Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape

We’re sharing another installment of our Miss Mustard Seed Monday mini-series, a Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape, as we count down to Marian’s new book, Feels Like Home.

It’s been so much fun to be a part of the Feels Like Home book launch team and to read an advance copy of the book these past few weeks.  I can hardly believe the book officially launches tomorrow!

I’ve loved digging into Marian’s archives for this mini-series. If you need to catch up, you can find all the posts we’ve shared so far here:

Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape-The Crowned Goat

Discovering Your Signature Style…

If you know anything about Miss Mustard Seed, you know her signature colors are shades of whites, blues, and greens.

You could literally pick her stunning photos out of a lineup because her European Farmhouse style is that refined.

Truth be told, I was *this* close to borrowing blue and white dishes from my Mom so our Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape would be “on brand.”

My Mom was even sweet to text a few ideas to me.

They were all beautiful options.

But not a single one felt right.

For weeks, I struggled to come up with an idea that honored the inspiration Marian has passed down to me and so many of you through her blog and social media channels.

At the time, I brushed it off as being a perfectionist because I felt really stuck.

Then I finished the book and realized Miss Mustard Seed doesn’t want our homes to be a reflection of her style.  

To truly feel like home, the spaces we inhabit daily must be a reflection of our own style.  

I finally decided to use camels and grays, creamy whites, and a rich dusty pink on our Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape, colors I’ve loved for years that feel most like our signature style, and things fell into place almost instantly.

Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape-White Pumpkins Pink Roses and Florida Wildflowers-The Crowned Goat )

Embracing A Heart for Hospitality…

The whole experience really taught me a lesson in how comparisonitis and shiny things syndrome can sometimes hinder our heart for hospitality.

Especially, if the spaces in our homes don’t quite fulfill our expectations just yet.  

It’s crazy how easily we can talk ourselves out of the very thing we want most (connection) with excuses like:

  • “My house is too small.”
  • “I don’t have time for all the extra fluff.”
  • “I’m too tired.”
  • “My home isn’t good enough.”
  • “I can’t cook.”
  • “I’m exhausted just thinking about the details.”

Much like creating a home that feels warm and inviting though, hospitality can be practiced. We just have to open our hearts and be willing participants.

To throw out the lie our homes have to be Instagrammable or perfect and instead embrace a mindset that says:

  • It’s a pleasure to have you here.
  • You matter to me.
  • Let me nourish you and serve you well.
  • I want you to be a part of my story and I’d love the opportunity to be a part of your story too.
  • This is a safe space to renew your strength. I hope you find comfort here.

Making Time to Celebrate…

Earlier this year, my bestie S asked how I wanted to celebrate my birthday. I told her I wanted to eat outside under the fairy lights at home with lots of good food and a sky dotted with stars.  

She’s a realist so naturally when I gave her my ideal birthday dinner, she just sorta laughed and said, “We’ll see what we can do.”

Truthfully, gathering around the table to share and linger over a meal is one of my all-time favorite luxuries in life because it’s the one thing no matter what house I’m in that always feels like home.

It’s a luxury because it takes time to plan the menu, grocery shop, cook, prep the house, set a beautiful table, create an inviting ambiance, and welcome people into your home.

It takes fully slowing down to freely enjoy those gathered around the table without distraction.

An open heart that disregards perfection, offers a big hug, and says, “I’m so glad you’re here,” with genuine excitement.

On the afternoon of my birthday, buckets of rain fell from the sky, and I knew immediately we wouldn’t be able to eat outside. My Dad also wound up having a late and unexpected appointment he couldn’t miss.

So, instead of celebrating at my house, we decided to meet at a restaurant.

Wrapped in a khaki trench coat, I pulled the umbrella over my head and wondered aloud why I had bothered wearing heels as we waited to be seated.

Trying not to show any signs of disappointment, I talked to the littles about soccer games, basketball practice and listened through countless rounds of knock-knock jokes.

A few minutes later, our name was called, and we were ushered inside.

But instead of grabbing a big booth to fit our pod of 12, the waiter walked us outside to a covered patio and sat us under a pergola filled with fairy lights. There were even giant heaters nearby to keep us warm.

I couldn’t believe it.

That night we ate lots of good food, shared plenty of laughs, talked until the clouds parted and the sky lit up with thousands of tiny stars.

To this day, it’s one of my favorite birthday memories.

The ironic thing about that night was that my family’s gift of hospitality never took place in a home. They brought it with them.

Underneath a pergola of twinkling lights with joy and purpose-filled hearts, they showed up to make the day a special one.

Feels Like Home Fall Tablescape Inspiration…

As we step into what promises to be a busy holiday season, my hope is we’ll find a way to share our hearts and homes, and stories with each other.

To take the time to nourish and serve those who have been specifically placed on our path with the gifts we’ve been entrusted.

After all, there’s no better way to make the time you spend together feel like home.

If you’re struggling to love your home the way it is right now, Chapter 11 of Feels Like Home was written just for you.

It’s one of my favorites!

Feels Like Home officially launches tomorrow. If you haven’t had a chance to preorder it yet, you can find all the information including a few preorder freebies here.  

Let us know what feels like home to you! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I love the colors you chose Coco:) and the beautiful flowers and plaid blanket are amazing! Thank you for sharing, you are so right about comparison, that is something we all work to guard against. Love your style and stories xo Tanya

    1. I really appreciate it, Tanya, thank you! It was fun to use purples and browns and the plaid blanket was an old horse blanket we picked up at an outdoor event this summer. I swear you can find the best deals on winter and seasonal stuff that way. Comparison can definitely get out of control really quickly if we don’t nip it in the bud. While I don’t usually have comparisonitis over objects or things, I do find myself from time to time thinking how easily some people seem to be able to make it all happen 😉 Hope your week has been a special one, CoCo

  2. This is such a fabulous tablescape. I simply adore your little white pumpkins and I loved all of the greenery you used. It ties in so perfectly with your gorgeous outside backdrop.

    1. Thank you bunches, Heidi! It was fun to change things up and eat on that side of the property. You can beat the golden hour or the pink sunsets either. Hope you have the best week! Sending you hugs, CoCo

  3. Your table turned out beautiful! It is so easy to get caught up in ideas of how an event should go or focus on comparing rather than enjoying the company. You shared many good reminders of what is really impotant. Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome, Marie! I definitely need this reminder myself. Especially, as we head into the holiday season. Hope your week has been a special one, CoCo

  4. What a gorgeous table setting! And love that it’s outside:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

    1. Thanks so much, Kathleen, I really appreciate it! Hope your week is a special one, CoCo

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