Modern Day Cleaning Schedule Made Easy

You guys are total champs for hanging in there with me this week! I know I’ve shared a lot of tips, tricks and how to’s which is a bit of a departure from the painted furniture and decorating that I normally showcase. I’ve gotten a few requests for more organization and real life topics lately, so I figured this would be the perfect week to address some of them given school is starting soon.

I, like many of you, have had a few conversations with my friends lately about balance and the need to get it “ALL done.” It can be overwhelming at times. I know a lot of you are hard working moms and I don’t take your time lightly. I want you to have a beautiful and functional home. I want you to find time to be creative. I want you to have a clean house but also be able to give yourself grace if you see a furball or two in the corner because you just can’t do. One. More. Thing. No worries, you’ll get there and I will too. We just have to encourage each other along the way.

080715-1 Modern Day Cleaning Schedule Made Easy Organization

I wanted to share with you a shortcut I’ve discovered recently that’s been a real game changer in the way I tackle housework. I used to do all of my cleaning in one day. I would spend an entire Friday cleaning the house from top to bottom. Laundry, toilets, mopping – the works. It’s no wonder I was wiped by 7pm and ready to fall asleep to the sweet scent of pine by 7:30. Lately, I haven’t been able to find an entire day to do it all. It made me frustrated. It’s hard to feel creative or productive sometimes when you work from home and there’s a huge heap of “to do” staring you in the face.

080715-2 Modern Day Cleaning Schedule Made Easy Organization

But I gave myself some grace. I got a new plan together and it’s working out really well. I realized I didn’t have to do it all in one day, I just had to find time to do 30-45 minutes each day. This is my new cleaning schedule:

  • Sunday – Church/Family Time/Relax
  • Monday – Laundry: wash, fold, put away, wash people bedding and dog bedding too
  • Tuesday – Bedrooms: pick up, dust, vacuum, clean bedroom mirrors
  • Wednesday – Kitchen: clean out refrigerator, clean microwave, clean stove, scrub sinks, sweep, mop, take trash cans out to curb
  • Thursday – Bathrooms: clean toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, sweep, mop
  • Friday – Living/Dining Room/Office: dust, vacuum
  • Saturday – Meal plan, grocery shop, yard work if needed, wash pets, fill bird feeders


  • Daily: make bed, water plants, wipe kitchen counters/sanitize food prep areas, pick up clutter, sort mail, sweep, meal prep, load/unload dishwasher, make coffee/delay brew, review schedule for next day

This new schedule has made such a huge difference already! It’s easy enough for every one to follow and pitch in yet flexible enough I can change out days according to my schedule if needed. I no longer cringe when I find out with a few hours notice the cable guy is coming for maintenance or someone wants to come over for an impromptu lunch. It took me a bit to form these new habits but it finally feels manageable. If you want to print a copy of my weekly cleaning schedule to use it in your home too click here.

cleaning-post-img Modern Day Cleaning Schedule Made Easy Organization

As I shared yesterday, incorporating this cleaning schedule as part of my morning routine has helped me to have a task oriented mindset all day long. I used to constantly struggle with time management and prioritizing but now I’m making so much progress. If you find you have more time to utilize a cleaning schedule at night because you have limited time in the morning, develop a nightly routine that you’ll be able to stick with. The key to lasting change is consistency. You guys, we can do this. I know it!

080715-4 Modern Day Cleaning Schedule Made Easy Organization

I hope you all have a fun filled and relaxing weekend.


Many blessings,



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    This post is perfectly timed! I was just on Pinterest yesterday looking for a cute printable weekly cleaning schedule. I used to do all my cleaning on the weekends, but now that we use the weekends for our rehab projects, (and creating more mess in the process!) I have been getting lax about cleaning. I definitely need to try this daily approach to keep myself more sane! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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      So sweet of you to say, Jamie, thank you! I know you guys are busy giving that gorgeous home of yours lots of extra love. It’s going to be amazing when you’re finished. Hope your weekend was a fun one, Coco

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    I too have a “one room or category a day” approach to cleaning and maintenance, but what I don’t have is this cute printable! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration and the cute visual reminder. Now if there was a simple way to resolve the “do I clean or do I blog” conundrum 🙂 Bwg ~~~

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    HI CoCo, You are so organized and what a great list!! I love it and I agree that if you do a little everyday you’re not doing 10 hours on Sunday lol. Great tips. Have a wonderful weekend, xo Lisa

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      Speak to my heart, Lisa! I would be totally exhausted at the end of the day trying to make everything clean and tidy in one day. This way is so much better. Hope your weekend was restful and relaxing, CoCo

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    Wow, girl, you are going to leave me with no excuse but to get organized! 🙂 I will have more time to be consistent very soon, as I have resigned from my “four days per week, every week” job, and will be spending more time at home! Yippee!!
    thank you so much for sharing what is working for you!

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      Kimm that is so exciting! I can’t even imagine how you’re doing it all working as many hours as you do plus blogging. You are one talented lady! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to, Coco

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      You’re so sweet, Misty, thank you! It’s really helped take the pressure off trying to find one full day to clean. I can almost always find at least 30-45 minutes each day to wipe out bathroom sinks or dust. i know you have a lot of on your plate too. Hope your weekend was an awesome one! Hugs, CoCo