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9 Ways to Keep the Laundry Room Clean and Organized

Today’s post is all about keeping the laundry room clean and organized. Back when I was in graduate school I had the world’s tiniest kitchen and laundry area. The washer and dryer faced each other so whenever I would open to the door to the dryer I had just enough room to scoop my clothes out of the dryer and into the laundry basket.

Thankfully, there was a shelf above each machine so I could keep all the laundry supplies close to the washer and the non-flammable cleaning supplies above the dryer. There was no room for a folding station because I could barely even fit between the washer and dryer which left me folding laundry on the kitchen table. It really was more like a laundry closet.

I wanted to share this with you because I know laundry rooms come in all different shapes and sizes but any laundry room can be tidy in just a few simple steps. Here’s a look at 9 ways to keep the laundry room clean and organized…

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Begin by mapping out a plan for how you will actually use the laundry room – I know this seems like a no brainer but taking a moment to determine how you will use the laundry room will help you get clear on your vision for this space.

At the very least you need a place to wash/fold/dry/hang clothes, store laundry products & iron. That being said, you may also need a place to store cleaning supplies, pantry item overflow or have your laundry room act as a mud room. Creating zones (even small ones) will help you accomplish multiple goals in one space.

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Streamline and Declutter –  streamlining and decluttering your laundry room is an easy way to tidy the space and you can enjoy the results immediately.

If your laundry room is also pulling double duty as a cleaning closet consider organizing and consolidating the items you have multiples of in bins or baskets to help reduce visual clutter.

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Likewise, consider relocating cleaning items closer to the room and/or spaces you’re actually using them in (think dish soap can go in the kitchen or pantry where you’re more likely to use it). As always, keep cleaning supplies out of reach from curious pets and children.

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Maximize Wall Space – maximize your laundry room wall space with cabinets, shelves, drying racks, hooks, bins and baskets. Doing all these or even a combination of these things will help to eliminate clutter that can accumulate on the laundry room floor.

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We didn’t really have the option to install cabinets or shelves over the washer and dryer in our laundry room so we had to be clever about how to best maximize our wall space. This meant building a drying rack and using hooks to hold hanging clothes.

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Create a Folding Station Zone – creating a folding station can be as easy as placing a piece of fabric covered plywood over your washer and dryer giving you a larger surface to fold (if they’re facing each other like mine did), to using a mobile bar cart, to using a dresser like we have at Bliss Barracks, or using a dry sink that serves multiple purposes like folding, ironing and storage needs.

Having a designated spot to fold wherever possible, will help to eliminate clothes piling up on your bed, the kitchen table or clean clothes being left to pile up in laundry baskets.

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Make it Pretty – no matter what the size of your space you can do something to make your laundry room pretty. Paint the walls, add wallpaper or a stencil, install board and batten, hang art you love, use containers you adore and a light you’re crazy over too. Yes, even a crystal chandelier if that’s what you want!

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Unless you utilize a laundry service, have help at home or buy new clothes every day – we all have to do laundry – so at least create a space that lifts you up.

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Decant Frequently Used Laundry Items and Implement a Labeling System – You may have already figured this out but we’re big believers in decanting things in clear containers around here.

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It’s an easy way to see what you have and what you need. You can purchase premade labels or you can make your own like I did using Pic Monkey and contact paper.

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Create a laundry schedule –  Have you ever had this experience on a Thursday night around 8 or 9 pm when you were trying to get ready for bed…”Hey, do my have my jeans for tomorrow? You know we can wear jeans on Friday.”

This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME! It drove me bananas. I was tired. I just wanted to go to sleep. I was over it and yet, the laundry is my responsibility. It wasn’t until we came up with laundry schedule that nights like that are thankfully now a rarity.

Set aside one day each week to finish a week’s worth of laundry or consider assigning each family member a different laundry day so the laundry can be completed throughout the week.

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A load of laundry = Wash, dry, fold and put away (plain and simple). Washing and drying the laundry was never a problem for me, I didn’t mind it one bit. I didn’t even mind folding the laundry either. But oh my word, I literally hated to put my clothes away.

There was even a period of time I went through a phase where my folded clean clothes would sit on the top of my dresser or in the laundry basket…for days…unaddressed, untouched and unattended even though I would pass by the basket and use the dresser every. single. day.

I no longer even give myself the option to put the laundry anywhere but where they’re supposed to go and it’s made a HUGE difference.

Wash, dry, fold and put away (plain and simple).


Maintain, Maintain, Maintain– this one is probably the toughest one because it is SO easy to get off track. Honestly, all it takes in this house is a few days out being of town, visiting littles or sick pets and the laundry starts to pile up quicker than Christmas snowflakes in Boston. When this happens give yourself grace and get back on track one complete load at a time.

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While laundry probably doesn’t top your list of “favorite housekeeping tasks” creating a laundry room that’s clean, organized, pretty and functional can be achieved with a few easy steps. I hope these tips have helped. Let me know if you have any fun tips or tricks I should add!


See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share a fun project we stumbled upon while decorating the laundry room at Bliss Barracks. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. You made my heart sing when I saw your white cloth rolling laundry basket. My Mama had one exactly like it that I hadn’t thought about in years. She died 26 years ago. Your laundry room is classy!

  2. Thank you for a precious memory that I had not thought of for many years…my Mama had a white cloth laundry caddy identical to yours….your laundry room is perfect!

    1. You’re making me melt, Betty, this one belonged to my Granny. I’ve been trying to incorporate more of her things around the house. It makes me happy every time I see something of hers and I know you must feel the same way too. Sending you big hugs for a happy day, Coco

  3. Hey CoCo – such a great laundry organization system. Now if we jus had laundry rooms that we loved, we would be happy LOL. Next plan of action. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

    1. Ha ha you guys know my heart speaks in organization and neutrals! I appreciate your sweet words, Coco

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