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Happy Friday from the front porch sweet friends. Thank you so much for being here and for making us a part of your day.

Last week, I found myself sitting in a room I never expected to be in – the waiting room of an oncologist’s office – with my bestie S.

Some of you may know S is actually the one that came up with the name, The Crowned Goat.

I’m the one that writes the content, takes and edits all the pictures, and comes up with the concepts. She’s the one that troubleshoots our technical issues, sends all the emails, and puts each post out into the world among many other things.

There is no doubt, this part-time blog that has blossomed into a full-time business would absolutely not be the same without her expertise.

So, while she was meeting with her doctor, I tried to busy myself in the waiting room.

A few minutes after sitting down, the automatic door gave way and I watched an elderly man wheel his wife’s wheelchair up to the front desk.

He was a giant of a man, maybe 6’5″ or 6’6″ dressed in lightly stained overalls and a flannel jacket. He had a sunny disposition and immediately reminded me of the beloved farmers in my hometown.

His wife on the other hand was tiny. In fact, she barely took up half the wheelchair seat.

She was incredibly frail and I smiled as soon as I saw her bundled up in an off-white crochet shawl with a plaid blanket draped over her legs because my Granny used to wear the same shawl to church on Sundays.

“Good morning, lovebirds, ” the nurse called out, “Good morning,” they said in unison as they took a seat near me.

The room was mostly quiet when the woman looked over at her husband and whispered, “I don’t want to be here.”

“I know. I know you don’t. I wish you didn’t have to be here either,” he said as he gently adjusted her shawl and blanket. “Thank you for being here though. We’ve spent most of our lives together and I want to keep you around for as long as I can. I appreciate you being here and giving this one last shot. I know it’s hard on you and I just want you to know I love you and I appreciate you,” he continued as he squeezed her hand before wiping the tears from his eyes.

A few moments later, they were called back to the treatment room and I was left in a near-empty waiting room with nothing but tears of my own.

The whole interaction made me realize just how easy it is to get caught up in serving the people in our extended families, our friends, our kid’s school, our church, and our communities before we love, serve and make time for the people under our own roofs and in our own pods.

Don’t get me wrong serving our extended families, friends, and communities are all vitally important.

While it may seem like the mission field is “out there,” the tender interaction between two people who had obviously been together for decades and loved each other dearly reminded me the true mission field is actually right in front of us, sharing space with us and interacting with us each and every day.

It’s the very people we take for granted at times.

As we head into a fresh month, I want to challenge you to make sure you are loving and serving the people who have been placed on your path well.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant.

It can be as simple as checking in, asking questions that show you’re not only fully present but also fully engaged, offering extra hugs, sharing a favorite meal, baking their favorite dessert, taking an extra task off their plate, cheering them on, offering copious amounts of grace when their tone is a little too curt, adding them to your prayer list, giving them a much-needed break, going for a walk, or picking up something special just because.

It might be as gentle as adjusting a blanket or a crochet shawl on a chilly day.

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world, but only one you.

So, love the people in your life in that extraordinary way that only you can.

And if ever you feel weary, like you’re pouring from an empty cup, walk outside and look up at the stars.

Every twinkle, both bright and dim, is a mere tiny representation of how much you are loved in return.

For His love is infinite.


A special shout out and thank you to Corrie who has been a long-time supporter of the blog for these additional resources which helped during her bestie’s fight against cancer…

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As always, we appreciate you more than you could ever know, and we hope your weekend is peace-filled and relaxing.  We can’t wait to share even more with you next week!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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    1. Thank you so much, Susan, I really appreciate it. Hope you’re having the best week. I can’t believe we’re already so close to Thanksgiving and the holidays. Big hugs, CoCo

  1. Coco,
    WOW! what a story…First, I am sorry that you had to be there with your friend….Sending prayers for your friend, her family and friends….and to have witnessed what you did is truly amazing! so glad that you shared it with us!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and thanks for your encouraging words on my weight loss…It has not been easy but the reward is a feel so much better and can move much better…Plus getting to fit back into all my clothes that I have not worn in years is like having a whole new wardrobe so that is incentive too!! I hope you have a great weekend, my friend!!

