Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a house with an open floor plan. It’s great for entertaining or for spending an afternoon baking with my sisters. If you’re standing in the kitchen you can see the living room, the breakfast table area, the dining room and even into the entry – all from standing in one spot. So, once I committed to using apple inspiration in the living room and the dining room, I decided to add them into the breakfast tablescape as well.

Since this is the table we use the most throughout the day, I definitely wanted it to be more casual than the feel of the fall inspired dining room. To create this tablescape, I started by layering the breakfast table with a vintage runner I found during one of my thrift store runs. It’s kind of bohemian like my baby sister. The runner is definitely neutral enough where I can change out the apples for pumpkins a little bit later in the season. Believe it or not, it’s actually soft. Is that fringe crazy or what?

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-1 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Most of my collection of brown and white transferware is Staffordshire’s Royal Mail because they’ve been the easiest to find throughout the years. But in the beginning, I started collecting Windsor ware and even though I don’t have very many pieces they’re still one of my favorites. For this table, I just mixed and matched the two different patterns. I also added gold chargers that I spray painted in English Saddle and denim napkins made from a pair of blue jeans.

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-2 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-3 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

I had already gathered up all of tarnished silver pieces to see which ones needed a good cleaning. Some of the larger trophies I used in the dining room. These smaller monogrammed cups and pitcher, I set aside to use on the breakfast table though. I love how the tarnished metal looks against the yellow flowers.

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-4 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-5 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-6 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

I’m pretty sure this was the easiest centerpiece on any table I’ve ever created. All you need is a pretty breadboard, some honeycrisp apple slices, a bit of cheese and bread. Did we have fall inspired apple paninis for dinner the night I took these pictures? You know it!

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-7 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-8 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-9 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

To finish the table, I filled in a few places with apples, candles and cinnamon sticks. It smells so good.

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-10 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-11 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-12 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Of course, I try to blend old finds with new finds to create a table at a reasonable price. In my area honeycrisp apples can be a bit expensive because they have such a short season. If it’s too expensive for you to use all honeycrisp apples feel free to mix and match them with other apples or use a less expensive apple all together. These baskets costs a few dollars each and I’ve been able to use them all over the house.

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-13 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

I covered the bench seat we created from my mom’s old headboard and footboard in quilts and linens I’ve had for a while now. The chairs we picked up on a treasure hunting trip to Georgia and earlier this year I added the two wicker end chairs from IKEA. I’m so glad my mom talked me into getting them.

Autumn-Apple-Inspired-Tablescape-091715-14 Autumn Apple Inspired Tablescape Decorating Holidays

Well, I wish you guys lived closer. I would pour you a glass of cider and share my favorite cheeses. See you back here tomorrow.   I’m sharing an easy recipe for salted caramel apple skillet.

Many blessings,



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    CoCo – your tablescape is magnificent! All of your decor matches our style to the “T”. Your transferware is so pretty and it pairs so well with the eny-worthy silver pieces. At this time of year we like to head to the apple orchards and pick apples, drink hot cider and eat apple cider donuts. We are definitely inspired to head there right this minute!

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      You ladies are the sweetest, thank you! I wish I lived closer to you guys, I’d head to the apple orchards and pick a bushel with you and share my cheese board too. Happy weekend!

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    Oh my goodness…where do I start?! I am in LOVE with this table! It looks like it was made to share with friends outside in the crisp Autumn air. Making napkins out of jeans…genius! If you have a tutorial on this, point me in that direction lol And again your use of the trophies is perfect. Such great ways to use things that you have in your home. Can’t wait to come back tomorrow to learn about your salted caramel apple skillet! 😀

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      Angeline, you’re so sweet, thank you! I’m trying to use as many things as I already have on hand to decorate for the holidays this year. The jean napkins were a last minute addition. There’s a pair of jeans turned shorts around here somewhere 🙂

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      Such kind words, Lori, thank you so much! After a pared down summer, it’s been really nice to decorate again. I know what you mean about the brown and white transferware. Every time I actually find a piece, it makes me melt 🙂 Hugs, Coco

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      You’re so sweet, Shonee, thank you! I love apples and cinnamon too. I would burn an apple and cinnamon candle but it makes me constantly hungry for pie 🙂 Hugs for a happy week, CoCo