Simple Summer Flower Arrangement Ideas

We’re sharing three simple summer flower arrangement ideas today!

The minute the calendar rolls over into summer, I immediately start checking my list to see what indoor projects need to be completed.

It’s just too hot and humid to be outside!

That said, sometimes I can get so caught up in my list I completely forget to add seasonal pops of color throughout the house to make everything feel festive.

So, this week I’m taking some inspiration from my friend Rachel at the Antiqued Journey and Anna from Skylark House to create simple summer flower arrangements for our common areas.

Here’s a look at how you can create simple summer flower arrangements for your house this season too…

Simple Summer Flower Arrangement Supplies:

  • Flowers (some of the flowers featured in this post are faux and some are real)
  • Greenery
  • Flower Container
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Band, optional
  • Ribbon, optional
  • Floral Foam, optional
  • Tarp to protect your work surface

Simple Summer Flower Arrangement Steps:

Gather your supplies and lay a drop cloth or a tarp down to protect your work surface.

If you’re using real flowers use caution and care to cut your flower stems down to the appropriate length as scissors will be sharp,

If you’re using mostly faux flowers, (as shown in these steps) you can usually bend the stems to the size you need.

Baskets like these make great containers if you’re using faux flowers.

Begin by loosely arranging the largest flowers in your hand one at a time until you’ve created a bouquet.

Then, carefully tie a rubber band around the base of your bouquet. This will help you keep the shape!

Place your bouquet in your container and fluff the flowers just a bit. You don’t want them to look smashed or held together.

Next place your smaller flowers into the bigger bouquet. I usually choose a completely different accent color for this step.

After your accent flowers are in place, add something with texture.

We found these stems at Joanns. They have such a pretty peachy-pink colored berry.

Finally, add bits of greenery.

We clipped this from our yard and it’s amazing how adding really greenery to faux flowers makes a simple summer flower arrangement look a little bit more “natural.”

As always make sure you clean yard or garden flowers and greenery well. You definitely don’t want to bring any pests inside!

Step back to see if your arrangement needs anything else.

Most of the time, you’ll be good to go.

But on the off chance you adore ribbon too, it does add a pretty touch.

Other Quick and Easy Ideas to Try…

Over the years we’ve worked hard to declutter because I love it when our home feels cozy but without a lot of extra fluff.

We don’t have a ton of storage space either, so I try to just keep simple flower arrangements in the common areas of the house.

The arrangement I shared above is in our breakfast nook.

Here is what I created for the kitchen…

Quick and Easy Summer Flower Arrangement Ideas You Can Use in the Kitchen-The Crowned Goat

and the living room.

Simple Summer Flower Arrangement Ideas for the Living Room-The Crowned Goat

 As always use caution and care when creating simple summer flower arrangements like these if you have curious littles or mischievous pets.

Undeniably, the minute I set these on the coffee table it was too much for Piper to handle, and I had to move them to the dining room!

While decorating for in-between seasons is not always easy, I’m thankful for creative friends like Cindy of County Road 407 to help give us 5 In Between Seasons Décor Ideas to Try in Your Home.

Let us know what you’re creating for the late summer season!

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Such pretty arrangements CoCo! I love how you only used half the basket and added the real greenery, such a nice touch! Thanks for the great tips like adding ribbon! Very inspiring! Blessings, Donna

    1. Thank you so much, Donna, I really appreciate it. We definitely need something quick and easy especially this time of year when everything feels like it’s in transition. Sending you hugs as we get ready to embrace a fresh month, CoCo

  2. Oh CoCo you are just the SWEETEST!! Thank you so much for sharing my floral arrangement ideas!!
    I ADORE how you used simple baskets to create your floral displays. Those berry stems are amazing! This is the perfect indoor project for when it’s just too hot outside!! Hugs, friend!

  3. CoCo – First, thank you for the shout out! That is extremely kind of you. Second, I love that you plan projects for the interior of your home during summer. That’s so smart! (As in “why didn’t I think of that?”) These baskets of flowers are beautiful and can be used in a home in so many places. It’s also lovely that you used your signature colors. Now you have me thinking about creating something similar for our entryway table . . . flag season is coming to an end.

  4. And I just have to say, I love the decor in the image in the book you have on your lap. (Toward the end of your post) There is something about white, worn and european style decor. Also, it is my personal opinion that a girl can never have too many crystal chandeliers. (Shouldn’t that be on a bumper sticker?)

  5. I love these ideas. I’m not very good with flowers, but you make it seem so simple. You really have a way of making things beautiful!

  6. I love the piece you found at JoAnn, such a pretty color. You shared great tips as always.

    Piper is a curious pup just like our Reeses. Adorable little face too.


  7. I love your arrangements CoCo, and how you add bows. Now, I can tie a bow, but I never seem to be able to create those pretty ones so I am thankful you share the simple ones I know I can create. 🙂 I am in love with the tall basket, it reminds me of a mail basket for some reason. I just bet that display was calling Piper’s name, those pups can get into real trouble when we put decorative items low. It’s like it calls their name! ha!

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