How to Get Back on Track with Resolutions & Goals

Let me ask you guys a question, are you still on track with your goals this year? The reason I’m asking is because I realized the other day just how easy it is to get off track and I’m wondering if you can relate. Let me give you an example. This is how our entry looked for a few days last week. I know! I was feeling a bit run down from this cold, flu or allergies bug and every day I walked through the door, I would add a little more to the pile on the bench. Instead of taking two extra seconds to hang my coat up in the closet, I tossed it on the bench and left it there.

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I noticed the dining room didn’t seem to be spared either…

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Every single item within these two areas, the spaces we walk by multiple times a day are the result of delayed decision making.


Thankfully the rest of the house is neat and tidy but I wanted to share this with you to let you know I understand what’s it’s like to be rolling like a rock star totally on track one day and then find yourself off the track completely the next. It happens in the subtlest way…not feeling well, rushing out the door to soccer practice, not having time to buy groceries to properly meal plan leaving pizza boxes on the conversation bar, being out of town every weekend since before Christmas, or having to brush the dust off your running shoes. I get it. Trust me when I say, I do.


The thing about being off track is not staying off track, you know what I mean?


It’s the moment we choose to look around at the clutter and chaos and say, “I’m not living like this one. more. day.” It’s knowing we’re worth making a change, a better choice and figuring out what we need to do to get ourselves back on track. Here are a few ideas to get you started if you find yourself in this situation….

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If you’re off track with your cleaning schedule… set the kitchen timer for 15-30 minutes and do a quick clutter catcher pick up for the room that’s driving you the most bananas. After the timer goes off sweep, vacuum or mop the floor. Next, head to the kitchen and address any dirty dishes you may have in the sink and tidy up the counters. Finally, put a load of laundry in the wash. This type of “just enough” cleaning will at least get you motivated to start fresh the following day and back on track with your cleaning schedule.

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If you’re off track with your meal planning…take a moment to reassess your schedule for the remainder of the week. What does your schedule look like? Are three of your nights packed with activities? Then maybe you need to consider making easy slow cooker meals for those nights, utilize pantry staples that you already have on hand or even picking up dinner on your way home from work. As you’re taking a realistic look at your schedule, commit to sitting down for 30 minutes to an hour to meal plan, create a list and grocery shop in the next few days.

I completely understand meal planning is one thing, finding time to shop is another. See if your local grocery store offers a special shopping service. Some of my girlfriends are able to shop and reserve items online then pick those items up at the grocery store. Some grocery stores even offer curbside service. You may have to pay a little extra but your time is worth it. If you don’t live in a city that offers this kind of service, commit to going to the grocery store on the same day each week. It does take a bit of extra time and planning but so does hitting the drive thru on the way to school because you’ve run out of milk and cereal.

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If you’re off track with your morning or nightly routine…developing positive habits for daily living takes time so give yourself some grace. If you’re off track with either of these routines grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, plan a period of uninterrupted time say 30 minutes or an hour to assess what part of the routine is not currently working. Then make any necessary adjustments. Keep in mind, the success of your morning routine will largely depend on the planning and preparation of your nightly routine as they go hand in hand. You’ll probably be able to make simple adjustments to one routine that will have a greater impact on the other.

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If you’re off track with organizing…this one is easier than you might expect. First, you need to determine how much time you have to organize a specific space. Maybe you want an organized kitchen but you don’t have an entire day to devote to it. If this is the case, break the job down into smaller manageable tasks. For example, set a timer and devote 15 minutes each day to declutter, clean and organize the drawers in your kitchen. Once you have those tasks completed, move onto the cabinets in your kitchen, then begin organizing the pantry and finally organize the refrigerator. Any time spent organizing spaces big or small will be a step in the right direction.

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You’re off track with your weight loss/exercise goals…pick yourself up and start again – TODAY. Don’t wait for Monday. If you binged on donuts at breakfast, then ate a cheeseburger and fries at lunch, get yourself back on track with a healthy dinner. Go to the gym, do a yoga video, call up your bestie and ask if she wants to go on a hike. My point is get started. Obviously, if you’ve been sick or are recovering from an illness or condition you need to seek your doctor’s advice and then follow his/her instructions.

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If you’re off track with your nurture goals – How many of you drop the goals that feed your spirit as soon as you get overwhelmed? Meeting friends for lunch, taking long baths after dinner, writing in your journal, reading books and magazines just for fun, catching up on your favorite podcasts, using lavender spray on your pillows, taking or finishing a photography class online or driving to Target for that new dry shampoo you’ve been dying to try.

When we nurture our spirits, we nurture our souls and a nurtured soul makes us far more equipped to handle things when life gets a little crazy. If you’re off track with this goal RUN to your calendar and assess your schedule. Determine the areas you are overcommitted and find a way to give yourself some wiggle room. It might be as simple as asking your spouse to put the kids to bed so you can have a long soak, having a meal service delivered to your door or paying someone to clean your house.

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If you’re off track with your home goals…I know the weather has had a big impact on some of the projects we had planned for this month. It’s 77 degrees one day and 48 degrees with 97% chance of rain the next. This makes it tough to paint, sand, seal or build things on the goals list especially if you’re working outside. If you find yourself in a similar situation, go back to the list of projects you want to tackle for a specific space. For example, if you want to give your master bedroom a makeover and you have everything on there from paint the walls to order a new rug. Begin tackling the items on the list you can actually start doing right now. Maybe it’s too cold to paint your master bedroom but you can pick out the paint color. You can start putting the pom pom trim on your curtains. You can choose a mirror and start shopping for a desk. There are a lot of little decisions that have to come together before the install or reveal so start checking the small things off your list now while you’re waiting to get started on the big things.

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I understand life can be so busy you barely remember to put on deodorant or stop to take 3 bites of lunch. While I know we’re not perfect and we will get on and off track many times over the course of the year, I just want to let you know getting back on track is possible…you just have to start. Each hour, day or week is a chance for change. Our challenge is choosing to make one.

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See you guys back here tomorrow. I spent a good portion of last year using the KonMari Method of decluttering, did it work? I’ll share the answer with you tomorrow. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Wonderful tips. Using a timer is genius. I have sometimes calculated in my head how long it takes to fold a basket of laundry or empty the dishwasher (which are just looming in front of me) and I see I can do them in 6 minutes flat!

    Jane x

    1. That is so exciting Jane! The kitchen timer has saved me from my messy tendencies so many times. I’m going to need to streamline my laundry folding though – 6 minutes is so impressive 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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