How to Organize a Kitchen Desk

How are you guys doing with your goal to be more organized in 2016? After reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’ve been on a decluttering mission. You may remember I shared how I used the KonMarie method on the bedroom drawers and closet in January. Then I set my sights on the kitchen.

We were able to give the pantry a total makeover as well as declutter and organize every cabinet in the kitchen. After completing all of these projects, I was totally ready to tackle another part of the house. I have plans to make a few changes in both the living room and the breakfast area and I was hot to get started. But there was something about moving on that kept bothering me. I knew deep down inside that if I started another project without completely finishing the kitchen I would be repeating a pattern that I’m desperately trying to break this year.

To be perfectly honest, I was totally dreading working on the built in desk area in the kitchen which is why I kept putting it off. I normally use it as a meal planning station but the busier I got the more I would find myself stuffing receipts, mail, or odds and ends into the drawers. The paper clutter started peeking out everywhere


and instead of carefully putting things away I would stack things in the cabinet just to get it out of the way. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this…


Way back in January 2014, I organized this space and it stayed like this for a while.


But 2 years later it’s definitely ready for a bit of a refresh. I really started thinking about how we use this space. Not only do we use the desk for meal planning, we also charge all of our electronics in this area. We use it to write letters to grandparents, store small appliance manuals, important house papers and office supplies.


My first step was to declutter both the desk and the upper cabinets. It took a good portion of the afternoon to go through all of those papers and receipts. I’m surprised I didn’t wear a permanent path in the hardwood floors from the paper shredder in the office back to the kitchen. By the end of the day, I had shredded enough paper to fill a 13 gallon trash bag. It was nuts. Literally grocery store receipts from 2011! What the what!


Not only did I go through all of the paper clutter, I also went through all of the writing instruments. I had no idea there were so many pens that were out of ink and pencils that were out of lead.


The next step was to categorize all of the items that were left. I’ve found in the past that if I do this step first, it cuts down on making multiple trips to the store for baskets and bins.


With a solid organization plan in place, it was time to put it all together. Here’s another look at the cabinets and the desk before…


This is what it looks like after the refresh…


My mom gave me these boxes from IKEA that she had leftover from another project. The boxes are sturdy enough to hold important papers and cookbooks.


I picked these vegetable baskets up at a local thrift store over the summer and painted them in Valspar’s Silver Leaf, which is the same color we painted the pantry. They now hold card supplies and paper.


Have I told you guys how much I love these chalkboard and wood tags? We use them in the pantry and the refrigerator too.


I took the writing instruments and other office supplies out of the glass jars. I put the things we use most like pens, pencils and markers in these ironstone containers and sat them on a silver tray.


I found these boxes at a local thrift store too. They were a gold color so I painted them the same Ultra White we painted the drawers we built for the pantry.


I created the labels using Pic Monkey in the same style that we have in the pantry and for the cleaning supplies too.


The drawers in the desk now organize stamps, envelopes, office supplies and bank supplies. We were able to recycle the small appliance manuals because most of them could be found and downloaded online. Just as a reminder, keep sharp objects out of reach of children.


I also used a kitchen utensil caddy to help sort electronic charging cords.


Finally, I created a memo board on the inside of the cabinet drawers with a black foam core board and a corkboard I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I use this space for notes that I use on a regular basis like my daily cleaning schedule.


Can I just say, I’m so glad I made myself finish this space!


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See you guys back here tomorrow, I’m sharing how we created the pet feeding station in the pantry from an old nightstand.

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      Thanks so much ladies! I’m definitely on a decluttering mission. It does feel so good to have things neat and tidy. I can’t wait to move on to other rooms in the house. Hugs, CoCo