    1. It was so cool to be there and experience that moment, Deb! It’s definitely one of those things that puts the day’s worries into perspective immediately. On a side note, I’m cheering you on as you continue your weight loss journey. I know it hasn’t been easy and I’m proud of you for sticking with it even when things got tough. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. CoCo,
    What a great week of inspiration. I appreciate you for sharing my Friendsgiving Table Ideas.

    1. You are so welcome, Rachel! Hope you have the best weekend, CoCo

  3. Such beautiful and poignant words today, CoCo. That story basically brought tears to my eyes. All my prayers for your bestie! Thanks so much for including me in your post today. This community of bloggers is truly amazing and I’m so thankful for you!

    1. You are so welcome, Rachel! I was sitting there thinking I might actually ugly cry right there in the waiting room ha ha it was SO HARD to hold it together. It was definitely a sweet moment I’m glad I was able to experience though because it really put things in perspective. Sending you so much love and lots of hugs for all your support and kind words. I will always count it as a big blessing to have *met* you through blogging, CoCo

  4. Karen Sherer says:

    Today’s writing about the oncology appointment was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful reminder of loving what is right in front of us. The story brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome, Karen! I’ve really been working really hard on slowing down and enjoying what’s right in front of me instead of getting caught up in what’s next. It hasn’t been easy but I’m thankful I was there to be with S at the doctor’s and to witness that moment as well. It was such a great reminder! Hope your weekend is filled with all good things, CoCo

  5. Oh, my gosh. Giant hugs to you and your dearest friend.

    My best friend dealt with cervical cancer, and it was so scary for us both (her, especially!). She had surgery, and is doing awesome, several years later.

    One thing that really helped was that she was friends with an RN who was delighted to come to her house, post-surgery, to check on everything.

    I was there for the RN visit, and it was soooooooo gentle and lovely and slow–everything you need at that moment. If your friend is facing surgery, I highly recommend trying to find someone you know who is a nurse who can come do a check-in at home.

    Giant hugs and love to you both. I’ll light a candle for you guys today.

    1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, Corrie! It is really helpful. I’m going to update the post with your resources in case someone else needs them. Thank you for lighting a candle for S. She is thankfully on the mend. Sending you and your bestie big hugs and thank yous for being brave enough to share your story. It’s not an easy thing to go through at all but I know you are helping others by speaking out, CoCo

      1. Awwww, thanks for adding the resources to your post!

        And thanks for the update on S–I’m glad she is on the mend. A very happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful post! I had to go straight to the comments to tell you, so well written and moving, you sound like a beautiful person, God bless you and S.
    Prayers for her

  7. Your story was such a lovely reminder CoCo. Hearing the husband’s words to his wife brought tears to my eyes. I put my husband and I in their place and could see both of us react the same way. I hope S is doing well.

  8. Vee Thomas-Muller says:

    Dear CoCo,
    Prayers for S. and you and the lovebirds. I’ve been in your shoes twice myself and it isn’t easy.
    I love reading your blogs. You are kind and thoughtful and insightful.
    Take care,

  9. Coco, that was the sweetest story! And a great reminder. We tend to get so busy with what is happening around us that we overlook those right under our own roof. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  10. Thank you for sharing that sweet story you witnessed and for reminding us of the importance to be there for the ones we love! I’m so glad you could be a support to your bestie and I will add her to my prayer list! Thanks for sharing so many great links and features! Blessings for a wonderful week!

  11. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your bestie S. What a touching moment you witnessed. When we are older and life is more quiet all we truly have is each other and our memories. Keep making good memories and creating and enjoying intentional activities/ days of rest and hold on to one another. Every day is a gift.

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