From the Front Porch

Happy Friday from the front porch, you guys!

I hope you’ve had the best week as we get ready to say goodbye to October and welcome all the good things November has to offer.

We’re heading down to my parents’ house, Bliss Barracks, later today for our family Halloween party. 

This week has been challenging, to say the least, so I’m beyond excited to see everyone and hang out with the littles for a bit of relaxing festive fun. 

I don’t know what it is about Halloween, but it always feels like the unofficial start to the hospitality and holiday season. 

While I know we’ve had to manage our expectations quite a lot this year, my prayer is that we’ll be able to take some extra time to make the holiday season a special one.

On a side note, how creepy is S’s costume? 

A Few of Our Favorite Posts from Around the Web this Week…

A 19th Century Swedish Home with Lots of Charm 

Décor Inspiration: La Carliere, a 15th Century Manor House in Normandy France for my Mom who was set to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary to my Dad in France this year before the pandemic hit.

This 1929 Farmhouse looks like such a cozy place to relax and unwind.

Home Tour Series: Sugar Maple Farmhouse 

Since we don’t really get to experience Fall in Florida, I love seeing posts that celebrate the season in a big way like this one from Vibeke Design. 

A seriously stunning Autumn Tablescape that will immediately put you in the mood for Thanksgiving.  I would LOVE to have a set up like this at our family’s pecan grove one day.

Speaking of which, don’t miss this fabulous post, Thanksgiving Tablescapes: A Harvest of Happiness from my friend Cindy of County Road 407 for even more beautiful inspiration!

Beyond excited about this news

This is such a genius party prep or gift-giving idea.

Behind the Design: Our Photoshoot Process + Tips via Bria Hammel Interiors.

Loved this round-up of Body-Healing + Brain-Boosting Smoothies for breakfast on the go ideas.

6 Little Ways You Can Live More Sustainably at Home (and Save Money Too) 

15 Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You So Much Time in the Kitchen 

11 Reminders From Your Mom If You’re Having a Bad Day 

Quote of the Week and Free Printable…

Self-Discovery Journey: Books We’re Reading…

**(The Crowned Goat participates in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, and Impact Affiliates Program. Target and Amazon affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. Any sales made through such links will support us with a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

Our October book of the month, Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round completely changed the way I was planning to prepare my holiday home this year in the best possible way. 

Now all I have to do is stay out of the store and away from things that glitter and sparkle so I can pull it off ?  

Here’s a List of Book We’ll be Reading for the Rest of the Year If You Want to Pick Them Up Early…

If You’ve Missed Any of Our Other Books, You Can Find Them Here…

On the Menu this Week…

Week of November 01 – November 08

Sweet Treat to Try This Week…

Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler 

Family and Christmas Pajamas Sets We Spotted Online at Amazon and Target This Week…

**(The Crowned Goat participates in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, and Impact Affiliates Program. Target and Amazon affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. Any sales made through such links will support us with a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

Diamond Fair Isle * Cabin Print Set in White * Animal Print Set * Let Me Sleep Set * Navy Hot Air Balloon Set  * Christmas Tree Set * Black Bear Plaid * Red PJ Set * Holly Print Set * Red Christmas Bear * Deer and Tree Set * White Plaid Flannel Set * Red Star Set * Green Thermal Set  * Pinecone Print SetSnowflake Set 

If You’ve Missed Anything from the Archives or the Blog, Here’s a Peek at What We’ve Been Up To…

Last-Minute Halloween Ideas 

A Budget Friendly Shed Workstation

12 Ways to Ease Into the Holidays

Orange Pomegranate Cider Simmer Pot 

52 Weeks to a Simplified & Organized Home Challenge

Here’s a look at what we’ll be working on in the month of July as part of the 52 Weeks to a Simplified & Organized Home Challenge

  • 10/31 – Winter Bucket List
  • 11/07 – Christmas Card Contact List 
  • 11/14 –Thanksgiving Menu/Grocery Shopping 
  • 11/21 – Christmas Paper & Gift Wrap Supplies 
  • 11/28 – Christmas Shopping/Naughty or Nice List 

Dates to Remember…

  • 11/01 Daylight Savings Ends 
  • 11/03 Election Day in the US 
  • 11/11 Veterans Day in the US 
  • 11/12 One Room Challenge Reveal 
  • 11/14 Lifestyle of Love Blog Hop with County Road 407

TCG Housekeeping…

As we approach the holiday season, my plan is to share both Christmas ideas and Thanksgiving ideas simultaneously.

