9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen

We’re sharing 9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen today!

Almost a decade ago, I decided to go on a major decluttering spree.

Organizing the kitchen and pantry was one of those projects that had been on my list for a while.

But I never took the time to actually complete it.

The mess just seemed too overwhelming at the time.

The Turning Point…

Then one day, it was my turn to make dinner.

I found myself crouched down in front of the kitchen island fishing for pots and pans.

Next, I had to go to the pantry to get the small grill because we were making chicken.

The mixing bowls we needed to make mashed potatoes were all on different shelves in different cabinets.

It was an inefficient mess and it was driving me nuts.

But it was also a blessing in disguise because that day was a huge turning point in my journey to a more organized home.

I decided I had had enough. 

So, I started pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets.

Every. single. item.

I categorized and piled like items with like.

For example, dishes with dishes, pots with pots, etc. to find out what I was *really* dealing with.

Believe me, it got much worse before it got better.

But it also made me realize one important thing, we simply had too much stuff.

The Keys to Change…

Since that time, I’ve come to realize three important things when it comes to organizing our home:

  1. Every item needs a designated home of its own.
  2. Visual clutter hampers our wellness and creativity.
  3. We have the power to change how we chose to live with clutter each day.
9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen-The Crowned Goat

It took all day to get our kitchen back in order.

But it felt amazing to have it all done.

Thankfully, it’s been YEARS since our kitchen has been as disorganized as what you see in the pictures above which is a true testament to the power of how transformational organizing your surroundings can be.

Here’s a look at the 9 tips for a more organized kitchen we use on a daily basis…

Arrange the Kitchen According to Zones…

Make the kitchen more efficient by moving everyday items closer to the space they’re actually used.

For example:

  • Move the pots, pans, lids, plates, cooking utensils and spices closer to the stove.
  • Create a drink station by moving the glasses next to the refrigerator and the coffee mugs closer to the coffee pot.
  • Corral your all your baking items together and place them in a cabinet close to the oven.
9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen-The Crowned Goat

These things might seem like small tweaks.

But you’ll save time during busy mornings and on nights when you’ve had a long day and you’re ready to relax.

We previously kept the plates and bowls in the far cabinet by the stove….

Now, we keep the pots, pans and lids organized in that same cabinet and moved our everyday dishes to the cabinet next to the dishwasher.

That way, it’s a lot easier to put them away once they’re clean.

Honestly, it’s one of those easy tips for a more organized kitchen you can accomplish in an afternoon.

9 Simple Tips for a More Organized Kitchen-The Crowned Goat

Create Workstations Based on Your Daily Needs…

Every night we pack or meal prep lunches for the next day.

And I know a lot of you do too.

The morning and nightly routine of packing lunches used to go something like this…go to the pantry to fnd a lunch bag,  head to the refrigerator to grab a yogurt, go back to the pantry to find a container for walnuts, then back to the refrigerator for berries, before finally heading back to the pantry to find another container, napkins and a to-go spoon.

It took way longer than it should have to pack lunches because the process was super inefficient.

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: Lunch Packing Station-The Crowned Goat

We finally committed to creating a lunch making workstation that was closer to the refrigerator.

I don’t know what took us so long because the new workstation only took up one cabinet and two drawers.

Of course, we had to declutter the things that weren’t serving us well.

But it’s made packing lunches and putting away leftovers so much easier.

Rethink Cabinet Storage

I have a lot of baking items including pans, cake molds, rolling pins and different mixing bowls.

They were literally in 3 different places in the kitchen before we organized them into zones.

Since my stand mixer always stays out on the kitchen island, I created a baking station in the cabinets of the island.

The island provides plenty of work surface area and it’s also close to the oven making it a win win.

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: Create Zones-The Crowned Goat

If you don’t have a kitchen island, don’t sweat it!

Find a little nook, corner cabinet or kitchen bakers rack that will fit the needs of the tasks you do most.

Organized Kitchen Island Baking Zone-The Crowned Goat

Make Things Easy to Find…

We’re blessed the kitchen island has 2 big drawers that house cooking utensils and eating utensils too.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When I lived in a tiny apartment in graduate school my kitchen counter space was limited to a small conversation bar.

It forced me to keep only the kitchen utensils I actually used on a regular basis so I could keep kitchen clutter at a minimum.

While I’ve been out of college for a while, I still have that same mindset.

Corral Lids…

One of the easiest tips for a more oganized kitchen is to find a way to corral all your different containers and lids.

Most of our lids are organized and corralled in baskets. 

The only execption are the lids that fit the glass storage containers we use in the lunch making station.

It seems like such a simple thing but it was one of the easiest transitions we made in the kitchen. 

Finally, no more searching for a pot lid that fits!

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: USe Baskets to Corral Lids

Make Your Cleaning Station More Efficient…

For years, we had to individual recycling items out to the big trash bins every night.

