Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Today, we’re excited to share so many beautiful and simple Thanksgiving tablescape, dining room and kitchen ideas as we team up with 21 fabulous bloggers as part of the Gather Round the Table Blog Hop hosted by the always sweet and creative Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you’re new to The Crowned Goat or coming over from White Arrows Home, welcome, we’re really glad you’re here! Didn’t you love Kristin’s home?  She has such a beautiful and cozy cabin style no matter what the season.

Gathering Around a Big Thanksgiving Table

Gathering around the table to share a meal is one of my favorite things to do any time of the year but especially during Thanksgiving. It really is the best of both worlds because you can enjoy each other and the magic of the holiday season without a lot of the pressure and busyness that comes with Christmas. Speaking of magic, this sunlit scene happens almost every morning.

We have a big farm family so it’s not uncommon for our Thanksgiving meal to be attended by 75 -100 people each year. In fact, Thanksgiving is so popular now, there are usually events planned throughout the weekend.

The beauty is that everyone brings their signature dish which is always so much fun. Having everyone pitch in saves a lot of time and allows us to spend the days visiting with each other.

If the thought of having to host that many people seems overwhelming, no worries at all. I’ve created a simple Thanksgiving tablescape on a smaller scale with 5 quick and easy tips for you to enjoy today.

Here’s a look at all the details…

Begin by Layering

Tip #1: Start by Layering the Table with a Tablecloth, Blanket, Throw or a Piece of Fabric that’s consistent with the rest of the color palette in your home. This plaid horse blanket/cape is one of my favorite plaids. I found it at a thrift store several years ago and it’s so neutral it’s one of my go-to’s during the fall and winter seasons.

Create a Festive Centerpiece

Tip #2: Find or Create a Centerpiece You Love – This entire tablescape was inspired by one thing…this turkey soup tureen I found over the summer at an estate sale for $8.

I’m almost embarrassed to say I was THIS close to passing it up because I was in the process of simplifying all my collections. We were standing in line when my Mom said, “You know you’re going to regret it if you don’t get that turkey!” And of course, she was absolutely right.

Add Greenery and Natural Elements

Tip #3: Add a Layer of Greenery to Your Tablescape along with seasonal items like fruits, veggies, berries, seed pods, and flowers. This will not only help to dress up the table, it will also help to layer in bits of texture.

Create a Beautiful Place Setting 

Tip #4: Complement Your Tablescape with a Beautiful Place Setting – Depending on the type of meal you’re having you might need a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, and a soup bowl. Of course, you’ll also need drinking glasses, napkins and silverware too.

Tip #5: Consider Borrowing Dishes or Tureens from a trusted friend or family member, searching thrift stores, estate sales, antique malls for deals on sets or picking up white dishes you can dress up or down all year from your local dollar store if you’re just starting out.

I’ve collected the brown and white transferware for years, but I borrowed these small bird soup tureens from my Mom. She has great stuff! You can find out how we used them on her dining room table for Christmas last year at Bliss Barracks here.

Relax and Have Fun

I hope these tips have helped! Keep in mind you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on yourself to create something magazine or Insta worthy, you guys.

Honestly, the people that are gathering around your table just want to be with you. They want your undivided attention, so they can make memories with you that will last for years to come.

So, take the pressure off yourself right now and create a simple Thanksgiving tablecape that feels warm and inviting to you.

The next stop on the blog hop is Lora Bloomquist.  You’re going to love her super creative style. And be sure to check out the rest of these fabulous ladies as well…

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Those bird soup tureens are really pretty Coco. I hope my girls think my stuff is trendy enough to want to borrow someday. I love how close you are all.

  2. Coco, you know I love me some transferware! Your turkey tureen is wonderful and what a gorgeous centerpiece! Happy to be joining the hop with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Good thing you listened to your mother because oh my goodness – the table runner/throw, the plates, the $8 turkey… it’s all beautiful. Would love sitting there with you! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh your lovely tablescape has captured my heart! By I am truly smitten by the portrait of her majesty in the background!!!

  5. I love your table. The different shapes of dishes and layers are my favorite. love the table runner. Very pretty!

  6. That tureen is amazing. I do think you would have regretted not getting it. I love this tablescape. Those salad plates are adorable.

  7. CoCo, what a lucky, lucky girl you are! Finding that turkey tureen for only $8 — what a steal! Storage issues be darned. And to have a mom with such fabulous pieces to borrow too. My mom lives an airplane ride away, plus two years ago they downsized out of a huge house. So, now it’s my sisters incorporate their pieces into our tables. Nothing pleases her more than to see treasured and sentimental items used by the next generation.

  8. Coco, because I’m a fan of yours I know how hard you’ve worked on this space this year. The room is perfect for Thanksgiving. The tablescape is beautiful with the plaid and layered dishes. Love the soft colors in your room.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  9. CoCo,
    Yes, your mom was right. You would have regretted not getting the turkey tureen, at such a great price. Your mom does have nice things, I’ve been in love with those lidded individual bird tureens since I saw your preview photo for this blog hop. Another that caught my eyes was the picture of the Queen of England on your wall. Since I have only visited your blog a few times (which will be remedied in the days to come), I have to ask if there is a story related to the Queen.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  10. CoCo – beautiful tablescape, as always! Mom’s have a way of always…being right LOL! You definitely would have regretted not purchasing that turkey tureen. And those bird soup tureens are so unique and gorgeous. This table really is magazine worthy! Much love!

  11. Everything is beautiful. I especially like the soup tureen and the individual soup bowls.

  12. Your mom was so smart to advise you not to pass up that turkey soup tureen. It’s fabulous and it makes the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. I love how you layered your dishes and especially love the plaid blanket that you used as a table runner. It all looks so pretty! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  13. Great tips, Coco! Our Thanksgiving celebration is 50-75 people, but we have it at a camp. I faked a small get-together for this hop too, but it’s kind of fun to get to set a cozy Thanksgiving table, since I don’t get to normally:) Love your tureen theme and your brown transferware; just lovely table! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Oh my, so pretty. I love the tureen at each placesetting and the large turkey tureen is stunning. The plaid runner is done in some of my favorite colors and the soft greens are such a pretty compliment. Gorgeous table.

  15. Hey Coco! I love, love, love your tablescape! I love the soup tureens and serving bowl – they are simply divine and I want some like them! The neutral tones of the plateware combined with the centerpiece and plaid table runner bring everything together to perfection! So happy to be hopping with you!

  16. I love your beautiful table with the turkey tureen! Your plates are adorable too! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. So beautiful Coco! The sunlight is magical shining down on your beautiful Thanksgiving table! I love the plaid on the table and your turkey tureen is a great score. The way you have layered your dishes is so pretty too! Thanks for the reminder that people just want to spend time together and they aren’t worried about the place settings!

    How amazing your tradition sounds! Where do you hold the feast so that everyone has a place to sit?

    The picture of the queen was unexpected and a truly fab piece of decor!

    Thank you so much for hopping with us! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    This is such a pretty and elegant table! Everything looks beautiful and I love the soup tureen! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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