While I have no plans to skip over Thanksgiving, I know some of you live in countries that have already celebrated.

Others of you will be out of town for Thanksgiving and want to prepare your homes for Christmas as early as possible to enjoy your decorations for as long as possible. 

We usually have Thanksgiving next to the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree so I totally get it.  

I’ll do my best to walk the line no matter how you choose to celebrate this year. In the meantime, send me a note if there is anything specific you want to see.  

That’s all for now!

As always, we appreciate you so much and we hope your weekend is peace-filled and relaxing.  We can’t wait to share even more with you next week!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I hope you have a really fabulous Halloween celebration, CoCo! S’s costume is super creepy as are those black fingers holding the glass haha… I am the biggest wuss, honestly! That said, I have bought a pack of those eyeballs.. and I have one sitting on my desk at work, so far no one has said anything haha 🙂 Happy start of the holiday season, 2020 style!

  2. I always enjoy these posts. Today was quite the perusal! Love all the farmhouses and Vibeke Design is a fave for me. Wish she showed wider angle photos. I’d love to see more of the entire room/garden. I got lost in wishes and wonderments hoping one day I’d have the same. Probably not a Scandinavian look but be surrounded by fall trees and a cleaner, fresh, clutter free looking home. And thanks for adding my post. You are so sweet. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!
    p.s. How did I miss your family having a Pecan grove?! How fun!

    1. I love everything she does too, Cindy! It’s like she just heads outside and has the most fabulous branches and garden to choose from. I always have to translate her page but it’s worth it. She’s super creative. Thanks so much for including me in your Thanksgiving tablescape group post. It was so much fun to pin and plan for the upcoming holidays. Sending you big hugs for a happy weekend, CoCo PS: I’ve learned A LOT about pecans the past few years. Being able to have a piece of my Granny’s land has been one of the wildest gifts my parents have ever given me 🙂

  3. So much inspiration today, CoCo! Love the fam pj’s and S’s costume is SPOOKY! Ack! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful time at your Halloween party! Happy weekend!

    1. ha ha I know what you mean, Christine! S’s costume is so wild I’m worried my sister’s little dog might bite her because it’s that scary. The littles are going to love it though because they love Halloween. They’re beyond excited to see everyone dressed up so we’re happy to oblige. Hope your weekend is full of festive (not spooky) adventure, CoCo 🙂

  4. I love how organized you are, CoCo! It seems you’ve got everything all planned out. I wish often times that I were that way but I am more loosely organized, I guess. 😉 I wanted to say I featured your cute bat and pumpkin napkin decorated pumpkin at this week’s Share Your Style #279. I couldn’t comment because I guess it cuts off after so many. Glad I was able to squeeze it in for anyone looking for a fun last-minute Halloween craft before tomorrow!!

    Lots to gleen here. I’ll really sit and read this post in a bit.
    Many hugs and thank you, I am beginning to feel better,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet feature, Barb, I really appreciate it. I can’t believe all that you’ve been through this year. It blows my mind! My biggest prayer is that you’ll be feeling better by Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can end the year feeling strong. You’ve survived a lot and you definitely deserve to be celebrated. Hang in there! Lots of love and prayers, CoCo

  5. I always love how organized you are CoCo. And I really want to try the cider simmer pot! Great ideas my friend. Have a good weekend!

    1. Such a kind thing to say, Kim, thank you! Taking the time to be organized is one of my favorite luxuries in life as is the cider simmer pot 🙂 It makes the whole house smell like the holidays! Hope you like it too. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you, Karen! I told my Mom for the three hours we were at her house laughing and hanging out the world actually felt normal again. Hope your week has been a blessed one so far, CoCo

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