Driftwood Inspired Table

In addition to white painted furniture pieces, my customers also ask for items inspired by sea glass and driftwood.  I picked up this table a few months ago at The Warehouse.  I originally bought it because the kitchen at Loblolly Manor is in need of an island.  But my Dad decided he wanted to build his own island which meant this table would be headed to the booth.  The size made it perfect for a little driftwood inspiration.


When I first spotted the table, there were chairs on top.  To be perfectly honest, I was tired and hot and I never went over to properly check it out.  I just told the guys to load it up for me based solely on its size.  Big mistake.


I sanded down this burn mark using an orbital sander and 80 grit sandpaper.  I wasn’t really sure how far down the wood was burned so I tried to sand in layers.


Once the entire top had been sanded, I created a wash using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey.


After the single coat of wash had dried,


I lighted sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.

090314-6After sanding, I created a wash using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  On the left is the Paris Grey wash on the right is the Old White wash.


I layered the Old White on top of the Paris Grey.


It’s a lot of work but the way the paint settles in to the cracks, is awesome.


After a light sanding the entire top was the color of driftwood. I sealed with clear paste wax.

090314-10You may have noticed the legs and apron of this table were a bright red. I primed with Zinsser and left to dry. You can see just a bit of red peeking out in this picture.  Once dry, I used two coats of Old White.  Once the two coats of Old White had dried, I sealed with clear paste wax.


I’ve had these ladder back chairs hanging out in the garage waiting to be painted.  They also received primer, paint and clear wax seal just like the table legs did. They used to be green.  This step took FOREVER!


I delivered the table and chairs to my booth at The Pickers Market last week.  I have just small amount of coastal décor left.  I think the customers are going to love the driftwood inspiration.


Many blessings,





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  1. CoCo- you paint beautifully! I love the transformation of this beautiful table. You have incredible creative vision…customers will be clambering for this table and chairs.
    PS – did you paint the rush seats are leave them natural?

    1. I appreciate it, Vicki! The rush seats were given a chalk paint white wash and light distressing!

  2. Love the driftwood look. Beautiful job and I k-n-o-w those chairs took forever. Your hard work paid off…they look great!!

    1. Thanks so much Angie! There’s nothing that makes me want to get out a can of spray paint more than knowing I have to paint chairs!

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