How to Personalize a Cookie Tin

As I shared yesterday the kitchen has really been a workhorse for us this season. I’m sure it has been for you guys too. While I was spending a little holiday time with my family this past weekend at Loblolly Manor, I realized why the kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. One of my sisters was be chopping vegetables while the other was pulling plates out of the cabinets to set the table. My mom was stirring multiple pots on the stove and I was setting up the buffet line. It was chaotic and crazy with kids and pets running around the kitchen island yet there was joy in just being together as we laughed our way through meal prep.

One topic that kept coming up was how to store everything we’d baked over the season. We’ve definitely gone through our fair share of holiday cookies and lots of milk too. It would have been perfectly fine to put the left over baked goods in a plastic container, glass cookie jar or even resealable bags but depending on the cookie especially the frosted ones those containers weren’t really option. Not only that, we decided we wanted to personalize our own cookie containers.

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of empty cookie or popcorn tins at your local thrift store. Most of the time I pass them up because I’m always looking for one specific tin that has been really hard to find at a great price. It’s a tin my grandpa kept in his office and my dad had in his office as well. But once we decided we wanted a way to personalize our own cookie tins, I decided to bring a few random tins home.

They started out like this just your basic every day holiday cookie tin


I cleaned the inside and outside very well then painted each tin because I wanted a blank canvas. Rust-oleum makes great spray paints that stick well to metal but I didn’t have any white on hand so I painted this with one coat of Zinsser primer and two coats of white paint. Save yourself some time and spray paint the outside of your thrifted cookie tin, ok?


This is what my cookie tin looked like after it had been painted.


Now to personalize…on my home computer I printed out the words I wanted to use “Let them eat cookies” on plain white paper.


I colored the back of the paper with pencil markings


placed the paper on the tin and with a ball point pen, I traced each letter.


Once I got the letters transferred to the cookie tin,


I filled in each letter with a Sharpie. You can also use craft paint or paint pens for this step.


Now, I’m able to use this personalized cookie tin all year and when someone special comes over…I’ll be ready to pull out my baking best.

How to Personalize a Cookie Tin - The Crowned Goat

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ve made gingerbread cookies for the big guy!

Many blessings,