly every detail drawn and planned out. 

In fact, we already have a lot of the furniture pieces we need.  Pieces that can easily be repurposed and fitted to use in the metal shed makeover plans.

The things I don’t have though are pretty substantial and unfortunately somewhat expensive. 

Walls, for example, insulation, shiplap, the floor needs to be finished and painted.  I need at least 2 lights and most importantly, I need a heating and air unit.

My Dad and I sketched out a game plan at the beginning of the year, then the pandemic hit, and the metal shed makeover plans fell to the bottom of our long list of priorities. 

Recently though, I’ve been giving the shed project another look. And I’ve decided that progress no matter who big or small or slow is still a step in the right direction.  

So, this metal shed makeover is going to be our next big project. 

Metal Shed Makeover Plans: Master To Do List 

Interior To-Do List:

  • Insulate Walls and Ceiling
  • Add Plywood Over Insulation
  • Add Shiplap Over Plywood
  • Trim Out Windows
  • Paint Walls White
  • Decide if Floors Should Be Planked or Painted Battleship Gray
  • Refinish and Paint Built-In Table
  • Refinish and Paint Hutch
  • Create Work Island
  • Add Workstation Table
  • Add Seating Area
  • Make Coffee Table
  • Add Buffet Cabinet for Photography Needs
  • Add Rugs
  • Decorate

Exterior To-Do List:

  • Power Wash Exterior
  • Add Fencing Around Base
  • Add Concrete Blocks Around Base
  • Create Flower Boxes
  • Add Flower Boxes to Windows
  • Create Steps
  • Decide on Backyard Pathway and Flower Gardens
  • Add Urns and Plants to Either Side of Shed Door

Given it’s so hot, humid and summer is typically Florida’s rainy season, this project will have to be completed in phases. 

While it would be such a special treat to have the metal shed makeover plans completely finished by the Fall, I’m trying to be realistic about the timeline. 

The Domino Effect 

As always, projects like these have a domino effect and take on a life of their own. Moving my office means we’ll have to turn the current office back into a bedroom. 

It also means we’ll (eventually) have to give our backyard a makeover and reorganize the garage too. 

Finally, since we’ll be reusing much of the furniture we already have on hand we’ll have empty spots to fill inside the house and in garage as well. 

No matter what I know it’s going to be a DIY adventure.  And while I probably could have chosen a much better time of year (hello, crazy Florida summer heat – sorry Dad!)

I’m thankful to be able to finally start putting this space together and I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride!

Let us know what projects you’re moving forward on this summer!

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Many blessings,


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  1. I think it’s wonderful that you are making a plan and moving forward. I know how hard it is after losing something to start going forward again. I lost my Dad in 2018. Had to put my mom in a memory care facility at the same time. Then lost my oldest sister unexpectedly 5 months later. Then lost my sweet fur baby of 14 years 5 months after that. Life can be hard, especially when we are soft. Picking yourself up and starting a new project is exciting & refreshing. It gives us something to look forward to. Its exactly what we need for our souls. So I can’t wait to see what you creat. I am positive it will be wonderful. My sister who lives in St Johns area down there always sends me messages about the weather. So I always know about how hot & humid it is down there. I send her our forecast and temps/ humidity back. Usually we are right at the same or worse. I tell her, we are the “other Florida” without the Ocean & beach. We both get a laugh out of that. Have a blessed day & creat on.

    1. This is just what I needed to hear today, Janet, thank you so much! I’m so sorry for the loss of your Dad, sister, and sweet fur baby. I know that time in your life had to be really tough. Especially, transitioning your Mom to a memory care facility which is not an easy decision either. I appreciate you freely sharing because I know we can learn so much from each other. It’s sweet you and your sister share heat and humidity forecasts. We lived in Texas for a bit and I swear even when it was 104 outside it didn’t feel as stifling as the humidity makes the heat feel in Florida 🙂 I told my Dad we would only do projects in the early mornings or the late afternoons. I promised to make him lots of chocolate chip cookies and so far he’s on board 🙂 Sending you hugs and thank yous for your kind words, CoCo

  2. Oh my gosh! There’s so much potential! And you had me at shiplap! What a fun project CoCo! It will be the perfect place for your projects!

    1. Thank you, Kim! It really is a blank slate which is kind of exciting. I hope we can get at least the walls, ceiling, and floors completely installed and painted before the hurricane season gets into full swing. That would be a huge blessing! Hugs and happy weekend, CoCo

  3. A great project! I’m glad you are making progress and cannot wait to see the final result 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Natalia! It’s going to be fun to watch everything come together. Hope you’ve had a great week, CoCo

  4. Oh my goodness, CoCo! I’m so excited for you! I cannot wait to see what you do with this shed! How lucky you are to have a blank slate to do whatever your heart desires! And to have your amazingly talented dad to help! Have fun and stay as cool as you can!

    1. Thank you, Christine! I’m getting really excited about all our ideas so far. I’m hoping we can at least have the walls and ceiling in place before the hurricane season gets underway. Thankfully, my parents are willing to help because I couldn’t do it without them. It’s definitely going to be fun to see how it all comes together. Hugs, CoCo

  5. Can hardly wait to see this finished, CoCo! I’ve wanted a timy house in my backyard for a while now – not because I need it but because I have so many decorating ideas in my head! You’ll have a mini tiny house – with your creativity, I know it will be a wonder. After we lost our Sheltie, Madden & a year later, our cat, Max (he got sick shortly after Madden died) -!my heart hurt so bad I couldn’t get motivated for any kind of project for more than a year. But it does feel good once you get back into a creating mode. As always, thanks for sharing with us. XO

    1. Thank you, Patty! It’s so hard to get back in the swing of things sometimes but I definitely feel like I’m ready now. I know you understand all too well what it’s like to lose loved ones so close together. Especially, when they were close like Max and Madden. Tally and Jelly’s memory garden is situated just outside the little white workshop so it will be nice to be reminded of them every time I go to work. I know the whole process is going to take a while but I’m excited to see how it all comes together. Hope you get a tiny house in your backyard soon too. I think we could all use a little retreat space right now 🙂 Lots of love and hugs, CoCo

  6. I am absolutely jealous! You’ve got the makings of an awesome she-shed – I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Good luck with the project, and thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

    1. I really appreciate it, Kathleen, thank you! It’s going to be fun to watch how it all comes together. I’m really excited to get started. Hope your weekend was a blessed one, CoCo

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