Surprising Decorating Lessons from an Old Fort

Decorating Secrets from Fort Clinch-14

A few weeks ago, we spent the day giving my mom a surprise adventure. I knew we were going to have a great time but I was pleasantly surprised about the decorating lessons we learned from an old fort built in 1864 and how many of the design elements we continue to use today. Keep reading to see how many you use in your home…

A Messy House Tour & 7 Ways to Combat Overwhelm

7 Tips to Help Combat Messy House Overwhelm-10

I almost skipped today’s Messy House Tour post. To be perfectly honest, I feel like we are still playing catch up from the One Room Challenge master bedroom reveal. Of all the posts to cut this week, it seemed like this one would be the easiest one to cut. But then my mom sent me the quote of the day by Paulo Coelho that read…”One day or day one. You decide,” and it kinda rocked my world.

Master Bedroom Makeover: Sources & Budget Breakdown

ORC Master Bedroom Makeover Source List-Thumbnail

From start to finish we completed the One Room Challenge in six weeks. Those weeks were filled with everything from ripping out the carpet and stenciling the floors to adding architectural elements with board and batten to shopping estate sales and thrift stores to pull together accessories and finishing details. As with any makeover, there are so many factors that went into completing these projects, so, I thought I would give you a peek into our shopping sources and budget breakdown…

Thoughts on Creating a “Dream Space”

ORC Master Bedroom Makeover Before-8a

Do you ever think about creating a “dream space” in your home? Me too. Over the past six weeks, I’ve looked at these old images of the master bedroom probably a hundred times. Tomorrow is the big reveal day and I couldn’t be more excited to show you guys how things have come together. But I also don’t want you to forget where we came from either…

Creating Faux Bronze Hardware in 3 Easy Steps

Faux Bronze Hardware in Three Easy Steps-16

I spent a good portion of last Thursday morning painting a ten drawer dresser for the One Room Challenge bedroom makeover. As soon as I finished painting, I knew immediately I would have to do something about the silver hardware. So, I headed to our local big box craft store and found some knobs that would work. The only problem was they weren’t exactly what I needed. Here’s a look at how we married new knobs with old back plates and created a faux rubbed bronze look in 3 easy steps…

ORC Update: Week Two Progress

ORC Progress Update Week 2-1

This week…you guys…what a week! I don’t really even have the words to adequately convey what this week has been like because it’s been THAT all over the place. There have been so many changes to our original plan. Here’s a look at our One Room Challenge progress for week two…

Spring ORC: Master Bedroom Makeover

Spring ORC Bedroom Makeover-The Crowned Goat-6

About this time last year, we embarked on a diy and decorating adventure called the One Room Challenge. It was so much work and yet so much fun turning my office from an outdated space into the beautiful and functional office of my dreams. So it’s in this same spirit we’ve decided to participate in the One Room Challenge again this year by making over a space that is WAY overdue, the master bedroom. Here’s a peek at our plans…

Colorful Easter Tablescape

Colorful Easter Tablescape-4

Are you guys ready for the Easter holiday weekend? I thought it would be fun to share our colorful Easter tablescape with you today. We still have a few things to do but our plans are coming together pretty well. I was looking through my dresses the other day thinking about all those years my […]

Spring Inspired Entry

Spring Entry-The Crowned Goat-11

If you had a chance to read our post about the Spring Porch Tour on Tuesday you know it’s beginning to feel like spring around here. Just inside the front door is our entry that opens up to the dining room, so today, I thought I would share how we added a bit of spring to the entry too.

DIY Flower Market Sign

How to Make a Flower Market Sign from Scrap Wood-Thumbnail

We love flowers any time of the year but especially this time of year so creating a simple Flower Market sign from some of the scrap wood we’ve been collecting in the garage seemed like a great way to jump start spring decorating for the mantel. Signs like this are really easy to make, here’s a peek at how you can make your own Flower Market Sign too…

Spring Inspired Tablescape

Spring Inspired Tablescape-2

Have you guys started decorating for Spring yet? Me too! If you’ve had a chance to follow along this week, we’ve shared simple spring inspired projects that you can use to decorate your home throughout the season. So today, I want to put all of those elements together and share a Spring Inspired Tablescape with you. Here’s a look at how the details came together…

The Easiest Way to Make Moss Placemats

How to Make Moss Placemats-17

We want small changes that make a big impact and we want these things to be something we can do quickly. Does that sound like your jam? If so, you’re in good company because that’s our jam too which brings me to the easiest way to make moss placemats…

17 Ways to Ease into Spring

17 Ways Thumbnail

Are you guys ready to ease into Spring yet? I know it seems a little bit weird to talk about Spring already especially since it’s still technically February but our winter weather at least in Florida has been so mild we’re already enjoying dinners on the back patio. Here’s a look at 17 simple ways to celebrate the upcoming season…

Boho Chic Inspired Media Cabinet Makeover

Cottage Console to Boho Chic Media Cabinet Makeover-10

For the past few weeks we’ve been looking for a media cabinet for Hawk’s Ridge, a new project I’m working on. I was wondering if we were ever going to find anything when we started cleaning out our home office and I realized we were sitting on the perfect piece already. The only problem was the cottage style office console looked nothing like what we’d envisioned for Hawk’s Ridge – not even close. This makeover is one of the biggest transformations we’ve ever completed. Here’s a look at how we turned a cottage style office console into a boho chic media cabinet…

Home Office Makeover Plans

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-8

Since 2014 there has been one room in the house that I’ve always longed to have a second chance at decorating. At the time we didn’t really understand our home’s style nor did we have a lot of extra money so I thrifted all the accessories and used the furniture we had on hand to makeover the office. Thankfully, the time has come to bring this dated space up to our current style. Here’s a peek at our home office makeover plans…