Thrift Score Thursday – Halloween Edition

Welcome to a special Halloween edition of Thrift Score Thursday! We’ve all been on the hunt for Halloween inspired goodies to bring to you today. I’ve got some seriously scary things to show you and I know the 9 other bloggers I’m teaming up with do too!

Thrift Score Thursday Halloween

If you’ve never participated in #thriftscorethursday before, let me tell you how awesome it is. During the week, people just like you and me are thrifting all across the country. We’re hitting up charity shops, estate sales, old warehouses, yard sales, barns and even stopping on the side of the road to pick up fun items. No matter what day of the week it is, if you see something totally fantastic make sure you hashtag your find #thriftscorethursday on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured. That’s right you can hashtag your treasures any day of the week not just on Thursdays! Super cool, right?

Each week, these lovely ladies Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Cassie from Primitive and Proper , Brynne from The Gathered Home, Corinna from A Designer at Home and a guest host will pick a few favorite thrift scores to feature!

This week is extra special because I’m also joining Colleen, Paula, Nicole, Jess and Gretchen as guests host. We’re all sharing our thrifted Halloween inspiration which includes creepy finds, thrifted costumes and thrifted inspired Halloween home décor so make sure you check out their posts too!

Ok, so let me show you guys what I found…the other day…yes, this is all in one day and no, I didn’t bring any of this home. The clowns alone made me sweat just taking the pictures of them…




Could you drink coffee out of this every morning?


This creepy lamp is sure to give your child nightmares…


Anyone need a set of bookends with troll inspired hair for $3…


A last minute mask, perhaps…


What about a skeleton to sing you to sleep? Apparently, this one plays the guitar and bonus he has a friend.


I know for a lot of you this year is flying by…me too…someone may be buying this creepy Santa for a Christmas display….


I hope I can sleep tonight! Were those crazy or what? Remember to check out what the other girls found thrifting around town, Halloween style! You can click on any of the links above and it will take you right to their blog posts today.

Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color Thrift Score Thursday Cassie
Thrift Score Thursday Corinna ADAH Thrift Score Thursday Trisha color
TST Guest Host Colleen TST guest host Paula
TST Guest Host Nicole
TST guest host Gretchen

See you guys back here tomorrow. It’s been another busy month and I’ll be sharing my favorite posts and projects as we say Goodbye October, Hello November.

Many blessings,



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    1. i was seriously sweating in the stores having to take pictures of all of those clowns! i would have probably passed out if some music boxes would have been playing in the background 🙂 hugs, CoCo

    1. ha ha no truer words have been spoken sweet lady! big hugs, CoCo

  1. Hahaha! Oh my word, CoCo – your thrift store had some TREASURES! I can’t get over the skeleton playing guitar!!! And there was a matching pair – how ever did you resist their charms?! 😀 Such a fun post! Thanks for hunting down so many hilariously creepy finds to share!

    1. We could totally start a skeleton band, Brynne! I don’t know what is going on with Florida thrift stores lately but they are hopping with awesomeness 🙂 No need to be jealous though, I’m happy to send you a clown coffee mug so we can be twins he he! Lots of hugs, CoCo

  2. So many clowns! So much creepiness! I think I might have had to bring the guitar playing skeleton home with me, though 😉

    1. he he I don’t know if Fergus would have appreciated the skeleton invasion 🙂 I told Brynne, we should start a skeleton band!

  3. I have never liked clowns and am like you and think that they are super creepy. If I went into a clown decorated room I know that I’d be running for the door!

    1. I don’t know who thought they’d be a great idea for kids, Paula! I’m still scarred all these years later 🙂 Hope your day has been a fun one, CoCo

    1. ha ha would that be awful or what…a mantel filled with clowns…i hope we never see it in real life 🙂 Hugs, Coco

  4. I have never liked clowns, to be honest. But the doll lamp is cute. If painted it would be even prettier! All in all, great finds CoCo!

    1. me either, Maya, clowns are so creepy! ha ha glad you liked the doll lamp…if anyone can make it look special it’s totally you. Hope you’re having a great weekend, CoCo

  5. Love the Halloween decor! That’s a lot of clowns LOL.

    1. ha ha I know, right, Nicole, no one should find that many clowns 🙂

  6. “This creepy lamp is sure to give your child nightmares…” Hilarious! Those clown mugs are absolutely terrifying. I would love to buy them and serve a neighbor coffee in them, just for giggles. 🙂

    1. ha ha Colleen, those clown mugs were the craziest thing I’ve found all year! Doesn’t that lamp look like it should be in a scary movie? I can’t even! Hugs for a happy day, CoCo

  7. Oh my gosh Coco, we found the same clown (the second photo on your site!). That lamp could have been spray painted black and given some super creepy effects (spiders and cobwebs perhaps) for such a good Halloween decoration!

    1. ha ha I was dying when I saw that Trisha D! I thought how in the world could these things have been massed produced! You and I definitely found the hot ticket item 🙂 I kept waiting for that lamp to start talking at any moment. Spray painting it black with cobweb and spider embellishments is such a great idea. Hugs for a happy week, CoCo

  8. Omg Coco those clowns are too freaky for sure. What a fun thing to share thrift score finds with all your friends. I hope to get out and do some shopping tomorrow. have a great day xo Lisa

    1. Can you believe all of the clowns, Lisa? It was like they’re multiplying or something. ha ha they were totally creeping me out all day. Can’t wait to see what you found this week. Hugs, CoCo

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