It was such a tight space in the cabinet under the sink we wound up knocking over cleaning supplies just to get the bins out.

Talk about a total mess!

I finally transitioned all the cleaning supplies in another cabinet and in the process learned how to tame cleaning cabinet clutter.

And I can’t even tell you how much easier it’s made everything!

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: Create a Cleaning Station-The Crowned Goat

Organize the Pantry and Refrigerator…

We’ve been using baskets in both the pantry and the refrigerator for years now.

The baskets in the pantry work pretty flawlessly.

The clear bins in the refrigerator have taken a bit of getting used to, especially when we have a lot of leftovers.

Still, I feel the system is an effective one because we never have to hunt for what we need.

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: Use Baskets and Clear Bins to Organize the Pantry and Refrigerator-The Crowned Goat

Use Clear Storage Jars & Baskets…

I like using clear storage jars to keep spices and dry goods in the pantry organized.

It’s a quick visual reminder of what we have and what we need.

9 Tips for a More Organized Kitchen: Use Clear Jars and Simple Labels for Spices-The Crowned Goat

If we’re low on sugar I can immediately tell just by opening up the pantry door which is nice when you’re pressed for time.

Choosing to invest in clear bins and containers is another one of the simple tips for a more organized kitchen, we’ve never regretted.

Create a Menu Board and Running Grocery List…

We usually plan our meals out by the month

So, each week, it takes about 30 minutes or less to compose an ingredients and grocery list.

While that might seem like a lot spending time planning meals, it’s so much better than having to decide every day what to eat or worse being in the middle of making dinner only to realize we don’t have all the ingredients we need to finish it.

I hope these 9 tips for a more organized kitichen have helped!

Keep in mind, making the kitchen efficient and clutter free doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You just have to find a system what works best for you and your family.

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I know what you mean, girls, I can’t believe I let my kitchen go that long without truly stopping to think…how are we using this space. It’s only been a few weeks but these ideas have already helped keep us on track. Hope they help you too. Hugs, CoCo

  2. So many great ideas, CoCo! I’m going to work on getting by recycling next to the garbage like you have it! I need to do some more cleaning out, too!

    1. That’s awesome Linda! We have way more recycling than trash so just moving a recycling bin into the kitchen as opposed to the garage was a huge game changer for us. I just put down a new mat/shelf liner in that cabinet yesterday and it looks all kinds of fresh now 🙂 I swear it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Sending you lots of hugs, CoCo

  3. I loved this post. It has inspired me
    to rethink my kitchen. Thanks for the

    1. So glad you’ve found this post helpful, Lizzy! I swear there is nothing like having an organized home. Epecially, in the kitchen 🙂 Big hugs, CoCo

      1. Doing this to the kitchen is so rewarding and makes cooking more enjoyable. It’s frustrating when items aren’t organized especially in the kitchen.

        We gi through our kitchen once a year.

    1. Of course, I would love to come over and organize all the things 🙂 That would be so much fun! I’ve been organizing as long as I can remember so it’s definitely been a life long passion of mine to create beautiful spaces that are also fully functional. Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking but it’s always worth it! Big hugs, CoCo

  4. I really loved your ideas for using baskets and uniform labels. Also, putting items close to where they are actually used is so helpful. I have also been trying to move frequently used items to more of a mid level. This helps to avoid unnecessary low bending which makes my back sore or high reaches that are hard on my shoulders.

  5. Hi CoCo! Your kitchen organization tips are so helpful! Organizing this room by zones was a game-changer for us! Now it’s easy to find exactly what we need in every cabinet! Thanks for sharing your before and afters and always cheering us on!!

  6. I need to do every one of these things! This is going to be one of my first projects when I retire this summer! Thanks for the tips!

  7. I wish I were this organized CoCo, but as you say, we have too many things. I just have a difficult time letting go of items passed down to me… I am sentimental to the core. I saved your pantry a while back, and showed my husband. I told him, this is our goal! He has yet to begin it, but I keep pining, and look forward to shelves and filling them to the brim. Your organizational skills are an inspiration to me, I need all the help I can get.

  8. I love all these ideas. I’ve realized that I have a lot more casserole type dishes than we need or use. (I don’t even make casseroles!) I’m going to ask my daughter and nieces if they need anything and then donate whatever of those dishes that are left over. That will free up at least one deep drawer beside the oven. That will allow me to move my mixing bowls over there, while freeing up space for a tea station beside the sink, which is where I keep the tea kettle. That will free up room and tame the chaos in the mug/cup cabinet above, which will make reaching for a favorite mug a more pleasant–and less precarious–experience.

    Also, I love love that you’ve put your tin (?) cookie cutters in a glass jar. I have similar vintage cookie cutters that are just sitting in the pantry somewhere. Putting them in the jar will allow me to see them and smile when I do.

    Thanks for all your great ideas! Love what you’ve done here.

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